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Quick Guide To The Latest Run 3 Features

If you are like most gamers then a good old a fashioned jump and run game will give you hours of entertainment. You might have encountered some of the earlier versions of the Run games. And if you have then you are in for a treat of new features.

The latest version is packed with action and new game play that will bring a whole new level of fun. If you ever got bored of the previous versions then don’t think that you’re just going to be back to the same old game play.

And the best part:

It is completely free to play right here on this webpage.

The latest version has more levels, a game currency and completely new tiles in the tunnel. With a total of 250 levels in different tunnels there is no chance you’ll get this completed in a few days. You will get stuck and you will have to find new ways. But that is exactly why this game has been such a hit in the gaming community.

Let’s take a look at what it’s all about and see how you can get the most out of it.

What is Run 3 About?

In the run series of games, you play a small grey alien who is lost in space. Your task is to help him find his way back to the home planet and avoid the darkness of getting lost. There are a series of tunnels which you have to navigate without falling into a hole.

This might seem simple, but when you first play the game you will probably fail even at the first level. At the end of each level the next one starts immediately. You will notice that sometimes the color or the shape of the tunnels will change. This can be anything from perfectly square to almost round.

Your task is to make sure you avoid running into objects or falling into a hole in the tunnel. Doing this will mean you immediately lose and have to start the level again. There is no concept of lives in this game. You either make it to the end of a level or you don’t.

You do get to unlock different characters as you play. And you will need these in some of the advanced levels. There is a speedster and a high jumper and many more. You will have to get to certain levels to unlock them. And for some of them you will need to get to a certain amount of achievements.

Before we dive into the actual game play, here is some background to the story.

What Is The Game Story?

The background story to your characters’ plight is that they went out into space to do some exploring. While they were doing this, they encountered a series of tunnels that ultimately resulted in them getting completely lost. When they returned to where they thought their planet was it was essentially gone.

Was this the result of having passed through a wormhole? Is it a wormhole that you see in the distance? To find answers to these questions you have to keep finishing levels. After you hit certain milestones along the way, more of the story will unfold.

This happens sometimes with the introduction of a new character that you’ll then be able to use. One of the first ones is the skater, also known as speedster. You will see a small story appear that shows what has been happening.

The aliens have split into two groups. One of them is searching for a way through tunnels in the hope of finding the way back. While another group is looking to explore more of the wonders of the galaxy.

There are also two different game modes that essentially give a completely different experience. More on those shortly.

How Do The Controls Work?

When you are playing on your computer you will be using your keyboard. If you are right handed then it’s best to use the arrow keys and the space key. Essentially you can move left and right and use the space key to jump. For left handed players you can use the A and D keys to move left and right instead of the arrows.

You cannot directly influence the speed of the game. That only changes with the character you choose or with speed tiles that appear in the game. This makes it a very simple game to get used to. But beware that the levels get very difficult very fast. Even with simple controls you can end up failing many times before you win.

One thing you have to keep in mind and you’ll encounter it pretty soon. As you change direction and your alien touches the side walls of a tunnel, then gravity shifts. What that means is that the whole game screen will rotate. As a result, the wall will become the floor. It’s pretty cool and you will have to take advantage of this in advanced levels.

Click here to play Run 3

What’s New In Run 3?

In this latest version, you will find some great new features. Firstly, you should be aware that this game is also often referred to as Run Mobile. That is because it the first Run game to be made available on mobile platforms like Android and iPhone.

But if you have come to this site, then check it out on your computer first. It is so much more fun on a large screen and you will have a lot more success.

Now, let’s take a look at those cool new options:

Crumbling Tiles

These tiles almost look like they have a marble effect and have a grey color. When your alien steps on one it will start to crumble. If you step on a single one you will still make it to safety before you fall into space. However, be very careful of multiple tiles together. Once they start crumbling you can quickly start falling. If this happens make sure to jump immediately.

In some advanced levels stepping on one crumbling tile, will make all of them start to fall. That is because they are all interlinked. Avoid touching these tiles for as long as you can. As you might need them later.

