Ultimate Guide To Flip Diving Online

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Sports games are growing in popularity and it is now possible to find almost all types of games available ranging from baseball and football to soccer. However, when was the last time you heard cliff diving to be the focus of an online game?

Now that you have heard of it, you may not think it could possibly be entertaining. This would be an incorrect assumption and in this article, you will learn all the features of an addictive game known as Flip Diving.

Flip Diving is, essentially, an online game that requires a combination of skill and timing. To play the game you will need to control different characters helping them dive off platforms from varying heights. You will need to trigger different tricks to ensure you have a safe landing, and you will want to complete all of these tasks in a manner that results in maximized point scoring. To help you begin playing Flip Diving, continue reading this guide and then dive into the game.

What Is The Aim Of Flip Diving?

Flip Diving is a highly addictive online sports game that will gain your attention within a matter of minutes, and you will continue to return to attempt to beat your own scores. While this may seem a rather monotonous type of online game, the designers have considered this and introduced exciting features to make Flip Diving a fun experience.

The entire concept behind this sports game is to perform high dives with tricks while in the air. Each of the levels is contained to a particular location and there are multiple rounds to complete when you are successful in the location.

The game begins on the lowest platform where you will need to tie the jump with the trick to avoid being injured. This means that you will need to ensure your jump is at the correct angle, and then trigger the flip in a manner where points will be maximized.

The more flips a character completes, the more points they will receive; however, it is important that you time the release of the flip appropriately. If the flip takes too long to complete, there is a chance that you will crash and be injured. If the flip is released too late or too early, it is possible that the result will be a back flop or a belly flop.

All of these technique subtleties require some getting used to because you need to adjust timing appropriately. Once you have knowledge of timing, it is recommended that you practice the reaction times to achieve perfection.

In each of the levels of Flip Diving, there are three to five different platform heights according to the specific location. Upon successful jumping from a height, you will gain access to the next height in the level. When the top platform is completed, you will return to the bottom and find that the landing area becomes smaller and this makes the dives more difficult.

There are several methods whereby you can lose in the levels. The first is by not triggering a flip; this will mean that you won’t be able to proceed to the next platform or height. Another method is by performing a belly flop or back flop where you land belly or back first. This will require you to head back to the beginning of the level. Disqualification can also occur if the landing is outside of the designated landing area. Finally, you must beware to not touch any other platforms when diving because this can also result in failure.

Once a dive run is completed, the results of the dive will be added up for the total number of dives and flips. The higher the values of flips, the higher the amount of points to be obtained. You will also be able to collect coins during diving by making contact with them during the fall. The coins, once collected, can be utilized as a means of unlocking new features such as tricks, divers, and special locations.

How Do The Online Gaming Controls Operate?

The gaming controls for Flip Diving are simple to use. The mouse is used to navigate various options on the game’s menus and to begin the game itself. When at a location, you will notice that your diver is standing on a platform. The first level of Flip Diving presents with a series of rocks as the platform; however, the platform can vary from a tree to a lighthouse or a hot air balloon.

To begin the game, it is necessary to press and hold down the mouse button. This will cause the diver to prepare for the jump. When preparing, the diver will move forwards and backwards with an arrow displayed above. The arrow indicates the angle at which the diver will jump, which is highly important as the diver will jump out the same distance the arrow points out.

Of course, jumping far out is not always a beneficial move as there is a designated landing area within the water. If and when the diver lands outside the designated area, you will be eliminated or disqualified. However, if you jump at a very steep angle then it is likely that you will crash into the location platform, which could also result in disqualification or losing.

To trigger the jump, you need only release the mouse button. When the button is released, the diver will be airborne; however, you will need to wait to trigger the flips – this is done by pressing and holding the mouse button. The longer the mouse button is held down, the greater the number of flips the diver will perform. Of course, you will need to release the button before hitting the water.

This is when timing is of greatest importance, and it can be quite complicated. If you choose to release the button too soon or too late, it is possible that you will experience a back or belly flop and this will require the diver to begin again. Basically, you will need to expertly time the dive so that the diver can perform as many flips while landing on hands or feet.

Special Features In The Game

There are several different special game features in the Flip Diving online game, and this is what makes it so exciting. In this section, you will discover several features that will assist in helping you pass more levels in a shorter period of time.

  1. Choosing A Diver

    It is true that you can choose different divers; however, this can only be done once they have been unlocked. In order to unlock the divers, you will need to earn coins and then spend the coins to spin the wheel. You will not know which diver you will receive, but when new divers are available they will be accessible as options. The use of different divers is beneficial because they present with different skills. A fun feature is the different outfits they wear.

