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Tetris was the first huge success in the gaming world. Simple, yet addictive, Tetris had millions of people hooked on playing it day and night. While Tetris is still around today, gaming has changed a great deal. Among today’s greatest hits there are strategy, action and adventure games, all of them featuring high-end graphics and captivating stories.

Despite this modern trend, there are times when you simply want to have some fun, without having to work hard or to focus even harder. Unfortunately, most simple games are far from being addictive. They keep you entertained for a while, but most of them end up by being boring.

Stack is totally different. Based on a very simple idea, this game has basic controls. All avid gamers need a break from those tough levels that seem impossible to crack. If this is you, go ahead and bookmark this page. Whenever you need a break from your regular games, try Stack and put your reaction skills to test.

The Aim Of The Game

The aim of Stack is as straightforward as can be. As you launch the game, you’ll see a kind of platform on top of the screen. Above it, you’ll see a tile bouncing from side to side at constant speed. Your aim is to place the moving piece on top of the tower. You can use either your mouse or your trackpad button to drop the piece. If you play it on a smartphone or tablet, you can simply touch the screen to make things happen. If you don’t hit the moving tile perfectly, its overlapping piece will fall away, so you’ll need to continue playing with a smaller tile.

This sequence repeats until the tile becomes too small to get it stacked properly.

As simple as this may appear, it becomes increasingly difficult to time your actions to perfection. Moreover, each new level brings an additional speed boost.

In order to help you time your actions properly, the moving tiles change their color as you drop them. The starting color also changes with each new try. You’ll see how helpful such a tiny feature can be once you get to play several attempts in a row.

The Controls

The controls are extremely simple. As a matter of fact, there’s only one control, which is to press your mouse or trackpad button. For mobile devices, you need to touch the screen. You can use gamepads and controllers, if you want, but they are way more than you actually need to play this game.

Despite all this simplicity, it’s very difficult to synchronize your action properly. The better you manage to align your tiles on top of the tower, the better your chances to unlock additional features by breaking your records. Just keep on playing until you gain enough experience to enjoy the game to the full.

Game Features

Soon after you start playing, you’re going to unlock a series of features worth talking about. It’s not bad to know in advance what to aim for.

  • Earn Stars

    The more you play, the more stars you earn for the amount of tiles you manage to stack. In addition, you can earn 300 stars at the end of each level by watching a short video ad. This is a way for the game developers to earn some money without offending the players, as these ads are really short. Most of them last about 20 seconds, so you can actually use them to take a short break before the next level.

  • Headstart

    This feature will require you to become quite skilled at playing the game. You can unlock it only when you have built a 50-tile tower. As a beginner, you can try your hand at it and see how fast you can unlock it.

    Just count your attempts and compare this number with the records of your friends.

    Once you pass level 50, you can spend your previously earned stars to unlock headstart. This feature will enable you to jump a few tiles ahead at the beginning of each play. As you start your level, you’ll see a scale that moves at high speed. Hit the mouse button to stop it at a certain value.

    This value is the amount of stacked tiles you’ll get before you start your level. Nonetheless, timing this feature is very challenging. At first, you may be able to obtain between one and ten pre-stacked tiles. Should you want further upgrades, you’ll need to spend some more stars to get them.

  • Double Stars

    You can use the previously earned stars to upgrade your account to double star earnings. As you start playing, you should consider watching a few advertisements, in order to build up a good amount of stars to use later on in the game. As soon as you unlock the double stars, you can give up ad watching, as you’ll be able to earn your stars much faster.

  • Beating Your Own Records

    The most addictive part of this game is that you’ll constantly want to beat your previous records. This is easy to do in the early stages of the game. You can improve from 15 stacks to 25 rather quickly. Nonetheless, as you’ll want to achieve 50 and more, things will become more complicated.

    The speed of the game is fast, so you won’t be able to keep pace with it for a very long time. Eventually you’ll get used to it. Some of the best players are able to keep up for very long times.

    You can easily spend one hour of your time trying over and over again, without gaining more than one or two stacks at a time. However, as you improve, you’ll become able to get multiple series of 5,6 or 7 perfectly aligned tiles. While you are in the flow, take advantage of it as much as you can. Eventually, your focus is going to fade away and you’ll make mistakes, so try to earn as much as you can while you are perfectly focused.

Skills For Playing The Game

Concentration and good reaction speed are mandatory for playing this game. Once you pass the 50 tiles mark, the game speed will become so high that you’ll really need to take your time when pressing the button.

The better you can focus on the movement, the more you’re going to become able to anticipate the right timing of the release. Great reflexes will secure the perfect landing of the tile on top of the tower. If you don’t align them perfectly, you’ll lose a tiny bit of tile with each attempt. The more you lose, the harder it becomes to align your tile on top of the stack, so you should do your best to play it properly right off the bat, when the speed of the movement is still reasonable.

Device Compatibility

Stack doesn’t require Adobe Flash. This makes it compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and computers. This game relies heavily on technology that’s already built into the majority of web browsers, so you won’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

As a good rule of the thumb, you can test the compatibility of a browser game by playing it on an iPhone. As Apple has a restrictive policy when it comes to third party apps and software programs, a game that works on their devices will most probably work on any smartphone or tablet computer. Stack works flawlessly on the latest iPad and iPhone versions, so it’s probably going to work on your device as well.



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