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Strike Force Heroes 3: The Ultimate Flash Shooter Game

Strike Force Heroes 3 is the third version of a very popular shooting game. The story of this game has been progressing for several years. And every time you got to the end of one of the previous versions, you were left wondering what’s next. And now you don’t have to wonder.

At the end of the last version the scientist managed to take control. He also brainwashed the majority of the strike force that were captured. Your task is to rebuild the squad again to stop the scientist from taking over the world.

With Strike Force Heros 3 you get a fantastic continuation of the story line. If you haven’t played the previous ones, then there is no reason to not get started now. On this page, you will find out more about how to best play this game and master the controls. Of all the shooting flash games, this one is the most challenging to master. But that is what makes it so appealing.

What’s New In Strike Force Heroes 3

In this 3rd version, the game play changes a little. If you played previous ones then you probably got used to the campaign mode. Now you only have the option of playing through a total of 60 missions. The difficulty of the missions changes as you progress and you will likely get stuck at certain stages. There are cool YouTube tutorials if you are really stuck, but always try to figure it out yourself first.

The missions include special ones which will unlock classes. Another thing that has changed is that classes are no longer customizable. They are chosen at random when you complete a special mission.

In each mission, you have enemies coming at you and you have to make sure that you get them all. You progress from left to right and have to make sure you clear over obstacles that are constantly appearing. Before each level, you have to choose your character. As you progress, your strike force increases in size and you have more options with different weapons.

But your heroes are not always available for each mission. Those that you played with before can become tired, injured and critical. When you see this status then it might be best to pick a different hero. With every mission attempt a day passes by and this helps to recover the characters.

How Do The Controls Work

Strike Force Heros 3 has basically the same gaming controls as before. It is a bit tricky and you will need to combine keyboard and mouse. To move your heroes around in the missions you have to use the arrow keys. To shoot you use the left mouse button. And reloading is done with the right mouse button.

The shift key is used to switch between the different weapons. This will allow you to adapt to different enemies and difficult levels. It will take you a few missions to get used to the controls. And you will have to work on your reaction times. Some enemies come at you very fast and in large numbers.

Tips And Tricks

Strike Force Heroes 3 is played in pretty much the same way as the previous games. You will need to feel your way through the levels and it can quickly take some time to get through the more difficult ones. There are some features though that will really help you succeed.

First of all, you should start using the workshops as soon as possible. When you encounter weapon blueprints you can have heroes work on making those weapons. And the weapons you already have available can be upgraded up to 5 times. This is very important to help you succeed, as you will need ever more powerful weapons to win a battle.

You also have the ability to swap heroes during battle. This can make a huge difference. Each hero has special abilities that make it easier to kill the enemy. If you encounter certain types of battles along the way, then it may be better to switch to a different one.

As you play more you might get stuck and need to get some distractions. Or maybe some of your favorite heroes are out of action and you need to wait a while for them to recover. In that case, we have you covered.

11 Of The Best Alternative Flash Games

If you need to play something else for a while then try out some of these games here. They are all available on our website. And you will find many hours of fun to distract you. There is something for everyone, covering action and jump and run games; and even a quiz to train your brain.

1 – Gun Mayhem

If you love you action shooting games then head straight over to this one. It is simple and the controls take no time to get used to. Move around with the arrows and shoot at the enemy. But you have to be careful. Each level is a platform and you can accidentally fall off and die.

The aim is to enter each level and kill all the enemies. Sometimes they tend to stay in groups and then it can be best to throw a grenade at them. The blast can injure and kill them. Or it will push them off the platform. But you have to be careful to not stand too close to an exploding grenade.

Before you start a level, you have to select your weapons. Until you start the level you can never be certain which ones will work best. But with a little experience you will quickly realize how to plan your attacks.

2 – Return Man

If you’re into football then it’s time to get stuck into this really cool game. You are in charge of the return man, and your first task is to catch the ball. In each level this becomes more difficult and you have to move towards the yellow highlight each time.

Then it is time to run towards the score line to get your touchdown. Sounds simple, right? But you will be facing many defenders who are all out to take you down. Add to that changing weather conditions and you can quickly slip and fall. Sometimes, the fastest moves are not the best ones.

You also have some of your own defenders and they will try and protect you from your opponents. Stay close to them or risk getting tackled. As you run along the field you will see things like cleats that help give you traction. But there are also lightning bolts that will make you speed up for a short period of time. Try to find these to improve your chances.

3 – Geometry Dash

For the electronic music fan this is the go to game of choice. You have control of a small geometric icon and the only thing you have to do is to avoid the obstacles in the way. To do that you hit the space key and make your icon jump. If you don’t get the timing perfect then you will crash and have to start the level over again.

Even in the first levels this is not an easy task. What you have to get into is the music. It isn’t just there to provide a sound track. The beats of the songs are timed to give you a hint when to trigger a jump. If you get into the music you will quickly figure out the timing.

While there are only about 40 levels available with the game, there is a cool feature that makes sure you don’t get bored. Players can create and share their own levels. And at this stage there are millions of them available.

