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Welcome To The World Of 80s Gaming With Tron Unblocked

Tron was a pretty big success in the 80s. It started as an arcade game called the Adventures of Tron. It was created by Disney and kids queued up to play this pretty simple but challenging game. Because it was such a popular game, it was also made into a movie by the same name.

A remake of the movie was released in recent years and it has done a lot to re-awaken the popularity of this game. While there are some new versions of the game with high end graphics, you might be more interested in seeing what the original one was about

The idea behind the game and movie is that a computer programmer gets sucked into his own game. In this game, players have to race motor bike style vehicles and try to cut each other off. This is a very competitive environment and the arcadegame was just as competitive.

Now you can play Tron unblocked, right here on this website. So, let’s take a look at what it’s all about and how to play it.

What’s It All About

Tron unblocked is quite a simple flash based game. It can be played in single or dual player mode. So, if you have a gaming friend that enjoys 80s games, then this should be the perfect way to see who’s the best gamer. When you start it up you immediately see two small dots on a grid. These will start racing towards each other and you have to make sure you avoid your opponent.

But that’s not all. As both players race they leave a trail of light behind. Both trails of light are a no-go area. If you crash into them you lose. The game then quickly becomes about tactically moving your racer to try and force the other player into a mistake.

You have to beat your opponent 3 times to win a level. But even at the very first level, this can be quite difficult to achieve. We do have a tips and tricks section below that will help you succeed more.

Play the Tron flash game right here and test your classic gaming skills.

How Do The Tron Game Controls Work

The controls are made to be really simple. You essentially use the arrow keys to change direction. When you or your opponent crashes the game stops and you have to hit the space key to start the next race. This might sound simple, but the speed of your racer gradually increases from level to level.

For each race, you also have the ability to trigger turbos, but you only have 3 so use them wisely. By hitting the enter key you will speed up your racer for a short period of time. This is best used when you need to beat your opponent to a target line to not get cut off.

Tips And Tricks

While the gameplay is quite simple, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. First of all, you need to play it for quite a while to train your reflexes. The faster you can react to your opponent the better your chances are.

Secondly, you have to learn to avoid boxing yourself in. This can easily happen if you take a wrong turn and end up in a small space that you cannot get out of. At that stage, all you can do is move around in circles and hope your opponent makes a mistake first.

Next, you have to make sure you watch your opponent’s every move. With each next level their skills will become better and they will trick you into making mistakes. React to their moves quickly to try and box them in. That is the best way to force an error and win each level.

Finally, don’t forget your turbos. It is very easy to keep focusing on where you are heading only to be overtaken and cut off by the other player. Your turbos are very important but don’t use them too early or for no reason. You only have 3 to use and after that you could be at a huge disadvantage.

10 Of The Best Alternative Flash Games

Like most gamers, you’re probably always looking for the next great game to play. The Tron flash game is very addictive in both 1 and 2 player mode. But sometimes you just need to switch to something else to give you a bit of distraction. Those times when you play something else often help you to advance to next levels.

Here are some of the best flash games that are all available to play by simply clicking on the provided links.

  1. 1 – Learn To Fly

    For the lovers of jump and run games with a cool story, Learn To Fly is the best option. A lot of effort was put into creating a nice story to go with it. Essentially, you play a penguin who is trying to prove to the world that he can fly. The only way to do this is by using a combination of gliders, boosters and rockets.

    In every level, you will be set a challenge. This can be to fly longer, further or higher. And with each new level this becomes a lot more difficult. When you need to fly long distances and times you have to pick the right glider. But when height is the challenge then the only option is the rockets.

    As you fly you also have to avoid obstacles by using the arrow keys and occasionally boost your thrust a little. But use these controls sparingly as they will make you slow down as you progress. And most importantly, avoid stalling altogether or you will come crashing down.

  2. 2 – Geometry Dash

    Do you enjoy some heavy beats and electronic music? Then you have to get into Geometry Dash. Graphics and gameplay are very simple. You control a small icon which moves in one direction from left to right. The only control you have is the space key. This will make your icon jump to avoid the obstacles.

    As soon as you crash into something it’s game over for that level and you have to start over. This sounds like a simple task, but even the first level is quite difficult to master. What you will quickly figure out is that it’s important to pay attention to the music. The beat and rhythm is set to time very well with the obstacles and jumps.

    The better you get at feeling the beat, the more skilled you become at timing your jumps. The only way to change the speed is to hit a speed portal. But be careful, these can make the game speed up significantly.

  3. 3 – Bloons Tower Defense

    One of the best tower strategy games out there is BTD5. The latest version has brought a huge number of new features like new towers and enemies. The idea of the game is that you have to help the monkeys to protect them against the evil balloons, also known as bloons.

    To do this you have to first pick defensive towers for each level. When the game starts, you have very little time to decide where along a path you will place the towers. Then the bloons start to move and you find out whether your towers were placed correctly.

