Strike Force Heroes 3: The Latest Online Action Shooter

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If you love action shooter games then you know how hard it is to find one that is fun and will have you coming back. Strike Force Heroes 1 and 2 were such games and many in the gaming community have been waiting for the latest version.

This new instalment promises some pretty impressive new game play. The story continues and you are back to being in charge of just one hero. As the commander of the SFH you will have to navigate completely new maps and take out the enemy.

If you were addicted to the previous game version then this one will have you entertained for hours. The graphics are improved and you will notice that the action sequences have a lot more detail. Having played previous versions will definitely help, but prepare yourself for some much tougher levels.

Keep reading here to find out what’s new and what tips you might pick up to help you succeed quicker.

What is Strike Force Heroes About?

The Strike Force Heroes are a team of mercenaries that have taken on the evil GlobeX organization. In the previous games this has involved taking on missions to ultimately take out the leader. This was successful in the second version of the game, if you got to the end.

You now have completely new missions that are designed for you to battle it out with new enemies and an evil scientist. To save the world from being under the complete control of GlobeX you have to plan all your missions in a way that makes sure you achieve maximum elimination of enemies.

As you progress through the game you will gain access to new and upgraded weapons. You will also see more team members become available. And they all have special abilities that come in handy for different missions.

Over time you will likely find that you return to the same heroes, but you have to be careful to give them a rest as well. If you use them too much they will not perform as well. So make sure you learn to use as many of your team members as possible.

What Is The Game Story?

In this latest version you will encounter an extended game story. The designers have again put a lot of thought into creating a cool story to set up the game play.

GlobeX is still the enemy and the leader sets the scene by stating what happened at the end of the previous game. The majority of the team of SFH have essentially been brainwashed and turned into enemies. But GlobeX is fully aware that there is one remaining hero called Wesley. This is the first and only character that you have available at the start of the game.

Your task is to find your former team members by facing up against new and powerful enemies. One by one you can save them and make them available to you in your missions. But even from the first level the game play is tough and it will take you quite a bit of practice if you haven’t played this game before.

You can also go and play the previous version, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy this one. All the game play features will start making sense once you manage to start taking down the enemies.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are actually quite simple. The left and right arrow keys will move your hero in those directions. The up arrow will make you jump and the down arrow will make you crouch. This is pretty standard for all jump and run style games and will be familiar to most gamers.

To aim your gun and shoot you will need to use your computer mouse as well though. By moving your mouse, you will change the aim direction of the gun. And when you click the mouse button you will fire the weapon.

The only annoying thing about this is that it can quickly happen that your mouse pointer moves off the game screen. And when you click the mouse button off screen the game will pause. One solution is to maximize your game screen so that this happens less often.

What’s New In Strike Force Heroes 3?

The game designers have obviously spent a lot time to come up with some new challenges and features. There are tons of these new features built into weapons, heroes, enemies and missions. In this section, you will learn about the most important features that make this such a great upgrade.

  • Game Modes

    There are several different game modes available to you. These all dictate different ways in which you gain points. Progressing in different game modes will also give you different access to new weapons and heroes. So, you can’t ignore game modes as you will need to play all of them to unlock hidden items.

    The simplest game mode is Death Match where you are set a challenge to kill as many enemies as possible. This is also a great way to make some early advances when you are new to the game. Domination is another very popular mode. Here, you will need to gain control of different game zones. To win you have to control all of them

    Another great game mode is capture the flag. Here you have to grab the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your base. The points you score is based on how many flags you capture and the number of kills you get.

    Try out all the game modes and have some fun!

  • Weapons

    All of the old primary and secondary weapons are still there. But there are quite a few more powerful ones to play around with. You have everything from knives to pistols, from submachine guns to rifles. And then there are crazy guns like laser cutters and Ion Cannons.

    They are all triggered in the same way, but not all will be available from the start. You have to gain points in game play to unlock and upgrade these weapons. The effects of them are all different and the most powerful ones will be needed once you hit some of the really advanced enemies.

