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Create Laughter By Creating Your Own Memes

Have you seen the reactions of your friends and family to some of the memes on social media? Do some of them make you laugh so much that you cannot wait to show others? Then why not lead the way and create your own memes!

With our meme generator, you can create really cool and professional images that are ready to share on social media. You never know. One of your creations might go viral and attract millions of views on Facebook.

On this page you will find out all you need to know about what makes a great meme. You will also learn how to create your own. And within just a few minutes you will be ready to go. So, keep reading and enjoy the fun.

What Is A Meme?

A meme is essentially a visual image or video combined with text to show a certain idea or message. They are symbols of a cultural idea and often are very specific to certain groups. They can also be relevant to very large groups and entire populations.

In many cases, they are meant to be funny or thought provoking. Often, they bring across a message that is particularly relevant to things going on in society. And a meme being sent today, could be completely irrelevant in a month, week or even days’ time.

The popularity of memes has risen in the last 10 years. Mainly because social media has made it very easy and fast for them to be shared. Follow your Facebook or Twitter feed carefully. You will probably see them pop up several times a day. And then look for how many times they have been shared, liked and retweeted.

It can very quickly happen that certain memes go viral, spreading to millions of people around the world. And all this can happen in matter of hours. But more on the viral phenomenon shortly.

What Are Memes Used For?

Basically, the answer is: Anything you want! There really are no rules that you have to follow. You will find them everywhere and covering every possible social idea you can think of. Football, politics, friendship, gaming, vacations, health, the list just keeps going on. There are even designated Tuesday meme pages if you love or hate that day of the week.

If you want to send a message that is more likely to be read, then you can’t go wrong with a good old meme. There are millions to choose from and we can recommend a couple of places to search for ones if you need something quickly to share on Facebook.

Meme Center is possibly one of the largest data bases of images that have been encountered around the world. If you are looking for one with a specific message or idea, you will probably find it here. Every topic is covered and the most viral ones are easy to find.

Memebase is another such database. It has some of the funniest images you will find and there is a constantly changing feed. Almost any time of day you will see new ones added and you could spend hours reading through them all. The simple search feature helps you if you are in a rush to make a smart post on Facebook.

But sometimes you cannot find the ones that really bring your own message across. Or you want to create a very personal message to a friend or family member. In those cases, you need to create your own one.

Let’s take a look how you do that.

How Do You Create Your Own Meme?

If you have a good idea for a message or you want something personal, then there is only one way to do it. You have to get creative. There are two aspects to a meme: the image and the text. So far so good. Now you can’t just take any image you find on the Internet, as a lot of them are protected by copyright and trademarks.

Be careful which ones you choose, and always err on the safe side. Then you need a catchy message that maybe has a bit of humor or sarcasm attached. Or if it’s a political or social statement then make sure it packs a punch.

It’s best to come up with the wording first. Your text should always come first, as the image should in some way relate back to it.

Now you have to combine the two. One way to do that is to use photo editing software like Photoshop. But unless you are a graphic designer or photographer you might struggle with this approach.

That is why you should use our meme creator, which could not make the task any simpler.

How Do You Use The Meme Better Tool?

The tool has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you. You don’t need any graphic design skills and as long as you can type you are ready to go. Believe us, it is that simple.

First you head over to the tools page. You then have two options. Either pick one of the hundreds of images in the catalog. Or you choose one of your own. If you are starting out then just use one of those in our data base.

You simply click on the image and it launches the generator tool. You now have the option to enter two rows of text. As you type, the text will appear superimposed on the image immediately.  The longer the text becomes the more it will shrink the font size and will also split the text over multiple rows.

Once you are done you simply save the image and it is downloaded to your computer. What is really great is that the same works on mobile devices as well. It’s one tool and the image is simply saved to your phone or tablet.

There really is no way to make this simpler and you can avoid looking for tools that will do a better job. You are now ready to get creative and surprise your friends on social media.

