Swoop Game Unblocked

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SWOOOP puts you in control of a colorful biplane that soars above a magical island. Pick up as many gems, scoring as many points as you can before your fuel runs out. And get ready for SWOOOP’s dazzling bonus mode! Built in 100% HTML5, this game doesn’t use an ounce of flash, making it fast and responsive and secure.

Controls in the game are simple. Space bar, left mouse click or a touch (on touch-enabled devices) will raise your biplane’s nose upwards. Release and the plane’s nose will turn downwards. How easy is that?!

Swoop Unblocked

Ever since the early days of video games, plane related games have been extremely popular. So many people dream of flying a plane, but unfortunately, it’s very expensive to do so. While there are a lot of high-end flight simulator games available, you don’t always need that level of complexity.

Sometimes, you just want a simple game to keep you entertained and it has to be addictive enough to get you coming back. Swoop fills that gap perfectly with really simple game play in a great 3D game scene.

You are essentially in control of a biplane and your job is to keep it airborne and not to run out of fuel. At the same time, you have to collect as many gems as possible in the air to score more points. It’s not a difficult game to learn to play.

But if you tend to want to beat your own high scores a lot then you will quickly be coming back for more. The main difficulty is to keep getting the right gems and stars to refuel your plane. Because when you run out, there is only one direction you’ll go.

On this page, you will find out exactly what’s involved in this game along with some great tips and tricks to get you going.

What is Swoop About?

Swoop Unblocked is essentially a free browser based game where you control a biplane through a 3D game scene. Biplanes are those old-fashioned planes that look like they have double decker wings. And that is essentially what they are. If you’ve ever been to an airshow then you’ll know what they look like.

Your task is to pilot the plane and make sure you don’t crash. Sounds like the obvious thing to avoid. But this can become rather tricky to do. The only thing you have to do is increase the throttle which will point the nose of the plane up. If you hit the space key long enough it will also cause a loop.

While you are flying, you’ll notice that there are different types of gems in the air. They range in size, color and shape. The majority of them will be collected as points and they will become part of your total score.

The problem is that while you are flying you will use up fuel. Especially while you are on the throttle. As you use more fuel the gauge in the bottom middle will go down. And when it reaches the lowest point you will crash.

The good thing is that certain objects in the sky will help to keep your fuel up. Firstly, there are the large stars. When you fly over these they will top up your fuel gauge a little. But there are also large diamond shape objects and these are great to aim for.

When you touch these then you will enter this type of speed portal where you fly very fast. There are lots of gems here to collect. It’s essentially a bonus round within the game. When you exit these speed portals, you will also notice that your fuel is topped up again.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are really simple. No matter what platform you are playing on you’ll only have one job. And that is to hit the throttle key to make sure you don’t crash to the ground.

On your computer, you can use the mouse button, trackpad button or the space key to increase throttle. This results in your plane going nose up and speeding up a bit. If you keep pressing the button then you will even do a loop. This can be a great tactic to use to avoid certain item in the air.

But you can also play this game on a tablet or phone. The controls there are equally simple. You just touch the screen to increase the throttle and you will cause the same effects.

Special Game Features

While the game is quite simple to look at, play and learn, there are a couple of feature to be aware of. In this section, we will look at those features so that you don’t get taken by surprise when you encounter them.

  • Refueling

    As already mentioned you only have a limited amount of fuel. The more throttle you use the more fuel you use. And that can quickly cause you to crash. But with the help of certain gems in the sky you can make sure that you keep topping up.

    The first thing to look out for, and there are many of them, are the medium size stars. When you fly over these then you will get a small top up. Overall, they will probably not keep you going for a very long time. The only way to fully top up again is the speed portal that you get with the large diamonds in the air.

    When you see these, you should do everything possible to get onto them. Even if that means using up a load of fuel to do a few loops and get back to them.

  • Collecting Gems

    You will notice gems are located all over the place in the air. Usually they are located in wavy lines. That is by design so that you can throttle up and then float back down again and practically catch all of them. This takes a bit of practice and timing. But once you have done it a few times, it will become easier.

    Just be careful with some of the gems. They are very inviting to go for. But if they are stuck in between clouds, then that could be dangerous territory. But the aim of the game is to collect as many points as possible. And because you’ll want to beat your own record you’ll want to make sure you go for as many as possible.

  • Speed Portal

    When you fly over the large diamond shapes in the sky you will enter a speed portal. This is like a bonus level within the Swoop game. Your plane will accelerate very fast and you’ll notice a load of gems to collect. The more you collect here the better.

    And if you collect a large portion of them then you’ll also get a temporary multiplier. This will result in each gem counting 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times the normal value. That’s a great way to score some serious points fast.

    Another bonus of this feature is that you will also be fully refueled at the end of the speed portal. That is why it is so important to always head for these. Once you’ve played a few times you’ll know where and when they are likely to appear. That way you can prepare to hit them with more consistency.

Tips And Tricks

The number one tip for anyone new to the game is to just dive straight in. No matter how much you study the game on this page, you’ll learn so much more by playing it. You’ll work out the way the plane reacts and you’ll quickly notice recurring themes that you can take to your advantage.

But there are a couple of tips that we want to give you to improve your chances from the start!

  • Use Throttle Sparingly

    You have to be careful with the throttle. The more you use it the faster your fuel will run down. Try and find a balance between flying up and then gliding back down again. That will conserve fuel and you’ll be able to get a lot further to the necessary refueling points.

  • Avoid Clouds

    The clouds might look pretty and harmless, but in Swoop Unblocked they are going to be detrimental. Each time you collide with a cloud you will lose a ton of fuel and that can quickly cause you to crash. And in many cases the clouds are placed in a way that makes it a bit tempting.

    Some of the larger gems and fuel stars can be surrounded by clouds. If you’re skilled and can time your flight path perfectly, then the risks will pay off. But be careful, as the clouds catch out a lot of players.

  • Aim For Large Stars

    The large star shapes in the sky are very important. They will give you a fuel boost that you need in order to get further along the way. They appear regularly enough, but can sometimes be tricky to catch. And even if you miss them by a fraction, you won’t get the fuel benefit.

    When you are starting out. Don’t try and score as many points as possible If you keep aiming for the large stars instead you will have a lot more success in the process. It will keep you in the air for longer. And that increases your chances of catching a speed portal.

  • Go For Gems Close To Ground

    Once you get a bit better at playing Swoop you should try and see what kind of stuff there is closer to the ground. You will see some very large gems there and they count a lot towards your points score. However, they are often in very tricky places. Some are close to small bridges. And it might seem impossible to get the gems without crashing.

    What you need to know is that with some good timing you can fly low to the ground and under the bridges. This will take quite some practice, but it will pay off in a great way.

Play It Right Here

The best news is that you can play the game right here on this website. It is completely free to play and you will never be asked to enter payment details. No part of the game is locked behind a paywall, so you will always have full game access. You also won’t have to sign up with your email address. On many sites that just ends up with a ton of spam email being sent your way, and that is just annoying.

Compatible Devices

The technology used for Swoop Unblocked is WebGL. Without going into the details of what this means it is essentially a web technology built right into web browsers. As long as your browser supports WebGL you will be in luck. And the good news is that even a lot of mobile platforms like phones and tablets are now fully compatible with this technology.

It is fast and operating system independent. That means you don’t have to visit different game sites, just because you have iOS, Android or Windows Mobile running. With even iOS fully supported that means that the vast majority of mobile devices are fully covered. The simplest way to check is to launch your browser in your smartphone and go to this page. If the game loads you are good to go.


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