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Run 3 Unblocked and the best collection of free games online

If jump and run games is something you like, then Run 3 unblocked will most likely be among the best ones to get started with.  This is a very fast game that challenges your reaction times.  There are unique levels that keep you entertained and challenge your spatial visualization abilities.

When compared with some of the other jump and run games that are out there, this one definitely is ahead of the crowd, since there are so many different ways for you to succeed and fail.  It has simple controls, but you will need to be smart about how you use them.  Let’s take a closer look at it.

What Is Run 3?

Your task with this game is controlling a small alien figure and helping him find his way back to his home planet.  You are lost in space and must navigate your way via an endless amount of tunnel systems.  Those tunnels have been designed with obstacles.   When you run into gaps or obstacles it results in your alien getting lost in space.

You basically need to make your alien jump as well as move right and left.  However, it isn’t as simple as that might sound. During the first few levels, you will discover that it does get increasingly tricky.  Any time you fall into space you will need to start that level all over again.

Gravity can shift, which is the thing that is really unique about this game.  With the earlier versions of the game, when the walls of the tunnels were touched, it resulted in the wall turning into the floor.  However, things have become much cooler in version 3.

Basically, all of the shapes that you will run into a twist when you come into contact with their sides.  Then the vertical side turns into a horizontal floor. This takes some getting used to.  However, it opens up many ways to reach the end of different levels.

What New Things Have Been Introduced In This Latest Version?

It is now a lot harder to get through each of the levels.  This is mainly due to there being more obstacles.  It might even seem as though there isn’t any way to get past some of them. To make things even more challenging, with some of the levels it goes dark for a couple of seconds.  In order to cope with this, you will need to figure your moves out blind.

A totally new game currency is also featured in this version.  You earn power cells as you complete the various levels.  These can be saved to unlock different hidden levels and characters. Infinite mode is where you have the best chance of earning lots of power cells. This is where levels will randomly appear without any end to them.

However, earning power cells when you are in infinite mode doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to spend them when you are in explore mode.  In this mode, you have to finish a level in order to proceed.  You will definitely want to take advantage of getting new features unlocked to help you succeed.

As the game progresses you will need every bit of advantage you can get.

Looking For Some Alternatives To Run 3?

The Run series of games is hugely popular and addictive. But sometimes you just need to get away from it. If you are stuck on a level, that you just can’t get done, then it’s often best to get away from it for a while. The frustration will build up. And you can even find that you stop playing altogether.

To help you get some great distractions we have put together a list of the best alternative games. A lot of these are also jump and run games. But some are strategy based. There is even a quiz game in there to test your thinking power. Try some of these out if you are stuck and need a little bit of something new.

  1. 1. Geometry Dash

    Here you’ll use rhythm and try to maneuver your way around with only one control key. You’ll use the space key to cause your object to jump and move along the game scene. Be careful, there are many obstacles that you may encounter along the way. The speed portals will speed you up or slow you down as you go along. So don’t get stuck thinking that you’re going to be going the same speed forever.

    Of course, you risk crashing into obstacles and having to start over. And you will likely crash a lot as this is quite a difficult game to play. You’ll learn quickly how the game play goes along with the beats of the music and be able to anticipate the timing. The more you recognize and get into the beat the better you’ll be at the game.

  2. 2. Gun Mayhem 2

    This is a must try as long as you’re into shooting games. You’ll play one of the characters that is on a platform range. And you’ll be using your X and Z keys to fire your gun or throw a bomb. This easy game is very addictive and you’ll find that you spend quite some time playing it each day.

    The goal is to shoot the enemies off of the platform. You can do this by bombing them or using your gun. As you advance through the game you’ll have access to power-ups and more weapons. These will boost your abilities and help you be successful, you won’t want to leave an enemy alive. Hang in there, once you catch on, you’ll be addicted.

  3. 3 .Learn To Fly 3

    Another great strategy game that has a unique twist. The idea is to find a way to get your penguin airborne. These are flightless birds and you’re going to be using gliders and rockets to help them. The goal is to fly the farthest, the longest and the highest. And at every level, you’ll need to achieve tougher goals that require some strategy.

    As a diverse game, you’ll still require quick reactions which is why you want to have the Run 3 game experience under your belt. Easy to use controls will help you to have the edge. Once you’re in the air, you’ll use the arrow keys to control your flight. A cool storyline with plenty of distractions makes this quite entertaining.

