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Most online games require timing, reflexes, and skill. However, in many instances the 3 qualities are needed for highly complex games involving different levels, character types, and opponents. When in need of a break from such games you probably look for something that’s both fun and simple.

Slither suitably fills that void with a simple but addictive game set up. The game involves controlling a small worm that grows increasingly bigger as he continues gobbling up small crystal like objects. Slither is a multi-player game where you are never aware of who your opponents are. You will quickly realize that some players are very skilled.

On this page, you have the opportunity of learning what the game is about as well as how to advance and outsmart your opponents. Learning the game is easy, but mastering it requires practice and skill. When you first play the game, you will encounter massive worms and yours can grow to such lengths within a short time.

What is Slither All About?

Slither essentially involves controlling a small worm that lives in a 2-dimensional world with worms of different sizes. The aim of the game is to feed on as many of the crystal-like objects in different colors as possible. Your worm will grow a little in both length and width for each crystal-like object you eat. The more you eat the larger your worm grows.

What you will quickly try aiming for is to set new personal records to see just how much you can grow. You will only last a few seconds before the game is over sometimes and in other instances it can go on for up to 20 minutes. Your challenge should always be to beat your records.

The game ends once you bump into another worm irrespective of its size. You simply have to avoid bumping into other worms, which makes the game quite interesting since it is theoretically possible to bring down even the largest of worms if you are able to cut them off strategically.

The great thing about the game is that it is a multi-player environment where you are competing against numerous other gamers from all over the world. All the worms you see while playing are people sitting on a tablet, computer, or phone.

How Do You Operate the Controls?

The controls of the game are incredibly easy to master. If you’re on a computer, the mouse is used to change direction and basically guide the worm through the game environment. Quick reactions are needed since opponents of different sizes will be competing for the same food and will try cutting you off to ensure that you lose.

Hitting the mouse button triggers a short burst of speed that can be useful in several ways. Go to the tips and tricks section to learn more about the most suitable time to use the speed boost. However, one of the main reasons of using it is to speed up the process of gathering all the food you can.

If you are playing on a touch enabled mobile device, the controls are slightly different. You will essentially be moving your finger around and in the direction you would like your worm to move. You can double tap the screen to get the speed boost.

The controls are quite simple, but you need some decent reaction times to improve your skills and boost your high scores.

Special Game Features

Slither is an incredibly simple game overall since there is nothing much to it. However, it is important to be aware of certain features before you get started.

  1. Quality Settings

    You might have to change the quality settings depending on the device you are playing on. You have 2 options available to you, which are low and high quality. In all honesty, little difference exists between them at least not visually. However, if you start seeing some stuttering or sluggish graphics while moving around you should try reducing the quality a bit.

    In the top right corner of the main home menu is where you will find this setting. Just click on it and the quality will switch between high and low.

  2. Leader Board

    Once you start a game you enter the game arena immediately. You will find many other players there all with different sizes. At the top right is a leaderboard that’s constantly shown for all Slither players. It includes the top 10 longest worms currently in the game as well as the length of the worm. It is a good target to aim for, but you are likely to take some time to reach the extremely long numbers.

    The long numbers usually range from 10,000 moving upwards with some players actually managing to get close to 20,000. You can determine for yourself how long that would take.

  3. Unlock Skins

    One thing you will note is that some worms have different patterns and colors and even weird eyes. You can unlock all these by using the social sharing button found on the main menu screen. Sharing the game on your Twitter or Facebook page unlocks new skins you can use to customize your worm.

    Some of the skins are quite cool and even include the ability to choose rainbow colors or flags. Try using the social sharing features and see just how weird you can make your worm look.

Tips & Tricks

The best tip that you should consider going for is simply to try out the game by diving right in. It might take some time to get used to all the different worms that appear especially the larger ones. The more game time you have put in the better you will become and the quicker you will find yourself on the leaderboard. However, you can use a few more tricks to get there quicker.

  1. Cutting Other Players Off

    If you see other worms moving around you, try boosting your speed then move just in front of them to cut them off. A worm that bumps into you will evaporate irrespective of how big it is and how small you are. It takes a bit of skill to master this, but you can use a few tricks to advance faster. At the start, you should try staying out of trouble and simply eating as much as possible.

    Once you reach a length of between 500 and 1,000, this trick will be much easier and more effective too.

  2. Speed Boosts

    It is critical that you learn to use speed boosts properly, but you need to exercise caution. You trigger these by pressing the mouse button and you will see the worm moving quicker for short bursts. This gives you 2 specific advantages to help you advance quicker.

    First, when starting the game, you will be moving around in search of food. Your speed at this time is constant and it can take a great deal of time to grow. If you make use of the speed boosts, you can move much faster and the faster you move the more food you can get to.

    Second, it can be a defensive or offensive move. Sometimes you will be up against other worms around you and if you use the speed boost you can try getting ahead of them, and basically cut them off or run a circle around them. This can make even the larger worms to have no place to go and eventually bump into you or another worm.

    If you want to use it as a defensive move, you should determine what other players close to you are doing that can lead you to a trap. If you are almost getting into a tricky situation, you should try using the boost button to get out of there and move to a safer location. Both of the moves require a good bit of practice and skill. It is thus important to ensure that you use them from the start.


Available Platforms

One great thing about Slither is the fact that it uses web browser technology based on WebGL and Java. Most of the browsers in the market have the technology already built in and you can therefore load and play the game immediately. This is also the case when using mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. Just open your favorite browser on your tablet of phone and you will be ready to go.

The other alternative would be to install the app. The developers of the game have released a designated standalone app. The advantage of using the app is that its performance is much better compared to the mobile browser version and loads quicker too.


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