  • Classes

    All the missions will include hidden classes. Make sure you take advantage of these every time they appear. They are a great way to score some extra points and will give you some training in different tactics and weapons. However, these classes can no longer be customized. They also appear at random during missions, so you cannot launch them at specific times, like in the previous version.

  • Side Missions

    These missions are all hidden and only become available once you have completed certain main missions. At specific stages, you will unlock these side missions and these in turn will open up the different classes. Make sure you take advantage of side missions as they will give you some extra boosts as well.

Tips And Tricks

The absolute top tip you can receive with this game is to just dive in and start playing. Try out some of the starter missions and go through the different game modes. This is by far the best way to get some confidence in your gaming skills. You have to get used to the different weapons and the actions of your enemies.

  1. Evading Enemies

    A very valuable skill to have when you are starting out is to learn how to react to the enemy movements. In advanced stages, there will be many of them at the same time. And sometimes you will have to evade them first before you go on the attack. It will take some practising to see how to best get away from enemies. So, what you can do for a while it just not fire your gun.

  2. Upgrading

    Weapons are the main things that you can upgrade. To do this you will have to earn points during the game. But you also need to earn points to be able to start missions with some of the advanced heroes. Make sure you work out an upgrade plan that doesn’t spend all your points. Saving some for difficult missions will give you an advantage.

  3. Different Maps

    The different maps available are the various battlefields where you encounter your enemies. The latest version of this game has a total of 13 maps available for you to complete. These do get increasingly more difficult to complete so make sure you are patient and pay attention to enemies and obstacles.

    When you first start out each mission will involve a different map. But as you advance to the later missions you will notice that maps start to reappear. But that does not mean they will become easier. The difficulty mainly lies with the different enemies you’ll encounter.

  4. Resting Heroes

    The heroes you line up for your missions all take damage and injuries while on active duty. Unless you are extremely skilled in this game it is likely that most of the heroes you use will require at least a little rest time after a mission.

    This means that you have to either wait for your heroes to be recovered or move onto the next mission with a different set of heroes. The best thing you can do is rotate your heroes on a regular basis. This makes sure that they are always performing at their best and you get to play with different features.

  5. Kill Streaks

    Every hero in your team has a special power that can be activated. But to be able to activate those powers you have to follow a few steps. First of all, you have to complete classes in order to activate these powers. Then, you have to kill a certain number of enemies during a mission for you to be able to activate the power.

    The powers are very effective and you will quickly see the benefit of them. In many of the advanced missions, they also become critical to succeeding. Most of the kill streaks are temporary and only last a very short time during the mission. But some of them activate certain weapons and these will last as long as the mission.

Gaming Community Rating

All three versions of this game have been highly rated in the gaming community. Over at Kongregate it has an average 4* rating which is pretty good considering all the competition that is out there. The majority of other game review sites have been giving this one an over 90% positive review.

Essentially, this is a game that you will love and not regret getting dug into.

Who Designed The Game?

The game designer behind the Strike Force Heroes series is called Sky9 Games. It started out as a two-man company, but at this stage they work with a team of developers and designers. You will likely have encountered quite a few other games. Some of them have been welcomed by millions of gamers, including A Knight’s Quest, Raze and Siegius.

With the track record of constantly making improvements and coming out with new versions, you will certainly be seeing more great games to come.

Start Playing Now

The full version of the game is available right here on this website. It is fully unblocked and doesn’t require any payment whatsoever. You also don’t have to go searching the Internet for a safe site to play, as we make sure that our site is completely free of viruses and other dodgy malware.

Update Your Flash Version

One thing you should do on a regular basis is update your Flash version. The reason for this is that the latest updates will always give you more stability and efficient game play. Adobe have a great tool available that allows you to check your current version. If something newer is available you can immediately download it for free.

Just make sure you restart your browser after an update as this will then load up the new version into your web browser.


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