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In today’s high end gaming world with all of the incredible graphics that are available, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, including online browser gaming. You now can play WebGL and Flash games that have superior graphics than the top of the line console games did only 5 years ago.

That provides you with some excellent options. However, sometimes all you really want is something addictive and simple. Agar has filled the gap in this market with some very exciting and cool game play. You won’t believe just how difficult yet simple the game can be at times.

Basically, the game involves moving a small ball around on the game screen. You need to get your ball moved over the other small balls, since that makes you grow. You also need to avoid the bigger balls at the same time since they can swallow you. That sounds really simple, however in reality it is actually very addictive and difficult.

Continue ready this guide and get ready to have lots of fun with this amazing game.

What Is Agar And How Is It Played?

Agar is a multi-player online game that requires to use clever thinking and fast reaction skills. It basically involves you maneuvering a small cell on a flat, large surface. The game environment has lots of other cells contained in it with different colors and sizes. The one thing that they have in common is all being circular cells.

The goal is for you to move around your cell and get it to an ever-greater size. You do this through coming into contact with other small cells. The larger you grow the easier it becomes for you to snatch up some of the smaller cells and become even larger.

However, you need to watch out for all of the bigger cells that you are surrounded by. They will attempt to track you down. The game is over if they come into contact with you. It can happen really fast. Even after you have grown larger, it is very hard to avoid bigger cells.

The game is actually very simple. However, the designers also have been able to come up with some very cool ways to provide some diverse game play as well. Check out our game features section that appears below to get more information. To get off to a good start, also be sure to review our tips and tricks section as well.

How Do The Game Controls Work On Agar?

Actually, the controls are very simple. Your mouse is used for moving around the screen. That changes the direction and also decreases and increases how fast it moves. Getting used to the game controls doesn’t take long at all. The hard part is mostly the skill that is needed to avoid coming into contact with the bigger cells.

During game play, it is also possible to use your space key so that your cell is split into multiple cells. It is just temporary and the split cells eventually merge together once again. You can shed some of your mass as well through hitting your W key. The only time that you would use that is when you want to indicate to one of the other players that you would like to team up as partners with them.

As previously mentioned, in this game timing is everything. To need to learn how to generate as much mass as you can and how to elude the larger cells around you. In our tips and tricks section down below, we discuss some tactics you can use for this.

Overview Of Game Features

Although the game is very simple, it actually does have some new features that they have introduced since it first came out. Those features can really help you want to come back for more and it is very easy to get hooked on the game and play it for an hour or more at a time.

  • New Party Mode

    Party mode can be set if you have friends that you want to play with so that you are all connected with the same game scene. It is a very cool way to have some of the distractions that some popular console games offer. Since this game is so simple it is a lot of fun to be part of an environment where it’s you against everyone else.

    In party mode, you either can join a game arena that someone else has already set up or create your own. It is very easy to do this and can add a lot of fun to the game. The more players you are able to invite the more fun it becomes.

  • Accumulating Coins

    When you have a fully registered account you will be able to collect and save the coins that you earn each time that you play. The larger mass you can achieve the more coins you will earn. There are many ways to obtain free coins as well, through clicking on the button that says Free Coins that is on the home screen of the game.

    You get free coins as both random prizes and for introducing new players to the game. Acquiring as many coins as you can will be very helpful as you progress through the game. Once you see how large some of your opponents actually are you will understand how important it is to have those coins.

  • Shopping

    You can spend your coins in the shop on various things. You can’t upgrade anything until you have enough coins. If you don’t have enough you can either use your credit card to purchase some or play more to earn some. Either way, you will need to save up your coins to use in the shop to pay for things.

    The following are some of the things you can buy with your coins.

  • Beginning Mass

    For a brief amount of time you can either triple or double your beginning mass. That basically means at the beginning of every game you can get somewhat of a head start. This can go a long way towards obtaining bigger cell sizes, and make it a lot easier to snatch up smaller cells as you go.

  • XP Earnings Boost

    At the end of every play, you are awarded experience points. The XP value basically translates into extra coins. You can increase your XP earnings two or three times for an hour at a time. That is an excellent way of really boosting your coins whenever you are planning on playing for more than only a couple of minutes.

  • Skin Designs

    The game has some very cool skin designs that are available. You can either just choose the ones you like or unlock all of them. That enables you to personalize your cell so that you can stand out from all of the rest. During the game’s early stages most likely you will run into some of the skins that other players are using. That will provide you with some inspiration in terms of what you might want to do.

  • Additional Coins

    As previously mentioned, you can purchase extra coins to enable you to upgrade other features more quickly. You can spend from as low as $1.99 up to $99.99. However, if you don’t want to spend any money, you don’t have to. If that is the case, you just focus on playing the game and saving all of the coins that you earn in the process.

Tips And Tricks To Try

The very best tip is just to start playing. Get some game time in and become accustomed to the action appearing on your screen. You will learn quickly about different ways to help you avoid the larger cells gobbling you up and then things start to get very interesting. However, for some basic help to get you started, here are some useful tips.

  • Register Your Account

    Registering your account is the first thing that you need to do. Your Facebook account can be used to do this, which will save you needing to put in your email details and you won’t need to remember another password on top of all of the other ones you already have.

    After your account is set up, you can take full advantage of saved game play, party mode and free coins. You will be able to log in from any device and then just pick up from where you left off when you last played without losing any of your personalized features or upgrades.

  • Use Your Mouse Pointer

    It is much easier playing with your mouse than it is with a track pad. You will have much more precision and be able to change directions much faster. You might be able to get a track pad to work, however most people do struggle with this.

    The most important thing to remember is that your mouse pointer needs to be kept on your game screen. You lose control when it is moved off of the game screen, which can get very annoying. You just need to be sure you are playing in full screen mode. That will reduce the chances of that occurring.

  • Split Your Cell Strategically

    You can use the space key to split your cell. The split occurs for only a certain time period. You can use the action for both offensive and defensive moves. If you are near a cell that is much smaller and is about to escape, you can split and there is a good chance that one of your split cells can snatch the smaller one up.

    Or if you are about to be gobbled up by a bigger cell, you can split and attempt to escape with a split cell. This might help you avoid the game ending.

  • Capitalizing On Viruses

    Watch for prickly looking, green cells. Those are viruses and there are ways to capitalize on them. If the virus is larger than your cell, then you can avoid larger cells by hiding under it. If you are larger than the virus you could end up split into a number of different cells. Many times, the multi split will work against you, since it makes it easier for other cells to gobble you up.

Who Was The Game Designed By?

A Brazilian student named Matheus Valadares designed this game. Initially it was only released to one of the small gaming communities, however it fast became very popular. It fact, it became so popular that it appears on the television series House of Cards.

Since it was first introduced, it has expanded a great deal with new features being added. It is also now available as an Android and iOS mobile app. Another great thing is the same account can be used on all devices so you can play the game whenever you want to.

Start Playing This Game Today

Since JavaScript was used to design the game, it works with just about any browser. We also have the game available here on our website. You won’t have to go searching online for the most recent version. You also won’t need to worry about being on a bad server that could bring a ton of viruses along with it.

Using a safe website will make sure you enjoy the game a lot more. Just bookmark this page and any time you need a small distraction, just come right back.


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