The child character is best used in levels that have a lot of crumbling tiles with big gaps. Because the child is small and light it will not cause the crumbling. But if you jump onto a one of them with a child, then you will still set off the chain effect.

Power Cells

These are the new game play currency. You earn them for completing levels and gaining achievements. The more you play the more you will earn. And the currency can then be used to unlock new characters and secret levels.

One of the best ways to earn these is in infinite mode. You will also have to spend some power cells to continue after failing. But if you want to quickly get a load of these to unlock new characters at an earlier stage then this is the best way to do it. You can even use them to unlock special costumes to customize the aliens.


It is important to understand that the tunnels are powered by a cosmic energy. Sometimes that energy fluctuates and the tiles will start to flash and dim. As a result, they will become very difficult to see. They are still be there but you are almost guessing where you have to jump to.

In some of the advanced levels it can even happen that an entire tunnel runs out of power. This means you will very much struggle to see where to go. It will take a lot of practice and gaming skill to deal with these situations. But this adds a great deal of fun to the game, so that it doesn’t ever get boring.

Tips And Tricks

As with any game, make sure you play it a lot and that you don’t give up. The more you play the more you’ll get used to the action. This will also train your ability to time your movements and jumps. You’ll simply be able to understand what each of the levels requires.

But here are some additional tips to help you get started.

Be Careful Of Direction Tiles

These have arrows on them and they will either increase or decrease your speed. If they are pointing away from you then you will speed up and this can mean that you need some lightning fast reflexes. If the arrows are pointing towards you, then the game slows down.

Slowing down might seem like a good thing. But you have to remember that this will reduce the distance you can jump. In tough levels that will very much go against you. At the same time, going faster means you can clear larger gaps. But you will have to be ready to react fast.

You also have to make sure that you time your jumps with these tiles. If the direction of the arrow is pointing towards you then the jump will not go as far. That means you have to jump later to get across the gaps. And it’s the exact opposite for arrows pointing away from you.

Holes That Are Too Big

Sometimes you will start to see holes and gaps that are simply too big to jump. In these situations, you will have to look ahead and see if one of the walls has some better options. You will then need to run towards the wall and then it becomes the floor. This gravitational shift is really cool and the whole game screen will rotate.

Get used to this feature fast. And always look ahead for paths you can take on the walls and ceiling. This can reveal much easier ways to clear a level. And that will mean you can advance quicker.

Infinite Mode vs Explore Mode

As the name suggest, infinite mode has no end. This is basically an endless tunnel with random levels. It’s a great way to experience levels that you haven’t encountered yet. And if you are stuck on a level, then it might be best to just get a bit of a distraction.

Explore mode is where the main story unfolds and where there is an actual final level and ending. This is also where you can gain achievements and unlock characters without having to spend your power cells. It’s always good to go a for mix of the two, as it does make the whole game so much more interesting.

Who Designed The Game?

Player 03 is the designer behind this game and they have done some job of it. Each new version has introduced great new features. And they are constantly improving the game with updates. You will see that the gaming community is raving about how great their games are. And within minutes of playing you will know exactly why that is.

There hasn’t been any talk yet of Run 4. Bit considering that the game has been so successful, it is likely to come at some stage. But even before that happens, there will be updates with new features for sure.

Start Playing Today

We have kept one of the best pieces of information until last. You can play the game completely for free right here on this website. You will not be asked for a penny. And all the game features will be available to you. There is no hidden game play or level that you have to spend money on.

We do advise that you register for a free account in order to save your game progress. This will allow you to jump in and out of the game as you have time. Even if you just have a couple of minutes to spend playing, your progress won’t be lost.

Check Your Adobe Flash

Before you get started you should always do a quick check if your Adobe Flash is fully up to date. This is free software that allows you to play games and run software on any type of computer. It really doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or PC. Just make sure you have Flash.

The Adobe website has a free tool and this will also make the latest download available. Once it’s installed you should relaunch your browser and you’re ready to go. This little step will make sure you avoid stuttering game play or even crashes. These can very annoying and will result in losing some of your progress.



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