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Quick Guide To Beating Your Friends At Head Soccer

If you are a fan of soccer and gaming then you probably play a lot of the high-end console games like FIFA. They are brilliant games and will give you lots of fun when playing against your friends.

But sometimes you just want something simple. Ideally with very little learning curve. And when not much skill is required then you can make it easier to compete among friends. A lot of the time soccer games can be very tough to get good at. And you might even find it impossible to beat some of your friends who spend many hours playing.

The solution to this is Head Soccer. The graphics are simple. And the controls do not take a load of skill either. All it involves is moving your character’s head around a screen and trying to get the ball into your opponent’s goals.

On this page, you will find everything from beginner tips to advanced tactics. And you will learn exactly how to choose the right game mode.

Best of all:

You’ll be able to play it right here completely for free!


What Is Head Soccer All About?

Head Soccer is a very simple game. If you have ever heard of the 70s-game pong, then it is not much different than that. Essentially, the game is set up with a goal at each end of the screen. Two players face each other in the form of a character’s head.

You can move the heads around to try and head or kick the ball. The ball will bounce off the head and also off the side walls and top of the screen. The aim is to get as many goals in 60 seconds as you can.

That is pretty much it really. But for such a simple game there is a lot of fun involved in playing it. The great thing is that each game only takes a minute. So, you can just pick up the game when you have a bit of time to spare. However, it is likely that any time you do get started you’ll end up spending quite a bit of time testing out your skills.

Even though this game is very simple to learn and play, there are quite a few different game modes and characters that you’ll want to understand. Keep reading our info here and you’ll be ready for a world championship in no time.


Special Game Features

So far this must sound like the simplest game on earth. The graphics are fun but not out of this world. And all you have to do is move your character around the screen. But there are some things you have to be aware of that can go against you or help you as well.

Sometimes you will see little icons hanging in the air of the game screen. If you bounce the ball over these then certain things happen. And you have to understand what exactly will happen to help you win. Here are a few of them that you’ll regularly see.

  • Bombs

    This will cause bombs to drop from the sky. Seems like a perfectly normal thing to happen in a game of soccer. These bombs are a bit distracting and they can push your player back a bit. The ball will also be affected by the bombs. Generally, it is best to avoid these, even just to avoid the distractions.

  • Speed Boosts

    This will make the ball move a lot faster. If you are an advanced player then this can really help you to get some fast goals in. But if you are still getting used to the game and are finding it a bit tough then avoid these boosts as well.

  • Goals

    You should sometimes avoid these icons. If your ball hits them then you immediately get a larger or smaller goal. This is a great feature to help make it easier to score a goal. It’s a good way to put some points on the board. But don’t rely on these for winning matches. They can quickly go against you too.

    There is also a small goal feature, which will make the goal a lot smaller. If you hit this then it will become very difficult to score. Make sure you try to avoid these, unless you have some advanced skills.

  • Balls

    The ball icons can be anything from increase and decrease the ball size to making it super bouncy. There are also icons that will make the ball dull, which means it will bounce a lot less. A message will pop up on screen when you hit one of these to tell you exactly what has happened. That way you don’t have to remember all the images.

  • Ice And Breaks

    There are two different icons that will result in either you or your opponent being iced. This means that for a while you will not be able to move and it will be pretty easy to score a goal. Be careful that you don’t accidentally ice yourself.
    The breaks mean that your player breaks a leg and becomes a lot less mobile. These can be tactically used against tough opponents, but be careful that you don’t end up being injured yourself.


Quick Guide To Game Modes

The game has a total of 8 different modes. This makes it great for players who spend a lot of time with this game. You won’t get bored too soon and will easily be entertained for a few hours. To help you with all the game modes we have put together this quick guide.

  • Arcade

    This is the best mode to get started in. It will allow you to pick a few different teams, rack up some points and get used to the game before you dive into the tougher modes. You first face South Korea and it might take you a couple of attempts. Once you have beaten this one you will unlock the next team.

    Each unlock makes another team available, but they will become a lot tougher to beat. Try this mode for a while first before you head into the next one.

  • Tournament

    In this mode, you enter a tournament where 7 other players are randomly chosen. It’s a great way to experience some other teams that you haven’t unlocked in Arcade mode. Essentially there are three rounds of games and you have to win every one to be declared the winner.

