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Finding Some Alternatives To Return Man

For the ultimate football fan there is no better online flash game than ESPN Arcade Return Man 3. For some really simple and addictive fun you should try out this game. The controls are easy to get used to and the aim of the game is simple.

You are in control of the return man and you have to score a touchdown. But there are many obstacles like weather, mud and opposition team players. At first this seems to be quite simple. But as you progress it will become very difficult to win in each level. On this page, you will find more details about the game and what has been introduced since Return Man 2.

We also provide you with a list of 10 of the most popular flash games to give you some distraction from this great sports play.

What’s New In Return Man 3?

One of the biggest changes since ESPN Return Man 2 is the introduction of the fumble feature. What this means is that if the ball is not caught at the start you can fumble it. As long as you get to it before your opponents you will be able to continue play.

This kind of gives you an extra chance and it means that you have to get some pretty good reactions. If you get tackled and the ball becomes loose, you can try to catch the ball. But this can also go against you if you don’t get up to speed quickly to avoid all the other defenders coming at you.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are relatively simple. To move forwards and backwards, left and right, you use the arrow keys. These will be the main keys to use. You also have some special moves that you can trigger with the A, S and D keys. But use these carefully, as you only have one of each per level.

Most of the time you will be using the arrow keys to move along the pitch and avoid the defenders. Make sure you take advantage of your own team mates as well. You have your own 3 defenders and you want to use them to avoid some of the tackles.

Don’t Forget The Special Moves

As you run along the pitch you will have to be careful of certain weather obstacles. Some levels are plaid on snow and ice, while others have a load of mud and puddles. To help you in these levels you can run across cleats on the ground that will give you extra traction.

But sometimes these power ups are in places that are too close to defenders. So even if you get one of them, you could end up being immediately tackled to the ground.

Another power up that you will encounter is the lightning bolt. This will make your player run a lot faster. And as a result, you will be able to get past some of the defenders before they have time to react. But be careful with these features in slippery conditions. Run too fast and you’re more likely to slip and fall.

For some really cool game play updates and ideas you should check out # returnman 3 on Twitter. You can also check out some video clips on YouTube for some ideas on how to advance in the tougher levels.

Some Cool Return Man Distractions

Even in this update to Returnman 2 you will end up getting stuck on levels. You might also just want some alternatives to entertain you. To help you find the best fun games available in flash format, we have put together this list. It has a wide variety of different types and you will definitely find something fun to spend some time on.

1 – Get On Top

One of the simplest games on this list is Get On Top. It’s a stick character game for two players. You essentially have to wrestle each other. And the first player to hit the ground is the loser. What is so unique and fun about this game is that you actually have to be located at the same keyboard as your opponent.

In a world of online games where you can be anywhere in the world, this is very unique. There is no way to play the game against someone located even just a few yards away.

Both players can only move their character forwards and backwards, as well as up and down. Combining these moves will help to get on top of your opponent. The aim of the game quickly becomes how to distract the other player. Some of the best tactics are well timed jokes and physical distractions. And they are all in the interest of good gaming.

2 – Gun Mayhem

Sometimes you just want to shoot at crap in a really simple shoot-em-up game. Gun Mayhem is just that, and it will not take you long to get used to the controls. You move around each level with the arrow keys. And the A and S keys are used to shoot and throw bombs and grenades.

Your enemies will be doing the same so make sure you don’t stand still for too long. That will just make you an easy target. When you encounter multiple enemies, you can throw a grenade to take care of them.

At the start of each level you can choose from many different weapons. Some of these have to be unlocked by advancing to certain stages of the game. This is where it becomes almost a strategy game. For each level and enemy, you can plan your weapons for the best results.

Try it out right here on this website and see how much fun you will have.

3 – Bloons Tower Defense

In the strategy games genre, there is nothing better than Bloons Tower Defense. You have the difficult task of helping the monkeys to position their defensive buildings in such a way that all the balloons get popped. Each level has a different path layout and the bloons also have very unique powers.

This means you have to not only place your towers in the best way. But you also have to choose the right ones before you start a level. Some towers can be passed by camo bloons and this will result in you losing at the end of the level.

It will take some experimenting to figure out which towers are best suited for the optimum defense strategy. This is a very addictive game that will provide you with hours of entertainment. Just make sure that you save your game play at regular intervals. Nothing is more frustrating than having to clear levels you already finished.

4 – Geometry Dash

This is a great option if you like electronic music with some heavy beats and basses. The graphics are simple. And your task is to simply avoid crashing into stuff. All you can do is hit the space key to make your character object jump. You cannot adjust the speed unless you hit a speed portal. And this can make you go faster or slower.

