Bloons Tower Defense 5 Unblocked

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The Best Alternatives To Balloon Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is possibly one of the most popular strategy games at the moment. There is so much about this game that makes it fun to play. And with so many different levels of game play, you don’t get bored of it quickly. On this page, you will find out what the game is about, where to play it and what to do if you get stuck on a level.

The Balloon Tower Defense series is now at version 5. And each version has introduced new and very fun features that will keep you going back. Unlike other strategy games, there are constant new features added. And these features completely change the way you plan your strategy for each level.

Let’s take a look what BTD 5 is all about and help you get the best out of it. You won’t regret getting into this game.


Quick Intro To Bloons TD 5

Balloon Tower Defense 5 is all about helping the monkeys to defend themselves against evil balloons (aka bloons). On each level, you have to plan carefully where you place your defensive towers. If you place it in a bad location, you will not be able to pop all the balloons.

But that’s not where it all ends. Sometimes you have to place multiple towers. And you may need to choose the towers wisely as well. Each one has specific powers that will help you to catch the balloons.

In Bloon TD 5 you also have to account for the fact that not all balloons are created equally. They have their own super powers that help them evade your defensive strategy. In the more difficult levels this will take a lot of testing. You will fail a lot before you get to the end of the game.

Bloons 5 also introduces 8 new towers with all new super powers. This means that you can come up with completely new tactics for difficult levels. But the enemy has also seen some great improvements. There is a camouflage one that will almost completely evade your towers. You will need a combination of different ones to take this one down.

To play unblocked BTD5 check out the section further down on this page.


Game Controls Of Bloon Tower Defence 5

The controls for Baloon Tower Defense 5 are really quite simple. As you will be playing it on your computer you just use your mouse or trackpad. Simply press the mouse button where you want to place your defenses and you are good to go.

That makes it sound so simple. You will soon realize that you have to put a bit of thinking into the game to make sure you pop all your enemies. And in Balloons Tower Defense 5 your enemies are a lot more difficult to defeat.

The good thing is that the game does ease you into the process with some simple levels, but within just a short time you’ll find ever more difficult levels. The bloon paths become more elaborate and the enemy becomes more powerful in the process too.

But with just a little practice you will be storming through the levels and hours of fun will pass by. So, let’s take a look at where you can best play this game.


Where Can You Play BTD5 Unblocked?

The BTD 5 unblocked version is available right here on this website. If you don’t see the game’s window here then you may need to check if you have the latest version of Adobe flash installed. To do this head over to the Adobe website and use their free version checking tool. If a newer version is available you will be able to install it for free.

Just make sure that you relaunch your browser before you come back to this page to play Bloons Tower Defence 5 Unblocked. You will face hours of fun and the challenge will become quite addictive. There are levels that seem to be impossible to beat. And in that case you might want to have a few distractions.


What Do You Do When You Get Stuck

The day will come when you are playing a level of Balloon Defense 5 over and over again. And every time you fail at the last hurdle. You can’t figure it out, but you also don’t want to cheat and look for solutions on YouTube. The best thing you can do here is look for a distraction.

The following is a list of games that we highly recommend you try out. They are a great distraction and super fun to play. The more you switch between games the better you will improve your playing skills. And that will include your Ballon Tower Defense 5 skills.

  1. 1 – Get On Top

    This is such a fun game and if you have a competitive friend or family member then this is one of those games that will give you the most amount of fun. But be careful, it can end up in quite some heated battles.

    The idea is as simple as the graphics. You play a wrestler and you have to be at the same computer as your opponent. No connecting over the Internet. You have to be physically next to the other player. The keys to control your character are arrows on the one side of the keyboard, and the WASD on the other.

    You’re aim is to push and shove your opponent to the ground. You are declared the winner if your opponent’s back and head hit the ground. The fun thing about it is that it fast becomes a game of distracting the other player. Jokes and pushing can quickly become a central part of it. Just make sure you don’t get too heated about it.

  2. 2 – Learn To Fly 3

    Have you ever wondered what a flying Penguin would look like? Did you picture that thought with rockets and gliders? If not, then this game is what you have to get playing. Your task is to help your Antarctic friend to get airborne using gliders and rockets.

    The aim is fly further, higher and longer. And with each level the goals are increased. To help with this you get new inventions unlocked as you go along. You get more powerful boosters and better gliders.

    By using the arrow keys you have to avoid obstacles and make sure you get to the goal line. This might sound simple, but within just a few levels this becomes a very difficult task. This is where your baloons tower defense strategy will come in handy. You will easily pass several hours getting through the levels. And the good thing is that it’s constantly being updated.

  3. 3 – Gun Mayhem 2

    If you like shooting stuff up to get some distraction, then this is the game for you. In each level, you are on a platform with enemies and you have to defend yourself against them. This involves shooting them or throwing bombs. Your weapons change as you get through the levels and you do have to make a decision what weapons to bring.