    Sometimes this can be easy. But other times the random team selection can be very tough to beat. If you get stuck in Arcade mode, then this is a really good way to gain some experience against other teams.

  • Survival

    This is a pretty fun game mode. You will be up against a random opponent and the aim is to score a certain amount of goals. When you score a goal one of your opponent’s balls will disappear. If you manage to remove all of his balls then you are the winner.

    Every 10 times you play survival mode you will be up against the cyborg character. It is important to be prepared for this and try your best. If you beat him you will unlock the cyborg’s costume and you’ll be able to use it to customize your character.

  • League

    Now you are getting into tougher game play. You are bundled into a league group with 9 other randomly chosen teams. The league is set up as amateur, minor and major, and when you head for the higher ranked ones you will face some tougher opponents. If you start this game mode then you need to be prepared to spend a bit of time.

    You have to play 18 games and at the end, the team with the best record will be declared the champion. The last game is the final and this is where it gets pretty tough. If there is a tie at the end then the player with the most goals will be the winner.

  • Multiplayer

    This mode is available only on Android and iOS, not in the Flash based version. You can use this game mode to challenge your friends no matter where in the world they are. If you have some good gaming rivals out there then this will be a lot of fun to play. Game play is like Arcade and the winner is awarded 200 points. If you are the loser then you just get 10 points. Still a good way to rack up some points and have some fun with friends.

  • Head Cup

    This game is set up like the Soccer World Cup and it is the Head Soccer championship. There are 8 groups with 4 teams in each one. To advance you have to play three group stage games. If you come in first or second place then you advance to the knock out stages. The final stages go through 4 rounds up to the final where you can be declared world champion. But be prepared for some pretty tough opponents as it does not become very easy.

    You will need 5,000 points to start this competition, but if you become the champion then there are 30,000 points up for grabs. If you have become good at the above game modes then this is a good way to earn points.

  • Death Mode

    This is a very tough game mode that will require some pretty good skills. There are a total of 30 stages that you have to clear. And in each stage, there are different team characters and bosses. You have to beat them all and with each stage it will get tougher.

    In stages 1 to 10 there are only 2 bosses. But that increases to 3 and 4 as you move up to stage 30. You will get additional costumes unlocked and win up to 100,000 points. But don’t expect to achieve this on your first attempt. This can be very tough to beat.

  • Fight Mode

    This is a really fun game mode. You are going to face 8 different characters from around the world. And the aim is to hurt your opponent so much that they get knocked out. So, the game is not so much about scoring goals, but rather about fighting with your opponent.

    If you win three in a row you get a bonus match. And if you win that one you will be able to unlock a load more teams.

    If you lose a game it doesn’t end immediately. You have 3 lives that can be used, but make sure you don’t lose them too quickly. At the end, there are some additional bonus rounds that will help unlock more characters, balls and costumes.


Play It Right Here

Head Soccer unblocked is available right here on this website. We have it set up so that you just need to have the latest version of Flash player installed. This is all you need in order to play it on any computer you have.

The best part is:

You don’t have to pay one cent to get playing and you will have hours of fun completely for free. There will hopefully be another version of this game called Head Soccer 2. But the release date of that has not yet been determined. When we hear it is available, then we’ll add it to our website and notify players.

Tips And Tricks

To get the most out of the different Head Soccer games we have put together some tips and tricks. If you are a novice to the game then these will be very helpful.



  • Controls

    You move around with the arrow keys. And the up arrow will make your character jump. In order to kick the ball, you have to hit the space key. You can take advantage of all of the power ups that appear. But be careful when your opponent gets them.

  • Collect Points

    Each time you play a match you will get points. Even if you lose a game you will get some points. These can be used to improve your kicking and jumping skills. You can also decrease you goal size or improve your running speed. It is important to keep on top of these upgrades. And the more you play the more points you’ll get.

  • Achievements

    On the achievements screen you will see how your game play is progressing. There are quite a few different types of achievements and gathering them all will take a little skill. For example, the tight defense will likely take you a long time. To get this achievement you’ll have to win a game with your opponent not scoring any goals.

Check Your Flash Version

The latest version of Head Soccer unblocked on this website requires Adobe Flash. This software and gaming platform is available for free and you should check that you have the latest update installed before you get started.

If you have an older version then it can quickly happen that you’ll get game crashes and stuttering effects. This is the last thing you want when you are in the middle of a match that you are winning. The Adobe website will provide you with the download that you need.


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