    Each of your towers has different skill sets and you have to learn them all. The reason for this is that the bloons have their own super powers. And these allow them to not get damaged and even sneak by totally unharmed. As the levels progress this becomes increasingly difficult, and you have to make sure that you choose your defenses based on your strategy.

  4. 4 – Gun Mayhem

    For those of you that like to get distractions from shoot ‘em up games, this is one of the great ones. It is a simple game to get used to and the controls are not very complex. The aim is to enter each level with a choice of guns and bombs. You use the arrow keys to move around and you can choose to shoot your gun or throw a bomb.

    In each level, you encounter different enemies. As the difficulty increases you will have to fight more and more enemies. The levels themselves are platforms and you can lose by either falling off the platform or taking too much enemy fire.

    When you see an enemy, it is important to take them out quickly. A cool trick to use is to throw bombs or grenades at enemies. This can kill them straight away or it can cause them to fall off the platform. This is particularly useful when you see multiple enemies together. But be careful to not be too close to the blast.

  5. 5 – Get On Top

    When it comes to simple virtual wrestling it doesn’t get any better than Get On Top. The graphics are very simple and all you will see is two stick figures. Your task is to shove and push your opponent and make them fall to the ground. Once their head and back touch the ground you are declared the winner.

    What makes this game so unique and fun to play is that it can only be played with two players. And both of you have to be at the same computer. There is no way to play it over the Internet. This means that your tactical moves can include distracting your friends while you are playing.

    The controls are really simple. One player uses the arrow keys and the other one the W A S D keys. With these you can move forwards and backwards as well as up and down. Combine these into some powerful moves and you will quickly overpower the other players.

  6. 6 – Kingdom Rush

    This is another one of the great tower defense games. The story is set in a fantasy world where you have to help protect your kingdom from enemies. As you progress through the levels you will find that your enemies start developing powers that help them survive your defenses.

    They rush along paths in each level. And if too many of them make it to the end then you lose and have to start the level again. This becomes very complicated and you have to choose different defenses for each level. Pick the wrong ones and you will not be able to get rid of all your enemies.

    With each successful level, you can unlock new ones and also new towers. The tower improvements are very important to take advantage of. They will help with the most powerful enemies you encounter. The story of this game is a bit better designed than BTD5 and therefore we think that you will enjoy it a lot.

  7. 7 – Strike Force Heroes

    One of the best shooting games on the flash platform is Strike Force Heroes. Compared to all the other games here this one will take the longest to get used to as the controls and game play are a little more complicated. Essentially you play a soldier and enter each map to take out the enemies.

    At the start of each level you get to pick your weapons and you have to make sure you do so wisely. The weapons have to be selected to deal with all the enemies. When you enter the map, you have to walk run and crouch to avoid getting hit. Make sure you engage enemies selectively, as sometimes they can overwhelm you.

    The first couple of levels are easy enough and will get you used to the controls. But then it quickly becomes tougher. You also have to learn when to use specific weapons. They are all designed for the different enemies you encounter. Be prepared to fail quite a few times before you master this game

  8. 8 – The Impossible Quiz

    If you really want to have a change of gaming experience then quiz games can really challenge your brain. This one, however, is truly unique and will have you entertained for a long time. As the name suggests, it is going to be very difficult to master this one.

    The questions do not test your general knowledge. They are more designed to trick you into picking the wrong answers. For every question, there are 4 multiple choice answers. But the questions are worded with puns, hidden and double meanings. You might think you have the right answer, but more often than not you will be wrong.

    There are a total of 120 questions and if you get three wrong you have to start over. You do earn skips as you go along, but you’ll want to use them sparingly. They allow you to skip questions you are struggling with and you won’t lose one of your lives.

  9. 9 – Run 3

    For the jump and run enthusiast it doesn’t get much better than the Run series of games. You play a small alien who is lost in space. You have to help him through a series of tunnels in space to find the way back to the home planet. To do this you have to move left and right and jump to avoid obstacles.

    You essentially have to jump between geometric structures and avoid falling in between them. If this happens you get lost in space and have to start the level over again. This becomes quite difficult and the speed gradually increases. Train your reflexes as you will need them.

    You’ll also need to learn how to shift gravity. When your alien touches the sides of platforms then the screen rotates and the side becomes the floor. You have to use this in advanced levels to be able to make it to the end of levels. So, get used to this feature from the start.

  10. 10 – Happy Wheels

    If you haven’t played rag doll games then start with this one. It is by far the most entertaining one out there. When you first start, you’ll have the choice of 3 characters on different vehicles. Your aim is to guide them through the level and avoid obstacles and crashing. When you do crash, your character will get injured.

    You will notice little things like cuts and blood spills. But this can quickly escalate. Limbs can break and even fall off. While this sounds quite graphic it is all done in a cartoon-like fashion. Even when your character takes damage you can still proceed. It almost becomes a challenge to see how much damage you can cause before you get to the end of a level.

    New characters and levels get unlocked as you proceed. This means you can play different stages many times over without getting bored. Every time you pick a different character the damage you can cause changes. That will bring you hours of very funny entertainment.


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