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In the flash gaming world, online sports games are becoming more and more popular. Fun and cool games such as basketball and football as well as soccer are all available now. The only bad thing until now was that golf games were boring. Now that Turbo Golf is here, that is no longer the case.

This game has a cool twist and several fun surprises. Unlike you might think, the game is not focused on you getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes. In this game, time is one of the more important factors and the faster that you get the ball to the hole the more points you’ll accumulate.

In this game, you are playing against three others and you each are trying to get to the whole first. Your points are accumulated in a combination of how many shots you take and how fast you finish. This helps keep the game moving and fast and that makes it more exciting.

Similar to many other games, knowing how to play the game will help you do better. That is why we put together this comprehensive guide. By going through the different features, you will be able to start winning faster and win more often. You’ll even be able to play the game here on this site.

The Basics Of Turbo Golf

This online game is a game of golf that involves speed. Just like in real golf, the number of strokes you take will have an impact on your score but it’s the speed that counts the most. You’ll see yourself and 3 others at the beginning of the game ready to tee off. You will be the first to go in every game. Just as soon as you finish taking your shot, however, the others will immediately begin taking theirs.

As you might expect, every hole will be different and along the way, you will find lots of obstacles. You will sometimes find that the obstacles actually help you, and in other situations, they hurt you. As an example, there are sometimes cars on the fairway and if your ball hits a car directly, it could knock you back a long way.

Playing this game requires some strategy and it’s not always best to hit the ball as far as possible. It will sometimes be a better shot to hit it shorter to avoid a hazard. The hazards are sometimes what you might expect on a golf course and other times they are something that is strange but makes the game more fun.

The course has animals on the fairway and in this game, if you hit one with the ball you get extra points for it. At other times, you will notice robots and even zombies, and if your ball hits those, then it can bounce off of them and end up in a very precarious place. The controls for playing this game are simple and instructions are below.

To get started, just simply launch the game right from this website. You can try some of the practice rounds to help you get comfortable playing the game. Once you feel you’re ready to start playing an actual game, you’ll find that you get lost for hours because it’s so much fun.

What Is The Aim Of Turbo Golf?

In its simplest terms, the goal of the game is to get your ball in the hole before anybody else does. From the beginning, you will want to try and hit the ball as far as you possibly can and then to run after it just as fast as you can. Unlike in a real golf game where you might have to wait on others, as soon as you arrive at your ball you’re able to take your next shot.

There’s always a catch:

Every time you take an extra shot, an additional five seconds is added to your overall time. For this reason, it’s not enough just to run and take fast shots because they need to be as accurate as possible. Just like in the real game of golf, the number of strokes you take count against you. As you might expect, there are a number of hazards that can cost you any number of additional shots.

Another feature of this game are coins that float in the air. Anytime your ball comes in contact with one of these coins they will be saved. Those coins can be used in the Pro Shop to buy clothes and clubs that are a better quality than the ones you start off with. And those upgrades will make your character more effective.

How To Work The Controls

The controls are very easy. All you need to do is move your mouse up and down to change the flight of the ball. The angle is shown on the screen as a thin white line. You shouldn’t just choose the highest angle and hit the ball. If you do this, it might end up crashing into an obstacle or hazard.

Once you choose your angle you will need to examine the power bar at the bottom. The bar is constantly changing and the further up it is when you press the button the more power is put behind your shot. Sometimes the best idea is to hit it as hard and far as you can, while other times finesse is a better choice.

You have to remember that hazards and obstacles are everywhere. A long shot could get you closer to the hole, or it could end up in a place that makes it twice as difficult to get there. Some of the advice we give below will help you make better shots.

When you’re on the green then your player will change from having an iron or driver to having a putter. When this happens, you’ll notice that an angled line appears and when you hit it at 100% then your ball will go where the line is leading. You have to be careful, however, because if the green is on a downhill slant then it could go faster and farther than you intended.

Special Features

As you progress, you will be able to access more features in this game. Here we want to tell you about the most important of those features. When you can understand what you’re seeing on screen, you will do better in the game from the very beginning.

Unlocks And Upgrades

When you start the game, you will not have access to all the available features. You get these as you advance through the game. Here are some of those features that you will get access to as you move up to different levels.

  • Players

    In the beginning, you have only one player but as you advance to the different courses and achieve various things in the game, then other players that are better will suddenly appear. These players’ abilities include being able to hit the ball further and more accurately. They can run faster and this all means that you will have to play the game better if you want to win and continue to progress.

  • Courses

    You can’t go to a new course until you complete the one you’re playing. But you can go back to one you played previously. Each new course becomes more difficult.

  • Equipment

    As mentioned earlier, when your ball comes in contact with coins that are floating in the air, they are saved and you can use those coins to upgrade your irons and woods which help you to make more accurate shots and longer shots. When the putter is upgraded, you will find that your putting is substantially better.

