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Online gaming is extremely popular and there are a ton of cool games with some incredible graphics. What you can play in your browser these days used to require a high-end games console. Technology has improved so much that even mobile devices bring some amazing game experience.

But sometimes, all you want is something basic and fast to learn. Essentially a game that you can use to take a break from all your other favorites.

That is where Splix fits in and will give you hours of entertainment. Splix.io is a very simple online multi player game where you have the task of conquering as much virtual land as you can. You do this by moving around the game scene and surrounding blocks. Those then become part of your conquered area.

This all makes it sound really simple, but there is a bit more to it. On this page, you will find some background info, a guide to the controls and some great tips and tricks to help you succeed.

What Is Splix About

Splix is a multi-player game where you could be up against players from all over the world. You enter a virtual 2-dimensional space where your task is to conquer as much space as possible.

The way you do this is by moving around and getting your trail to surround some of the space. When you fully encircle a space with your trail, then that area will turn the same color as the rest of your space.

The aim is to conquer as much as possible without getting destroyed by other players. This can happen when you are outside your territory and another player touches your trail. Then it is immediately game over for you. You also have to avoid touching your own trail, as that will be the end as well.

If there are a lot of players around you then you can play it safe by staying on your own conquered territory. While you are on there, you cannot be taken out. But this will quickly become boring, so just be safe when you are conquering.

You also need to keep in mind that your own territory can be taken away by other players. And you can take territory from others as well. To do that, just surround some other player’s area with your trail, and it will become yours.

How Do The Game Controls Work?

The controls are really simple. You can either use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move up, down, left and right. Those are the most important functions of the controls to keep in mind. But that also makes this game so great. It will take you a matter of seconds to get used to it and trying to beat records.

If you need to pause the game for a second you can do so with the P key, but only when you are on your own territory. Just be aware, that usually you are safe from being taken out if you’re on your own area. But when you are in pause mode, then that is not the case.

Game Features

The game is simple. And there really is not a huge amount you can say about it. But there are a few features that we want to highlight here so that you can get the most out of the game right from the start. Here are a couple of those features before we give you some tips and tricks.

  • Leaderboard

    This is where you can see what types of scores have been achieved by other players. There are a few things that are always kept track of for all the players that take part.

    First of all is the total blocks that have been captured. When you look at the leaderboard then you’ll see some pretty sensational numbers at the top. The next leaderboard is the time on the number one spot. This shows how long different players remained on number one before being taken off.

    The third one is very interesting. It tracks the longest trails left. Keep in mind that the longer the trail, the more at risk you are of being taken out. Finally, you see the time alive scores and the number of kills. The longer you are alive the higher up this leader board you will get.

    And for the kills, you obviously need to take out many other players.

  • Quality Settings

    There are two quality settings that you can select. First is the overall quality that can be switched between low and high. This might be needed if you are on a mobile device. If the game is stuttering a little bit then try switching to the lower setting here.

    You can also switch to ugly mode. This sounds funny, but all it means is that you go into a less graphics intense game mode. The trails don’t look as nice and you won’t see the cool effects when you complete a territory. If you are on a computer, just pick the higher settings, as it will probably not struggle with the performance.

  • Team Mode

    This is really cool and essentially allows you to set up a game environment where you can play with friends. Essentially, at the start you can enter a name and then rather than selecting Normal, just switch to Team. This will get a private game setting and you can share that through the provided link. As your friends join in you’ll be able to get started and battle it out.

    This makes it very entertaining, as you can see who has the best skills and reactions in your private gaming community. It’s a great way to create some small distractions from high-end gaming.

Tips And Tricks

The number one thing you can do is just get a few hours game experience. Keep track of your scores and try to beat them each time you play. The more you play the more you will get used to the controls. And you will find some good tricks of your own. Especially when it comes to evading other layers. That is a skill you need to practice.

  • Start With Small Squares

    When you get started just try and expand your territory slowly. You can do this by making small squares and gradually getting bigger. The problem is that when your trail becomes too long then you are open to being taken out.

    With smaller sections, you have a lot more control and you can quickly retreat to your safe heaven on your area. As you explore more of the local section you will know how many other players are around. If there are not so many then you can venture a bit further away. Start small and then work out further is the trick at the start.

  • Take Advantage Of The Map

    When you start the game, you will notice that the game area is much bigger than what you can see on screen. You have to gradually explore other areas to see what’s there. But there is also a map available, which you can see at the top left of your screen.

    Here you can see all the claimed areas and this will indicate where other players are. You can then either decide to avoid them, by retreating into a corner of the game environment. Or you can go on the attack and try and take out as many as possible.

    You should always keep an eye on this map as it will also tell you where there are areas that are completely empty. These are great to work towards, as there are probably not many players there. If you’re trying to beat high scores and get on the leaderboard, then the map is essential.

  • Don’t Bump Into Your Own Trail

    This can happen so easily. You are trying to take a large area and all of a sudden, another player pops up. You try to escape but suddenly you bump into your own trail. Unfortunately, that means it’s game over as well. You cannot afford to do such simple mistakes.

    To avoid it just make sure that you always know where your existing territory is. Stay close enough so you can see it and avoid making a long zigzag trail that can quickly become an obstacle.

System Requirements

The great thing about Splix Unblocked is that it is fully integrated into web technology using JavaScript. A lot of other online games like this use Adobe Flash. While this is also a great multi-platform technology, it is a lot more cumbersome and a bit slower. It is also not available on all mobile operating systems. Especially not on iOS.

But with JavaScript, you get a much faster platform that works on the majority of web browsers. The game will even load on mobile devices running iOS and Android. If your mobile device is not fully updated, then it can happen that it won’t load. If the game didn’t load on this site for you, then you might need run an update on your device.



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