    A default diver presents with a generic outfit with swimming shorts and has an athletic-looking appearance. If you are looking for something new, it is possible to obtain different types of athletic mascots or even an overweight man in a formal suit. All of these divers are fun to use, and they should be tried at least once after they are unlocked.

  2. The Locations

    There are numerous types of locations available to unlock. At each of the locations, you will be diving off the different platform items. In the beginning, you will need to face a simple cliff; however, it is also possible to use platforms with trees or lighthouses. All of these locations are interesting, but they can make the level challenging as well. For example, if you are diving off a tree branch, the branch will be moving and this will influence the jumping angle.

  3. The Various Tricks

    When diving, it is necessary to perform various tries including a typical front flip, back flip, tuck flip, and other types of flips. The types of flips can be challenging to complete in a short time; however, they will offer coins as they are performed. To unlock the different tricks, it is necessary to unlock the spinning wheel once coins are collected.

  4. The Settings

    This diving game has several settings that are able to improve a user’s experience. Firstly, the image and sound settings can be improved. If you are not playing the game on a powerful device, it may be recommended that you reduce the graphics to avoid any stuttering on game play. Furthermore, it is possible to toggle audio effects as per preference.

    Announcers will constantly provide updates on the performance of the diver, but this individual typically has a small range of sentences which can be frustrating. The majority of gamers opt to turn off the announcer after completing certain levels.

    The results presented at the end of all levels will detail how successful you have been; as well as how many coins have collected. It will also provide an entry score after each dive with the number of flips performed. To speed up the game, it is possible to turn off the score screen and focus on diving.

Tips And Tricks For Flip Diving

The first tip is to play as much as possible. It’s the same with Flip Diving, in fact you will become more skilled with the more game time you have. Practice cannot be replaced by anything else. However, a few other tips also exist that will reduce the risk of making simple mistakes.

  1. Crates Should Be Picked Up

    At times, you will see a crate floating around in the landing zone water. While you may presume that it should be avoided, actually this isn’t the case. In crates, you can find game features which will unlock for you. As soon as you see a crate be sure to head for it straight away.

  2. Flops Should Be Avoided

    You will actually end your diving run when you do a belly flop or a back flop. Second chances are not available so you will have to start again. Although this may appear simple, it can actually be rather challenging. You need to release yourself from the flip at the correct time. You will need to experiment and understand how to release at different times depending on what tricks you are doing.

  3. Avoid Getting Hit

    You do not want to see the screen announcing ‘YOU GOT HIT’. This will happen if you make a jump at an angle which is too vertical. This will cause you to fall too close to the object or the platform that you are jumping from. You will then hit the side which will result in disqualification. While it looks pretty funny when you are in play, you are not going to make much progress.

  4. Don’t Miss The Landing Area

    When you get to the top platform of one location the next rounds of the game will continue from the bottom each time. Every time you will see that the landing area has decreased in size. In fact, it decreases pretty significantly.

    If you end up landing outside the area you will get disqualified and need to begin from the start. To avoid this, you need to choose an angle that is more vertical so that you fall closer to the location platform. The balance becomes a close one between getting to the landing zone and getting hit.

  5. The Wheel Needs To Be Spun

    New hidden and locked features can be unlocked with the wheel spin. Divers, locations, tricks and characters are all included. Each day you will get a free spin however earned coins will also allow you to spin another time. In essence, the more game play you have the more coins you will get. The more coins you get, the more features you will unlock!

    The spinning wheel chooses items which it will unlock at random, that means it’s not up to you to focus on specific items. The fact that it’s pure chance makes the game more exiting an entertaining.

Who Is The Designer Of The Game?

Both the people and the company who came up with the game have made something which is a lot of fun. Within the gaming world, Miniclip is a well-known name, in fact they have produced a lot of games. These guys have got the experience to design games that will keep you coming back to play. Often, games like these fail. You may enjoy them a few times, then you get bored. For sure, you should also check out a few of their other games.

Get Yourself Playing Right Now

Since Flip Diving is a browser game you can get yourself started right away on this website. You don’t have to pay or register to play. All we want you to do is enjoy yourself and keep coming back. You do not need to worry about trying to find an unlocked version on a risky site where you will likely have to give your email address for a heap of spam.

The Platform Availability

A browser based online game, Flip Diving is available for mobile devices too. It can be downloaded for Android and iOS. However, using your large computer screen will likely provide you with more detail. In fact, the better the detail the better you can get your timing for your dives. This will give you a helping hand in advancing more quickly through each level and unlocking more features.


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