  • Hazards

    Every hole and all the courses have different hazards you must navigate. Some of them are similar to ones you would expect in a real game of golf and others are surprisingly different.

    1. Sand Bunkers
    2. Trees
    3. Water Traps
    4. Rough grass
    5. Zombies And Robots
    6. Stop Signs
    7. Cars And Trucks
    8. Animals

    Some of the obstacles such as the animals can earn you extra points, while others are designed to cost you strokes and make getting to the whole more difficult. Some of the obstacles will cause the ball to bounce off and that will cause the ball to get into difficult places. In some cases, the ball will even come straight back toward you.

Customizing Your Player

The coins that you collect can not only buy upgraded clubs but also clothes such as shorts and shirts. This helps you to personalize your player and get more enjoyment out of the game. You can buy these items with your coins from the Pro Shop. While this is fun, of course, you’ll want to use most of your coins for getting equipment that is upgraded.

Tips And Tricks For Turbo Golf Success

The first piece of advice you need to hear is to just get playing immediately. The game has a practice mode, where as a single player, you can harness your skills. Here you can familiarize yourself with the controls and learn about the different obstacles you will come across.

One disadvantage of the practice mode is that you can’t earn any currency to be used in the actual game. However, it’s a good place to start as a newbie. Once you start a new round, you will square off with other computer players and the game becomes competitive. Here are some more tricks to help you advance faster through the game.

The Best Ways To Advance

When it comes to advancing to a new game, you have a few options available to you. You can upgrade your shoes and clubs. With the clubs, you can count on longer and accurate shots to achieve more goals and beat your opponents. Upgrading your shoes allows your character to run faster. Basically, that’s the difference between winning and losing a hole.

To stay at the same level, most people choose to upgrade every item to the same levels. Yes, it might work for some players, but that’s not the right thing to do. You need to keep saving and upgrade each thing at once until the upgrade is completely full. With this approach, you can progress much faster and beat other players effectively.

Learn The Course Layout

When each hole starts, there is a camera view allowing you to see from the hole to the tee box. You need to watch the video course layout carefully. That way, you’re sure of what’s ahead such as whether you should make long shots or maybe lay up and staying away from the water hazard. With a clear picture of what’s ahead, you can take each shot comfortably. If you plan and strategize accordingly, you will definitely win more holes.

Beware Of The Obstacles

If you crash into any obstacles during the game, you should expect your ball to bounce back very far. It’s going to be a let-down because you need to make more shots and your opponents will pass you very fast. After planning the angle of every shot you try, you can plan for all obstacle that come your way.

By avoiding the obstacles, you should be able to get to the hole faster. If you end up on a clear patch on the fairway, it’s easier to take the next shot further. Remember, there is a lot of planning that goes into making each shot. The more you play each course, the better you are able to manage your game more effectively.

Out Of Bounds

At the end of every hole, you should expect an out of bounds. There is some good news because your ball will bounce off the imaginary end of the course. Therefore, when you’re starting out, you should avoid going too far. That way, you can play the game safely and competitively.

But you can be prepared to take advantage of this feature since some greens might be very tricky to navigate. With proper planning, you can bounce your ball from the out of bounds and roll it back to the hole. It is an effective maneuver especially when the greens slope from the front to the back, allowing you to get close to the hole. You should try out this strategy on the practice mode to make sure you get it right.

Should You Take A Power Shot Or Not

Every time you’re taking a shot, you need to time your click on the power scale. If you time it to the top of the scale, you can always take a power shot. You can hit the ball the hardest and make it go further away.

Of course, hitting the ball the furthest isn’t always a good plan. In most cases, taking a power shot brings you too close or right into a hazard. If you’re hitting close to the green, it’s preferable to hit the ball using half strength to get it on the green. Hitting a power shot is always tempting but if you plan for your shots strategically, you can always count on more success.

Start Playing Immediately

Right here on our website you can start playing the game immediately. There is no need to look for an unblocked version. Don’t worry, you will not end up on a virus infested website that will crash your machine or cause other issues on your computer.

When you’re playing on your computer, you will get a much better screen resolution than playing on your phone, so that’s the most preferable choice for most players. Additionally, if you’re using your mouse to play, you have much better control of where the ball actually ends up.

Get The Latest Flash Update

Before playing any of the games available on our website, double check your computer to make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash Player option. It’s a software platform, available on all the major operating systems. If you’re playing using an older version, it’s very easy to notice some stuttering when playing the game or even a game crash. Therefore, before you start, check quickly to make sure your system is fully updated to avoid frustration.

With these amazing tips, your next round of Turbo Golf, should be fun, thrilling and exciting. You should be able to beat out your competitors and win more holes.


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