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Build the highest tower you can in this nice relaxing clicker game, Stack Tower. Just keep stacking the platforms. The more times you miss, the smaller they get, so make no mistakes! Enjoy!

Controls: Click mouse

When Tetris first hit the gaming world it made a huge impact. Such a simple idea and well executed. Tetris is still around today, but the gaming world has changed a lot. High-end graphics, action and adventure with great game stories is what you will find pretty much everywhere.

But sometimes all you want is some simple and addictive fun. Just like Tetris used to provide everyone. Finding that perfectly addictive game though can be pretty tough. Often you find simple games, but you get bored after just a couple of minutes.

Stack is very different. As you will find out, it has a really simple idea with even simpler controls. If you are big into gaming, then sometimes you need a break from tough levels that you are struggling with. If that is you, then bookmark this page. Every time you need a bit of a distraction, just jump into Stack and try to advance your reaction skills.

What Is The Aim?

The aim is actually quite simple. When you start playing, you will see the top if a platform like square shape. Just above this. You will see another tile moving from side to side at a consistent speed.

Your task is to get the moving piece to go perfectly on top of the tower. You do this by either pressing your mouse or trackpad button. Or, you can just touch the screen on a mobile device like Smartphone or tablet. If you don’t hit it perfectly then the overlapping piece of the tile falls away and you continue with a smaller piece.

This continues until the tile is so small that it’s impossible to get the stacking timed right. So make sure you don’t use up larger tiles too quickly.

This all sounds so simple, but it becomes a very difficult task to make sure you time the action perfectly. The speed of the game also increases significantly with each new level being added.

To help you a little bit with your timing, the moving tiles will change color as you drop them. And at the start of each new try you will also notice that the starting color is also randomly changed. This might seem like a simple way to change things up, but it really does help if you play several attempts in a row.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are as simple as the game idea. Essentially, there is only one control. You have to press the mouse or trackpad button. Or you can touch the screen of your mobile device. Gamepads and controllers will also work, but they are pretty much overkill.

But that one simple control action is very difficult to get perfectly right. Your reactions have to be perfectly in tune with the game. The more perfectly aligned tiles you drop on the tower the better your chances are of breaking your records and unlocking some features. The best thing you can do is just get playing and gain some experience.

Game Features

There are a few game features that are worth talking about. These are unlocked pretty soon after you start playing. But it’s good to know what you need to aim for.

  • Earn Stars

    When you play you will earn stars for the amount of tiles you can stack. But at the end of each level you can also earn 300 stars by watching a short advertisement. It’s a pretty cool idea by the game developers, and the advertisements are really short, so it doesn’t really become a pain.

    Most advertisements only last about 20 seconds. And with each level being over in probably about 1 to 2 minutes, it’s a really good way to take a quick breather before you try to beat your record again.

  • Headstart

    You will have to build up a bit of skill to unlock this feature. Only when you have built a tower with a record of 50 tiles will you be able to activate the head start feature. If you are new to the game, then it’s a cool idea to see how quickly you can unlock it.

    Just keep track of how many attempts you have made, and then compare it to your friends.

    Once you do get to level 50, you can spend stars to unlock headstart features. What this does is allow you jump a few tiles ahead at the start of every attempt. You will see a rapidly moving scale at the start. When you hit the mouse button, the scale will stop at a number.

    The number is then essentially, the amount of stacked tiles you will get before you even get going. But timing this feature is extremely difficult. At first you can get anywhere between 1 and 10 pre-stacked tiles. But further upgrades are possible by spending stars.

  • Double Stars

    You can use the stars earned in each attempt to upgrade to double star earnings. At the start, it makes sense to watch a few advertisements and build up a cash of stars. And as soon as you can unlock double stars you will be able to earn an even quicker buildup of star savings.

    You will need stars then to further upgrade your star earning power, and more importantly the headstart feature. If you don’t have this feature yet, then make sure you keep upgrading double star earnings.

Beating Your Own Records

Possibly the most addictive thing about this game is that you will constantly want to beat your own records. At the start that won’t take too much. You might go from 15 stacks to 25 quite quickly. But as soon as you start heading towards 50, things get really difficult.

The speed of the game is so fast that you simply cannot keep up for long periods of time. But you do get used to it and there are players with some extreme skills in this game.

You can quickly spend an hour just repeatedly trying and only getting ahead by one or two stacks at a time. But then you can suddenly get into a rhythm where you manage to get multiple series of 5 or more perfectly stacked tiles. When you get into that kind of game mode, then take advantage while it lasts. Because your concentration will eventually fade.

Required Skills

Concentration and reaction speed are the two most important skills that this game require. Once you start getting to 50 or more tiles the game speed increases so fast that you will really need to take your time when hitting that button.

The better you can concentrate on the movement the more likely you will get the feeling for the movement and the timing of the release. And with some lightning fast reflexes you will be able to get the tiles to perfectly land. If they don’t land perfectly then you should be just losing a tiny bit of the tile.

Device Compatibility

Stack doesn’t require Adobe Flash. It is rather reliant on technology that is built directly into the vast majority of web browsers. This means that you really don’t have to worry too much about compatibility.

Generally, one way to tell how widely compatible a mobile browser game is, is to try it on an iPhone. Apple restricts certain technologies on its devices, and that includes Adobe Flash. However, Stack works perfectly fine on the latest iOS for both iPad and iPhone. So, you will probably struggle to find a device that this won’t work on.


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