4 – Tron

This 80s-style arcade game has been brought back to life. It was hugely popular when it first came out as part of the original movie. But there has been a remake of the movie a few years ago which sparked up the interest. There are some pretty cool high end games on PlayStation and Xbox, but this game is very different to that.

You will essentially be in charge of one player on a grid. Use the arrow keys to move around. As you move you leave a light trail behind that you cannot cross. And you also can’t cross your opponents trail. This is quite a difficult challenge from the start. But you will find that it gets very addictive.

If you like playing classic games then this is definitely the one for you. Just make sure you pay close attention to the other players moves. They can quickly put you in a position where you are boxed in. The great thing is that it’s also a 2-player game so you can play with a friend.

5 – Happy Wheels

This rag doll game is possibly one of the most unique ones out there. The makers were tired of the boring games in this category. So, they added some cartoon like blood and guts. You essentially choose from one of 3 characters at the start. They all have different vehicles which include a bike, wheelchair and Segway.

As you move along each level you have to avoid crashing. If you do, then you can get injured. The injuries can be as little as a cut to a full amputation. If you are not careful then you could end up finishing with little more than a bloodied vehicle.

As you complete more levels other characters and hidden levels can be unlocked. This makes it really appealing as you get to play each level with so many different ways to create damage. The aim almost becomes to see how much injury you can cause. Try your luck and see how much you end up laughing.

6 – The Impossible Quiz

This is a great way to train your brain. You won’t be tested so much for your general knowledge skills. It’s rather a matter of training your brain to fully understand what is actually being asked. In each question there are hidden meanings. You will also encounter puns that make it really tricky to figure out the answers.

And then the answers have double negatives built into them. So, you have to be extra careful to pick the right one. If you get 3 questions wrong, then you have to start over. But the questions don’t just repeat. You will find that they are reworded and so are the answers.

You do earn some skips as you progress, which are best saved up. When you encounter a really tough one or you are under time pressure of the bombs, then skips are what you will rely on. You will have many weeks of fun with this quiz and it will take time to get good at it.

7 – Kingdom Rush

This tower defense game is not so well known, but it has a really cool story attached to it. You are based in a fantasy world and have to protect the kingdom from its enemies. The only way you can do this is to strategically place your defenses along a path in each level. As your enemy moves along the path you can take them out.

But not all enemies can be easily killed. They will take ever more powerful defenses and combinations of towers. As you clear more levels, you also get access to upgrades and new towers. Learn how to use them quickly, or you will be overpowered.

Your enemies all have special powers that help them evade you. This means you have to put a lot of thought into choosing the right strategy for each level.

8 – Get On Top

If you like simple stick figure games then it doesn’t get much simpler than Get On Top. It’s a virtual wrestling game with a little bit of a twist. You and your opponent have to be at the same computer and use the same keyboard. There is no way for you to connect over the Internet. You have to be located in the same place.

By simply using combinations of the arrow keys you can make your figure move in all 4 direction. The aim is to overpower your opponent and get them pushed on the ground. But defensive moves can quickly turn into offense and just when you think you have won, it’s game over.

Prepare for some great competition with your friends and other gamers. With well-placed distractions and jokes you can quickly be the winner.

9 – Bloons Tower Defense

When it comes to tower defense strategy games, there really is only one choice. Now in its 5th version there is endless gameplay variation that will keep you entertained for hours. Just like Kingdom Rush you have to place towers along a path to stop the enemy from getting to the end. In this case though you are helping the monkeys. And the enemy is a swarm of balloons.

These are also known as bloons and if you let too many of them get to the end of the path then you lose the level. At the start this is very simple to do, but the levels quickly become very complex. And your enemy adapts as you hit more advanced stages. Some of the bloons can pass your towers totally unharmed.

Learning to use the different types of towers becomes absolutely vital. Each one has its own way of dealing with the enemy. Before each level, you will have to think carefully about what the best strategy is.

10 – Learn To Fly

This game has possibly got one of the funniest stories attached to it. Your task is to help penguins to fly. But because they don’t have the wings to do so, you have to resort to some clever technology. You can choose from rockets and gliders with different types of boost. And to make things a little tricky, you have to also avoid obstacles in the way.

With each level, you have a certain task set. You have to prove to the other penguins that you can fly for certain distances and time. And in the latest version you also have to fly extremely high; all the way to the moon.

This means that you have to choose the right technology for each task. Gliders help you to fly long distances, but they are useless to get up high. And the more you maneuver the more you slow down and ultimately crash if you are not careful. Try out this game and be prepared to have a lot of fun with the hilarious story line.

11 – Run 3

Run has been a very popular jump and run action game for many years. In this version, you still play a small alien who is lost in space. But the old-style tunnels have now very much changed. You essentially have to move left and right and jump from one platform to another. If you crash or fall into a hole then it’s game over and you start again.

With each level this becomes more difficult. The objects are constantly changing. But there is a trick that you have to get used to from the start. You can make gravity change by touching the side of the platform. When you do this then the side becomes the floor and the whole screen rotates.

In some levels this is the only way to get to the end, as some of holes are just too big to get over. This game will provide many hours of fun!



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