When you do crash, you will automatically be brought back to the start. From the very first level this is a pretty tough task. There is no easy getting used to it. When you do run out of official levels you can switch to the user created ones. At this stage, there are over 6 million of them, so there is no reason to get bored.

Make sure you really listen to the beats and watch what is happening on screen. The rhythm of the music will help you with the timing of your jumps.

5 – Learn To Fly

If you are looking for a really good fun challenge with a cool story attached, then head straight for Learn To Fly. In this game, you have to help a penguin to beat the odds and become airborne. And the only way this is possible is by using rockets and gliders.

Each level has a different challenge. Sometimes you have to fly long distances. In other levels, you have to fly for a certain period of time. And then in the latest version you have to also fly high. As high as the moon!

Before you start a level, you have to decide what glider or rocket to use. This is a strategic decision. For example, some rockets will help you fly high and far. But you will not fly for a long time. To fly very long distances and for long periods you will need to perfect your gliding skills.

And if that is not enough of a challenge, then you also have to control your flight with the arrow keys to avoid obstacles. Try it out, you are guaranteed to have fun!

6 – Happy Wheels

There are plenty of rag doll games out there. But none are like Happy Wheels. The name is kind of odd, because of what can actually happen to the character you play. What makes this unique, is that as you crash into stuff, your character will get injured.

At first there might just bit a little blood. But that can quickly escalate into broken limbs. It is also not uncommon for you to be dragging a severed arm behind you. No matter how much damage you take, you can still get to the end of a level. This makes it almost a challenge to see how bad a shape you end up in.

The arrow keys control the game play. And you use the space key to jump over obstacles. As you progress through levels you unlock new characters and they all bring a whole new level of fun. For any gamer, this is a great distraction from the more serious ones out there. You can even challenge your friends to cause the most damage.

7 – Run 3

When it comes to jump and run games in the flash gaming world, Run 3 is the ultimate challenge. You guide a small alien through a series of tunnels in space. They are almost like wormholes with a load of obstacles in the way.

You have to move left and right and jump at precisely the right time. If you crash into objects or fall into a hole, then you have to start the level over again. This does become very difficult to achieve. You cannot change the speed and in certain situations the game goes dark for a few seconds leaving you blind.

What makes this game really cool is that you can make gravity change. As soon as you come in contact with the sides of the platforms, the whole tunnel system twists. The side then becomes the floor and you can take this too your advantage. When you encounter gaps that are too big to jump, then try the gravity trick.

8 – Impossible Quiz

The name of this game might seem strange. Why would you want to start a game that is impossible to succeed in. The answer is simply that you will get drawn into wanting to beat your own high scores.

Each question is designed to fool you into picking the wrong answer. You have a multiple choice of 4 answers. And even the answers are worded in a way to trick you. You have to learn to figure out the puns and hidden meanings in questions. And you have to do so fast.

There is a time limit on questions. Once you get three of them wrong you have to start over again. But when you start over, the wording of the questions and answers changes just a little. So, you never encounter exactly the same order.

If you like a really good brain challenge then this is a game for you. General knowledge is not what you need. You do need to get good at quickly analyzing the specific wording.

9 – Strike Force Heroes

The second shooting game on this list is Strike Force Heroes. You play a soldier in each level who has to get to the finish line without getting killed. This is made very difficult with plenty of different enemies with all sorts of weapons.

As you clear each level you have to decide which enemies are worth engaging. You also have to pick your weapons wisely. Some of the weapons will be completely ineffective against your enemies and there is only one way to find out.

The controls are a lot more complicated than your usual flash game. Different weapons require different keys. But moving around is easy enough with the arrow keys. It will likely take you a few hours to fully understand all the weapons and maneuvers you can make to get every last enemy out of the way.

10 – Kingdom Rush

Finally, we bring you another tower defense strategic game. The idea is similar to Bloons above. You have to think quickly at the start of each level where to place your defense in this fantasy world. Your enemies start moving along in a matter of seconds. And if you miss too many of them you will lose.

Each tower has its own super power and you have to figure out which ones work best against the many different types of enemies. Some of them will take down your towers, while others will just sneak by practically unharmed.

If you have had enough of BTD or maybe you already finished all the levels, then this is the game for you to try out. It makes you think and trains your reaction times. These are perfect skills for anyone who loves gaming.

All these are great alternatives to ESPN arcade Return Man 2 and 3. Try them out and see how quickly you can become an expert player.


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