Let’s take a look at how you can make some great memes.

What Makes A Great Meme?

When you use a meme maker, the technical side of things are taken care of. You don’t have to spend hours to figure out how to add text to an image. Then work out what size it needs to be. And finally save it in a way that you can easily share it with your friends.

The difficult thing is to come up with the right message and find a great image to go with it. The best approach is to just start writing ideas down. Then go over them a few times and add some humor or make it snappy. Your creativity and imagination are really the only limiting factor.

To come up with a great one, you have to stay up to date with what’s going on in the social world around you. And then you have to find a good image to go right with it. You can come up with countless different messages and designs. As long as you use a good tool and some quality images you will find it difficult to create something that isn’t great. But that does not mean it will go viral.

What Makes A Meme Go Viral?

What meme will be the next great hit? The answer to that is not easy. Some of the best ones were created with no intention of making them viral. There is no one recipe to success unfortunately.

But there are a few things you can do to help it along and make it more shareable.

If you use our meme generator then image size, quality and format is all taken care of. Once you save it, it’s ready to go and you can flood social media.

Focus on your message and try and be the first one out with it. Observe what’s going on in the world. That could be sport or politics, education or travel. If something hits the news that made you laugh, try and share it with a meme. Others may not be aware of it and will love sharing something that made them laugh.

The larger the audience is that would find it funny, the more likely it is to go viral. Sending something out about a funny thing that happened at your bonsai growers club is not going to make it very far.

Major sporting events have attracted some of the best viral images. Play close attention to something cool or funny happening. Was the result not what was expected? Or maybe there was an incredibly great gesture of sportsmanship.

These are the best ways to find something that is right there in people’s minds. And when they see a cool message with a funny pic they are going to be very likely to share it.

But just coming up with one idea and sitting with it will not be enough. You will likely need to come up with a few different messages and design some cool concepts. Then send them all out over a space of time. If you can get them in front of people with lots of followers then you have a good chance to go viral.

Some Of The Most Common Meme Topics

If you keep track of different types of memes you see on your social media feeds you will likely see a pattern. While some of them just seem random, there are a lot of them that fit into categories. We have listed out some categories that you might want to look up for inspiration.

Sometimes it can be very inspiring to look at memes in other categories. This will help with what kind of humor and message is working well. And you get to see how to best combine text and images. Here are some categories that are very popular at the moment.

WWE Memes

Wrestling is possibly one of the most entertaining sports out there. All the events are about putting on a big show. That makes it ideal for some amazingly funny memes. At pretty much any event you will find inspiration for a great idea.

Donald Trump Meme

Politics has become a really good subject matter. And the latest president is providing material on a daily basis ever since he started his campaign trail. It is almost impossible to create a bad one of these. But making it viral is a little more difficult.

Relationship Memes

People’s relationships constantly go through ups and downs. Even after the down periods it can be refreshing if you can laugh about it. Find some common things that people argue about and see if you can come up with a cool idea. These can even be targeted at both genders, but that does become a bit tricky.

Teacher Memes

For some reason a lot of viral ones are about teachers. They do encounter some very funny and bizarre situations so maybe that adds to the appeal. If you know teachers, then pay attention to the stories they tell. Other teachers will be able to relate to them and if it’s funny they will share it.

Fucked Up Memes

There are also those memes that are just bizarre and still make it all over social media. If you are starting out with memes this is possibly the most difficult one to get any traction with. If you really want to set yourself a challenge, then try it out.

Wine Meme

People love wine. And you can come up with some really cool ideas around wine These work especially well when published just before or after weekends. Beer works pretty well too, but for some reason those about wine are shared more. Try find some quotes by famous people to use.

Ford Memes

For car enthusiasts Ford has become an attraction for funny memes. If you do a quick search for this category you will find endless and hilarious ones out there. Not sure why Ford works so well, but you could try adopting some of the viral ones to other car makers.



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