    You win by clearing each platform without getting killed. When you see multiple enemies together you can throw a bomb and hope that it causes them to fall off the platform. This is a great tactic, but be careful you don’t stand too close.

    As simple as it sounds the levels do become difficult to master. It will take quite a few attempts to get good at this. But it’s a great way to get away from balloon tower 5 and gain some other experiences.

  4. 4 – Geometry Dash

    If you like electronic music then give this game a try. The beats are heavy and the rhythm is addictive. You might even find it playing just in the background as you do other stuff. Each level has a different sound track. Your task is to make an object jump to avoid it crashing into obstacles. As soon as you crash you have to start the level over again.

    The best thing you can do is listen to the music and feel the bass and the beats. This are directly tied to the timing of your jumps. When you feel the beat, you will get better at this game. The only control you have is the jump key. Speed only varies when you hit a speed portal, and this can make it even more difficult. This game is all about timing, and with millions of player made levels, there is no boredom involved.

  5. 5 – Return Man

    For the sports fan, this is one to get into. Football is one of the most followed sports in the world, and with this game you can get right into the action. You play the return man and have to aim to get a touchdown. The first thing you need to do is skillfully catch the ball by moving you player to the ball being passed.

    Then you have to run to the game line and avoid being tackled. There are some power ups like speed boosts, but you need to be careful when you use them. To help you avoid being tackled, you have 3 defensive players. Stay close to them as they are essential to your success.

    This is a very fast paced game that is really fun to play. Also, a great way to challenge your friends to a bit of rivalry. And because it is completely different to baloons TD 5 you will have the perfect distraction.

  6. 6 – Strike Force Heroes

    When it comes to third person shooters, this is one of the best flash games. There are so many features to this game that it almost seems like a console game. The game has significantly improved since it first came out and the latest one is version 3. While you can still play some of the older ones there are good reasons to jump straight into the latest one.

    With loads more new maps and some cool new weapons, you have to combine strategy and shooting skills to complete levels. Enemies will come at you from all directions. Avoid getting killed is the main aim, and the best way to do that is to kill all the enemies first.

    The controls are little bit trickier and certainly more complex than ballons td5. But within a few different stages you will quickly understand the task.

  7. 7 – Kingdom Rush

    If you just love your tower defense games, then try out Kingdom Rush. Set in a fantasy world it is quite similar to Bloons, but then it is different in so many ways. You still need to apply your strategic thinking to handle the waves of enemies.

    Because the timing of the enemies is so changeable, you will have to focus very closely. With each completed level you get new powers and you also encounter new types of enemies. If you let too many survive you lose the level and have to start over again.

    Learn to use your powers wisely. When you combine these in different ways you will be able to succeed in a much faster way. And the great thing is that you can get started with this game right here in our website.

  8. 8 – Impossible Quiz

    For the ultimate distraction from interactive action games try out the impossible quizzes. The name is very real, in that from the very first question you will be challenged to think quickly and out of the box. Questions are designed to catch you out and deceive you into picking the wrong answer.

    You are always faced with 4 multiple choice answers. But the questions and answers are designed by using puns, double negatives and hidden meanings. As a result, you will quickly get them wrong.

    The difficulty also constantly changes and you under constant time pressure. You do have 3 lifelines and as you progress you collect skips. These can be used to skip over questions that you just can’t figure out. If you get through all 100 plus questions you are declared the winner. But don’t expect to achieve that any time soon. It will take a lot of practice and repetition to get this right.

  9. 9 – Run 3

    For the ultimate jump and run experience, you have to get into the Run series of games. It really is the ultimate in continuous jump action. Your task is to guide a small alien who is lost in space. Through a series of tunnels, you guide him back to his home planet. These tunnels are full of traps and obstacles. And when you run into these you get lost in space.

    Each time this happens you have to start the level over again. While this might be a really simple sounding task, it does get quite difficult. To help you overcome some obstacles, you can make gravity shift as you go along. When you touch the sides of any of the geometric shapes then the side becomes the floor. Essentially the whole screen rotates and you have to be very prepared for this to happen.

    The controls are simple. You move left and right and you can jump as well. All this happens with the arrow keys and the space bar. And it does get pretty difficult at as you progress.

  10. 10 – Happy Wheels

    One of the best fun games we have kept until last. Happy Wheels is a rag doll game like no other. While there are many of these games out there, this one stands out because of its cartoon like blood and guts. Essentially, you have a choice of characters that drive different vehicles.

    You have to drive along different levels which have many obstacles in the way. When you crash into these your character gets damaged. This damage can be a small cut, broken limb or even amputation. The more damage you inflict the more body parts you leave behind.

    It is almost impossible to fail, as you can still ride along with missing arms and legs.

    The fun is almost in trying to cause as much damage as possible. Of all the games here, this one provides the most distraction and entertainment.


Now you have all the info you need in order to get some great alternatives to Bloons TD 5 Unblocked. Use the above links to go to designated pages where you can try out all the above games.

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