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Whether you grew up in the 80s, or you were born in this millennium, it is unlikely that you haven’t heard of Tron. The reason for this is that the original movie from the 80s was a huge success. And then there has been a pretty good remake using modern technology.

In the 80s there was an equally popular arcade game that saw kids and adults queueing for a turn. Modern versions of the game have involved high end graphics and action play, which was a great success as well on games consoles.

But you might just want to go back to some simple gaming and see what all the fuzz was about in the 80s. The version of Tron available as an online Flash game is exactly that. Old school simple gaming that will have you addicted in minutes.

Keep reading this guide to find out what all the fuss was and is about.

What Is The Game Story?

If you haven’t seen the original or remake of Tron then you have missed out. Next chance you have to get a copy make sure you take it. Essentially, the story of the movie is about a games programmer called Kevin Flynn played by Jeff Bridges. Kevin used to work for a games company called ENCOM and now runs a video games arcade.

While he goes back to ENCOM to try and uncover some shady actions he gets ported into the ENCOM central computing system through a digitalization laser. Essentially, Kevin is now inside a computer system and a sci-fi adventure begins to unfold with a ton of action.

In this computer system Kevin meets other programs that look like humans and are enslaved to take part in a constant death race in so called light cycle matches. Kevin meets two other programs called Tron and Ram and they team up to defeat their opponents in the motorcycle style race on a grid system

After the defeat, they then escape the grid and embark on a quest to overcome the evil power that controls the computer environment. We’ll leave it there to avoid giving away too much. The important thing is that the part of the movie that features in the original arcade game is the light cycle races.

What Is The Tron Game About?

In the original arcade game, there was a really simple grid layout. You were in control of one light cycle, and there was a second light cycle on the grid as well. The same is the case with the new remake of the online browser arcade game.

Essentially you can move your light cycle in all directions. As you move along you will leave a trail of light behind. And so does your enemy. If you run into the edge of the grid or into a light trail then you are dead.

This becomes quite difficult as your enemy will try to trap you by strategically moving around and cutting you off. It is a game of fast reactions and reflexes to be able to advance even past the first few levels.

And it only gets more difficult from there.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are quite simple really. To start a level, you hit the space key and then the action pretty much starts. So, don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. As soon as the level starts you will see a small light move along the grid and you are heading straight for your enemy.

You must then use the arrow keys to move around and avoid crashing into light trails and the grid edges. If you end up side by side with an enemy you can try and cut her off and also trigger a turbo that will temporarily give you a speed boost.

As soon as you or your opponents crash the game is halted and the grid is refreshed. You have to beat your enemy 3 times and to restart the action after each crash you hit the space key again.

That all makes it sound so simple. But the action is fast and very difficult to time to perfections.

Special Game Features

There are a few game features that you should be aware of that will improve your experience especially when you are still getting used to the controls. Here are a couple of those special game features.

Number Of Lives

In this Tron game version, you start each level against an enemy where you both have 3 lives. Each time you crash you lose a life. When you are out of lives, it is game over and you have to start over.


Each time a grid is restarted you have 3 turbos that you can use. These are very powerful and should always be strategically used. If you are racing close to an enemy and you want to cut them off then hit the enter key to trigger the turbo. This will speed you up for a very short time and give you a distance advantage.

You might also need to use this defensively. If you see that your enemy is about to cut you off then you can trigger the boost. Sometimes you have to do that a few times in succession to really get ahead and out of danger.

Enemy Strength

Each time you beat the enemy in a level you will head to the next one. And this will bring on more powerful and skillful opponents. Your task as a Tron gamer is to keep up with the enemies and try to outsmart and play them.

In total, there are 6 levels to beat and they do become really difficult. The speed increases and you will very quickly find yourself boxed in. Don’t underestimate their abilities only to face a game over screen.

Tips And Tricks

Tip number one isn’t really a tip. It’s just that you should get started with this game and just play as much as you can. There is nothing that will get your skills improved more than actually playing the game. You will learn to improve your reactions and also see what the computer player does to beat you.

  • Box In Your Opponent

    The best way to succeed is to box in your enemy and give them nowhere to go. You can start trying this by creating larger boxes. But this will not give you a lot of space to move around yourself. The skill comes in creating a box that is quite small by trying to anticipate where your enemy will move to.

    They will react so be prepared for a lot of counter moves that can do you a lot of harm. This strategy is a lot harder to make work than it sounds.

  • Counter Moves In Tight Spaces

    If you find yourself boxed in through a move by your enemy then you have to try and make maximum use of the space. This means making a lot of U-turns and running along straight lines. This is very difficult due to the speed you move at, but with some practice you will work this out. It can buy you enough time to force the computer player to make a mistake.

  • Play In 2 Player Mode

    The cool thing is that you can play Tron in 2 player mode with a friend. It’s very addictive and you can spend a lot of time battling it out against each other. At the start of the game just select the 2 player option and you will be ready to go.

    You will both have to be at the same computer to do this and even use the same keyboard. The second player will use the WASD keys instead of arrows. And to trigger the turbo they will have to hit the tab key on the keyboard. The actions and goals are all the same as when you play against the computer.

Play It Right Here

At this stage, you have probably read enough to want to get going and see what 80s action gaming was like. The fully unblocked version of the game is available right here on this website and will only take a few seconds to load. It will run directly in your browser and really doesn’t take too much of a special set up.

Get started now and see how fast you can get to beat level 6 enemies.



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