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Sports gaming is a huge industry within an industry. There is practically no sport on earth that hasn’t been turned into a high-end game with amazing graphics. Baseball, soccer, motor racing and many more can be found in many different varieties. And the graphics produced on some consoles are truly amazing.

Football is also extensively covered including by EA Sports, one of the main games makers. But sometimes you just want a bit of distraction without the need to turn on your games console. Or maybe someone else is using it, and you just want to play something to keep you occupied.

If you’re a die-hard football fan then Return Man 2 is a great way to spend some idle time. It’s simple to learn and can be played on pretty much any computer that has Adobe Flash installed. At the same time, it is very addictive and has some hidden features that you will want to get unlocked.

With a little bit of learning and practice you’ll be able to advance pretty quickly. Just keep reading this guide to give you a little bit of a head start in Return Man 2.

What is Return Man About?

The game is based on the pretty well known football position of the return specialist or kick returner. It is a tough position that requires a lot of judgement of the game situation. As a vital role on a football team, it’s a great one to use for a simple Flash based game like Return Man.

The game is built on 15 stages which are basically like levels. Each one makes it more difficult and they can only be unlocked when you complete certain levels of achievement within the current stage you are in. And even within a stage you will notice that each new game play will be more difficult.

You can encounter a lot tougher defenders who will come at you faster. Even the pitch will change a lot with different obstacles and weather conditions along the way. The game makers have really put a lot of thought into this to make sure that it doesn’t get boring or too much the same all the time.

Each level and game play starts off the same. As soon as play starts you will see a yellow circle that gradually counts up like a clock. You have to run to this circle quickly in order to catch the ball. The time you have is constantly getting shorter, so make sure you don’t waste any precious seconds.

Once you have the ball you’re aim is to get to the touch down line without getting tackled to the ground. You have three defenders on your side that will keep opposition players away from you. You want to make sure that they are always close by and ahead of you. Only when you can see the touch down line should you attempt to make a run for it without a defender.

Within the game there are some power ups that you will find and you can also unlock some special moves as well. The more you play, the more you will see unlocked. And that will just make the whole game a lot more fun.

Obstacles including mud puddles and ice will appear on a regular basis. When you run into mud you will notice that you’ll slow down a lot. This loses precious time and brings the other players a lot closer to you. There is also snow and ice. And when you encounter these, you’ll notice that you don’t have as much control.

Your player can quickly slip and slide, and even stopping can become a struggle. This makes it a lot more difficult and fun to play.

How Do The Controls Work?

Controlling your player is actually quite simple. You have to use your keyboard with two sets of keys being very important. With the IJKL keys you can move forward, left, back and right respectively. Just imagine the keys have arrows on them and you’ll quickly get the idea.

On the opposite end of the keyboard you want to keep your left hand on the ASD keys as these will trigger some of the special moves. The A key will make your return man spin to avoid tackles from opposition defenders. This is a great move as a last second defense if you are about to get tackled.

With the S key, you will trigger a speed boost for just a short period of time. Again, this can make all the difference when you are getting a bit too close to a player from the other team. Finally, the D key will cause a front flip to be triggered which can also be a great way to avoid oncoming players. It also looks cool when you do it just before a touchdown.

And that is pretty much it for the controls. Best thing is to just try them out and get used to the game play. It will quickly become clear how to take advantage of them.

Special Game Features

There are a couple of things that are really cool in this game that help to bring you back many times. It’s definitely not a boring game to play and you’ll quickly spend many hours trying to unlock all the features. But here are some things to keep an eye on to help you get the most out of the game from the very first minute.

  • The Timing Circle

    At the start of each game play you will see a yellow timing circle. This will count down the time until the ball will appear in this circle. Your task is to get there as quickly as possible and be ready to catch the ball. The amount of time you have will gradually reduce.

    In the first few levels you’ll have plenty of time to get there. But as you advance and get better, you’ll notice that you cannot waste a second. If you don’t get there on time, then the ball will bounce and land somewhere that you cannot really predict. That immediately puts you at a disadvantage. So, always make sure you get close to the yellow circle.