  4. 4. Get On Top

    This fun game is a unique distraction from the typical jump and run games. You’ll play a virtual wrestling game. As you sit side by side with your other player, you’ll be using the same computer and the same keyboard. Warning! This may bring out the competitive side of you and your friends. It may wind up in more than a virtual wrestling game if you’re not careful.

    You’ll notice that the graphics are rather simple. The arrow keys will navigate your character from left to right and up and down. The second player will utilize the W-A-S-D keys to do the same thing for their player. The goal is to push your opponent to the ground.

    The first person with their back and head to hit the ground will be the loser in this game. While this may sound easy, there are some challenges that will lie ahead. There are also some easy defensive moves that can be done as well. You can still win while you’re under attack. You’ll have to determine the best moves to ensure your success.

    There are some great tactics that you can use to distract your opponent and force them to make errors. This is an entertaining game and an ideal way to try something new. You’ll have fun playing it with a friend.

  5. 5. Kingdom Rush

    Kingdom Rush is a fun game that is brought to you by Armor. Essentially a fantasy tower defense game you’ll find that it’s very similar to Bloons Tower Defense. You can watch your enemies come in waves and you’ll want to plan ways to kill them along the way. Place your towers wisely and you’ll win. If not, you’re the loser. Every tower has unique powers that help with different strategies. So, you’ll want to learn them in detail.

    Your opponents will change and learn some deceptive tricks. You’ll see them use their own powers and become immune to some of the towers. At times, they may even be undetected so you’ll have to learn their tricks to beat the odds.

    Understanding the towers and their power is the key to winning this game. You’ll be hooked in no time and you’ll spend hours of entertaining fun playing this game. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you’ll find that there is a new challenge waiting.

  6. 6. Impossible Quiz 3

    This is a different angle on quiz games. It will seem impossible at times to get your answers right. You’ll find that the goal is to trick and fool you into choosing the wrong answer.

    There will be puns, hidden meaning words, and even double negatives. There are 120 questions and they will all be worded slightly differently. The answers have different wordings as well to add to the difficulty. You can try to memorize them all to show off your talents. Challenge a friend and see how you do.

    At every level, the difficulty will go up. If you answer 3 of the questions wrong, the game ends. You lose. This is a fun way to learn more and speed up your brain. And because it is so different to Run 3 is will be a huge distraction.

  7. 7. Strike Force Heroes 3

    If you love action games, this may be the one for you. You’ll have a bit more diverse action than Run 3 offers. There are a few different versions of this game on the market today however, they all operate very similarly and function basically the same.

    The biggest difference is that there are better maps and weapons available in the newer versions. You won’t be bored when you choose this game. There are a variety of weapons available and you can select your weapons depending on the level that you’re at. You’ll use your strategy planning skills as well to get the best results. This is a fun game, but the controls are a bit more challenging to learn.

  8. 8. Bloons Tower Defense 5

    While this is a strategy game, you’ll find many of your Run skills will come in handy. The goal is to help monkeys in defending themselves from the evil balloons (also referred to as bloons). To do this, you’ll strategically pop as many of the bloons as you possibly can. Of course, this sounds easy, but there are some surprises in store for you as they are hidden throughout the game.

    This is an ideal companion game. The levels become more difficult and you’ll be making split second decisions for your defense. Reactions are what you’ll use from your Run 3 skills. Thus, you’ll have an advantage to those who have never played Run 3.

    Learn the various towers and the bloons and you’ll soon see some clever strategies. Careful, this game is a lot of fun and you’ll soon have two addictions, BTD5, and the Run 3 game. You may have to divide your time between the two to have more fun.

  9. 9. Return Man 3

    Of course, we’ve saved the best for last. This is a must have game for football fans. It’s simple and addictive. The task is to score a touchdown with the return man. To begin, you must first catch the ball and using the arrow keys you must then move the person to the score line.

    You’ll have 3 defenders to assist you in your goal. These defenders will push and tackle the opposite team’s players. Ensure that you’re remaining close to these defenders in order to prevent getting tackled yourself.

    Progressing through the game you’ll encounter some unique power-ups such as a speed boost. Be careful of which boosts you use, you may want some of them for later. This game will keep you going and on your toes. And it’s a fun distraction at the same time.


Now that you know the alternatives to Run 3, you can choose your next game addiction strategy. You’ll have fun playing the different games and adding to your repertoire. Your skills from Run 3 will help you in all of these games as you move through the various manoeuvres and strategies to show off your skills and talents.

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