Quick Guide To Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked

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If you are a gamer, then you probably have come across action packed games with boring story lines. These games don’t offer a challenge which means most gamers like you are able to play through the story line within an hour. It seems that incorporating a great story line with meaningful challenges is difficult to get right.

When it comes to Gun Mayhem 2, the story is different. For starters, the game is fun to play. This eliminates the chance for gamers to be bored within an hour of starting the game. As an action shooting game, it is enjoyable from level one to the final level. There are tons of challenges and enemies to combat thus you will never be idle.

Gun Mayhem 2 is a platform action shooting game. If you are familiar with the 90’s style jump and run arcade games, then you will surely love this game. Not only does it offer lots of action, it has lots of different levels, maps and characters which are unlocked as one progresses through the game.

Want to learn how to get the most out of the game? We have created this guide to help you enjoy every single challenge or level in the game. Read on and learn the secrets.

Gun Mayhem 2 Overview

As the latest version in the Gun Mayhem series, it is very popular with gamers around the world. Not only is the game packed with lots of extra weapons and maps but the graphics have been improved too. Gun Mayhem 2 has one aim – to get rid of your enemies from the game. To achieve this, all you need to do is shoot your favorite gun and throw bombs at your enemies.

That is not all.

The first level offers quite a challenge to first timers. As you progress with the levels, not only will you encounter a single enemy but multiple enemies too. If your game character is killed, you lose one of your lives. 5 lives are available on each level. Problem is it’s quite a challenge to keep the lives because you can be matched up with 2 or more enemies at a single moment.

As you progress in the game, you will have access to better upgrades for example powerful guns. These guns are great especially when faced by certain enemies. During the start of the game, you have only handguns to choose from. You can also pick special weapons. While this is great, you need to know your enemies can do so too. Next time you see a minigun in the game, rush towards it and pick it up. This will place you at an advantage against your enemies.

At the beginning of every level, you have access to certain guns. Every gun is designed with certain characteristics. For example, damage level, rate of shots, ammunition and recoil strength among others. One thing you need to note is that not all levels or enemies can be killed using powerful guns. At times, you may require a lower powered gun. This will provide you with the ability to shoot your enemies rapidly.

When selecting guns on Gun Mayhem 2, you ought to be careful about the recoil. This is because the more mayhem a gun causes, the higher the recoil power it will possess.

The game provides useful stats for example your remaining lives and of your opponents. When you start the game, you will encounter a single enemy on the first level who has five lives. As the game progresses, the number of enemies will increase which means it will be difficult for you.

Game Mode Options

The game is designed with three different modes. All three modes will be used to provide the gamer with more diversity. If you want to learn more about the game modes, read on.

  1. Campaign

    Campaign is the main mode of the game. This mode allows you to advance through the levels. There are 18 different levels plus the tutorial. The first level is designed to be easy but as you progress, the levels become challenging and you will encounter some of the best surprises.

    Maps are designed with different layouts and themes but the main idea prevails throughout. As a gamer, you have the chance of jumping around as well as the opportunity to kill your enemies several times. In case you encounter multiple enemies, you have to use creativity to kill them all and survive. Remember, you have 5 lives in total for every level.

    To advance from one level to another, you must complete the challenges in that level. As you play on, you will gain more skill and experience. This will make it much easier to fight off your enemies. Furthermore, you can select the right gun that not only inflicts much damage but has recoil you can handle.

  2. Custom

    Gun Mayhem 2 offers 7 types of custom levels. Each level is designed with different challenges – including last man standing and Gun game. The custom levels help to provide a distraction when you can’t get through a level in Campaign play. If you want to get a feel of the different guns available in the game, play Gun game.

    Here, you have the task of killing an enemy with the available guns. You can also play the game with weapons that are only available in the advanced levels of Campaign mode.

  3. Challenges

    This level provides gamers with the best way to learn the basics about the game. It is perfect for newbies as the gamer gets a feel of different weapons and various tasks. The main weapons are available to the gamer and one has to clear the level as quickly as you can.

    Completing the level will result in you being awarded between 1 and 3 stars. If you are able to collect all 3 stars in every challenge, you will improve your skills greatly.

How Do Gun Mayhem Controls Work?

The game controls are very simple. Gamers can use arrow keys to move their character from left to right. One can also use the down key to move the character down a level. Remember to be careful not to move the characters when you are at the lowest level.

The up arrow makes the character jump. It even allows you to jump once when in midair. To move from one level to the next, make sure your character jumps twice. This is also a great defense tactic especially when you are close to falling off the platform because if you jump when falling, you can get back onto a platform.