  • Mud Puddles

    You will often notice some mud puddles on the pitch and the best thing you can do is avoid these altogether. If you get into a puddle your player will slow down an awful lot. Almost to a snail’s pace. And that will leave you wide open to be tackled by the defenders. In some levels, it is almost impossible to avoid them. In those cases, just make sure that you get out as quickly as possible.

    Alternatively, you can try and pick up a speed boost just before you hit a mud puddle. More on the boosts shortly.

  • Your Defenders

    You always have 3 defenders. Their task is to keep the other team’s players away from you. Once they stop another player they will be temporarily occupied, but they will continue to come to your help quickly. Always try to stay a little bit behind your defenders. This will make sure that you are not isolated on the field.

    You should also avoid running into your own defenders. They won’t take you down, but can slow you down a lot. Essentially, they act like a brick wall and you cannot get through them. In most situations that will end badly as you will be attracting more and more players from the other team to the position you are stuck in.

  • Speed Boosts

    You will notice some special image icons on the pitch and these trigger some unique features. The most important one to look out for is the one with the lightning bolt. When you run into this you will get a temporary speed boost to help you outrun your opponents. This is a powerful feature, but be careful to not get trapped by a close by player.

Tips And Tricks

The best thing you can always do when you are new to a game is to play it as much as possible. This will give you the opportunity to figure out the controls and all the new game play options. You’ll encounter all the different power ups as you play more and that will help you to make sure you advance a lot quicker.

However, there are also a couple of things for you to be aware of that will really help you clear more levels and score more touchdowns. Here are the most important ones for you.

  • Don’t Get Ahead Of Defenders

    The first thing you have to remember is to avoid getting ahead of defenders as much as you can. If you can see the score line then make a run for it. But if you do it too early you leave yourself wide open to be taken down. Your three defenders will always try and protect you, but they can only do that when they are ahead.

    This means that several times during each play you will want to stop or move sideways to allow your own team mates to move ahead. Once they have taken out one opposition player, they will be occupied for a few seconds, but will then move on to help out more. Just wait for them to be there for you.

  • Use Special Moves

    You have 3 special moves available to you, but they have to be unlocked as you progress. The first one you get is the spin. When you hit the A key you will notice that your return man will spin on the spot. This is a great way to avoid tackles at the last second. If you find yourself exposed, with no defender there to help you, then make sure you use this move.

    Alternatively, you can use the S key to trigger a speed burst. For a short second, you will see that your player will run a bit faster. This is particularly useful when you are close to the touchdown line and you have a defender catching up.

    Finally, there is the front flip. This is a really cool move and can also be used against oncoming defenders when you are close to the score line. If you are about to be tackled, but you’re close enough to score line, then you can front flip over the defender and still score. All these moves take some practicing, but they work a treat.

  • Run Diagonals

    One way to not become a target too easily, is to constantly change direction and run diagonals. This way you can make explosive defensive moves that will help against the other team’s players. As a return man, these sudden moves have to become second nature to you, so that you can score as many points as possible.

  • Judge Tackles

    Not all tackles will immediately take you down. If a defender is too far away, or you move at the last moment, then you will see that they only have you by the ankles. If you keep moving when this happens, then you’ll be able to come lose. Just watch out for other defenders that will come at you. You are essentially a sitting duck when this happens. Best thing is to always keep your fingers on one of the direction keys, even after being tackled.

Start Playing Today

If you like the idea of the game and you think you have the skills it takes to get into it, then start right now. You’ll be able to play it right here, and the best thing you can do is bookmark this page. That way you can go back to the same place and see your game progress available when you return.

It’s one of the safest ways to play as well, as you won’t end up on a site that might bring you viruses or Trojans to cause problems on your computer. And the best part is, that you can play completely for free. No credit card required, and you don’t even need to use your email address to end up being spammed for some dodgy crap.

Update Your Flash Version

Return Man 2 is an Adobe Flash based game. This means you can play on pretty much any computer as long as you have the latest version of Flash installed. To check this, you just need to head over to the Adobe website and use the free version checking tool. If a new update is available, then you just download it for free and restart your web browser.

Just keep in mind that iOS devices don’t support Adobe Flash. So, if you have an iPhone or iPad you won’t be able to play the game on those devices.


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