To shoot an enemy, tap the X key. Be careful when using the key because you may run out of bullets. To throw bombs, tap the Z key. Don’t tap the key haphazardly because if you drop the bomb close by, the shock blast may kill you.

You can change the graphic  quality setup of the game to improve your experience. Choices available include low or medium and high. Select the right setting depending with your computer’s power. For example, if you select the highest setting, your game will have a much better graphical experience. In case the game starts stuttering, select medium or low quality settings.


Cool Game Features

During game play, you will encounter several special game features. All these are available in different levels. We have compiled some of the cool features in the game.

  1. Selection of guns

    As said earlier, Gun Mayhem 2 allows you to select a gun at the beginning of every level. The first few levels are limited to handguns with different functionalities. As you progress through the game, you will be able to pick shotguns and submachine guns. That is why it is important to keep an eye when playing the game because your enemies can pick the guns too.

    Every gun is designed with a certain power rating, shot firing rate, ammunition and recoil. Powerful guns have higher recoil but they will not provide you many bullets and fire rate. The good thing about powerful guns is that they offer an advantage against certain enemies.

    You can try out the guns in custom mode especially the gun game. As you play on, incorporate different strategies and techniques to help you advance through the levels.

  2. Gun Features

    The game has very powerful guns. One of the best guns is the minigun. It offers maximum power, shots, rate and recoil power. This allows you to defeat your enemies with ease. Remember, pulling the trigger too much could send you off the platform.

    If you want to test all guns, head over to the weapons library. This is a good idea because who knows when the guns will be accessible to you especially in Campaign mode. Testing out the guns allows you to get a feel.

Tips and tricks

As a rookie, you have to gain experience if you are to be successful at defeating your enemies. This means playing the game as many times as you can. The faster you learn the controls set up, levels and enemies, the faster you are able to advance through the game. To help you advance through the game like a pro, we have compiled tips and tricks you can follow. These tips and tricks will place you ahead of your enemies in Gun Mayhem 2.

  1. Recoil

    As said earlier, every weapon is designed with a specific recoil power. If you are not familiar with gun recoil, it is the effect that pushes the shooter backwards when they fire a gun. If the weapon is powerful, it will have higher recoil. When playing the game, it is advisable not to stand close to the platform edge. The recoil may push you off.

    You can use this strategy against the enemy. Just make sure they are close to the edge and shoot at them. If you calculate a strategically timed shot, you might just push them off the platform edge. One thing you need to know is that this will require a little practice but it’s worth it.

  2. Extras

    When you start Gun Mayhem 2, your character will be allowed to choose a few items. The first thing you may pick is your weapon. The good thing about Gun Mayhem Unblocked is that the game comes with extras. They include unlimited ammunition and even the ability to increase the chances of picking a minigun. As you progress through the game, it is important to select the extras available in each level. This will enable you to advance through the game as well as learn how to use them.

    One of the best extras available in Gun Mayhem is the gangster shotgun. The shotgun is designed to be powerful and has the ability of knocking all enemies from the platform especially if you time a perfect shot. During the game, you will have the ability of collecting other guns available in crates. The crates fall on the platform from above so be the first to access the crates.

  3. Powers

    Remember the crates available as extras? Well, they contain powers and useful gadgets as well. In one of the crates, you may find a jetpack. This gives you the power to fly in the air and get away from your enemies making it one of the most powerful ways to complete levels.

    The crates may also have 3 times jumps and ammo packs for your guns. With the 3X power, you can jump higher allowing you to evade enemies. The ammo packs ensure that you don’t run out of bullets when fighting off enemies. To have more bullets, keep collecting the ammo packs.

Where To Play

By now you are very anxious to try out the game. You have learned the basic controls, the different game modes plus tips and tricks. What is left is to play the game. The good thing about Gun Mayhem 2 is that it’s an online game.

You don’t have to install a specific version for your computer.

It is a Flash game that is available right here on this website and it won’t cost you penny to get started. You have all the action available right at your fingertips so make sure you dive right in.

By playing the game on our website you can make sure you avoid infecting your computer with malwares, Trojans and viruses. Not only will they steal information from your computer but they may cause untold damage to your files and the computer itself. So, always make sure you play online games on a safe and trusted source.

Adobe Flash Updates

It is important to ensure that you have installed the latest Adobe Flash plug-in for your browser. The latest version will ensure that you have the best experience with no stuttering or crashes. The latest updates are available for free on the Adobe website.

If you have a powerful gaming computer, take advantage of the large screen size. This will allow you to have a better view of the layout. Furthermore, you will be able to spot fine details on the map which usually get lost when playing games on a smartphone or tablet.



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