Learn To Fly 3 Introduces Vertical Flight Mode

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As any gamer will appreciate, combining elements of strategy and action into one game makes for a memorable gaming experience. It is one of the hardest tasks of developing a game. Even harder though, is trying to infuse a great story into a game that has great action and strategy. More often than not, such games end up being underwhelming in terms of action and or strategy.

This is, however, not the case when it comes to Learn To Fly 3. The game bears all the hallmarks of being a proper strategy game, while at the same time offering ample action to excite players all through the various levels of game play. Additionally, the game comes with a great story line, which keeps the player adequately engaged all through.

From the onset of the game, you need to think a great deal about your strategy to use, all in an effort to set you up for success. However, when you start playing the game, you need to bring on board your gaming skills and the reflexes that gamers have as you will have to react to avoid different obstacles.

How To Fly A Penguin

The Learn To Fly series entails helping Pingu, a penguin, prove to the world that it is capable of flying. To this end, the penguin is strapped to a flying aid such as a rocket or glider. However, you have to guide the penguin to perform the designated task as each level has its own task. Nonetheless, one thing remains constant – the need to plan your take off perfectly.

On this page, we will explore everything you need to know about this captivating game. Therefore, read on to acquaint yourself with everything there is to know about the game.

The Game’s Objectives

The main objective is to get Pingu airborne and help him achieve the designated target for the level. To this end, you will have to control Pingu to avoid obstacles. Additionally, you have to plan and execute the launching mechanism and strategy carefully to set up Pingu for a great flight.

During the first few stages of the game, you will have to use a launching coil. Though ‘low tech’, the coil catapults Pingu vertically and from there you have to control Pingu’s movement. Additionally, you have access to boosters, which come in handy when you want to keep Pingu in the air for longer. During these first stages, you will not have many extra features as the aim is to acquaint the player with the basics of playing the game in its purest form.

Once you get the hang of it and unlock new stages, you also open new extras to aid you in playing the game. For instance, as the game advances, you will gain access to balloons, gliders, and rockets to launch Pingu. You have to pick your launching option carefully based on the objective of the stage.

There are stages where you are meant to fly as long (time-based) as possible while there are other stages where you are meant to fly as far as possible (distance-based). In this regard, playing the game is a balancing act between choosing the right technology for a given goal. There is also the issue of using the boost at the perfect time.

The Learn To Fly 3 Story

This game has an interesting story to accompany a captivating game. The Learn To Fly 3 story begins with Pingu at his computer. He receives an email that makes fun of him for his inability to get as far as space. Thereafter, the game takes you to the Penguin NASA complex where there are efforts to get a penguin to space.

The NASA part of the story ends with a dummy being sent to space. However, the launch fails, forcing Pingu to seek advice on the matter from a professor who advises Pingu on how to conduct the launch to space. Pingu then rushes home and sets up an intricate launching system.

Thereafter, you are taken to the very simple launching coil, which becomes the first technology that you use to launch vertically, unlike the older versions where you were launched horizontally. (If you fancy having a go at older versions of the game, the classic mode gives you access to the game.) As you progress, more sophisticated launching technologies are introduced for you to use to get to the moon, which is the ultimate target.

Controlling Pingu

For Pinguu to reach the moon, you will need to navigate and avoid obstacles. Controlling Pingu is quite easy. It is all a matter of moving him left to right or vice versa. However, the hard bit is the timing of the controls, which need to be perfect to avoid collision with the objects. Coming into contact with the object tends to slow down Pingu, which negates your chances of reaching the moon. Among the objects to avoid are clouds, planes, and satellites.

For left and right movement, you can use your mouse or your keyboard. For the most part, the keyboard tends to be the preferred input device. Nonetheless, you should try both devices and determine which of the two works best for you.

For the boost, while using the keyboard, you use the space key. On the other hand, when using the mouse, you use the right click. Either way, it is important to time the boost properly in order to take full advantage of the boost. When you use the boost early, it means that you will not have sufficient energy to get you to the right height.

In later stages, you also use the mouse button or the space key to launch you from the launch pad. Here the aim is usually to launch when the fluctuating pressure gauge indicates the highest pressure.

The Latest Features In Learn To Fly 3

Using the latest version, it is possible to obtain a completely new set of game features bringing you loads of fun. While it is still possible to use the older version on this website, the newer version is more fun and has a complete new game mode. Of course, it is still possible to play older stages in the newer version if you wish to do so. Next up is information on the latest features available to our users.

  1. Game Play Modes

    The new version provides the user with three main game play modes. If you have played the older versions, then you will want to enter the first story mode and this is where the new game play begins. In the classic and payload modes, you can find the older stages as in the previous versions of the game.

    • The Story Mode

      The new version presents anew game play that shifts to a vertical option. This means that you will need to begin playing from a new perspective and think outside of the box. In these first stages, you have a coil spring to become airborne and once you begin flying vertically you will need to avoid moving objects by moving left and right.

      Boost features are also available in the story mode, but it is best to wait until your power level is below the red zone before using this feature. As achievements are completed, more stages will be unlocked and an introduction to advanced technology allows you to fly higher than ever before.

    • The Classic Mode

      The classic mode presents the user with all the older version-style gaming and continues to be based on the horizontal type of play where you need to fly longer and further. If you have not played this game before, then this game mode is ideal to gain experience; however, if you have played previous versions, the classic mode may become boring and can be dull.

    • The Payload Mode

      This game mode set-up requires the player to attempt to fly further with an increasing weight load. The payload mode can be a challenging experience and is an enjoyable way to gain different achievements. You will need to upgrade your boost features and launch pads several times to become competent in this mode because it adds difficulty to the game. This is a very different mode from the others and is a good way to distract from the abovementioned modes.

  2. The Booster Packs

    While you are in flight, there are various types of boost features available. In the beginning, there is only one which can be triggered only once. However, as you advance in the game you will unlock more complex gadgets and different levels of boosting will become available.

    Powering up the booster packs is potentially one of the most significant ways to spend your game currency. For more advice on using booster packs, it is recommended you see the tips and tricks section.

    Using The Boosts

    When you have launched, you will notice a gauge at the bottom of the screen and this will inform you of your remaining power levels. It begins in the red area which is a warning pressure area; however, this is dependent on which stage you are using because they each offer different fuel levels on the gauge. A boost can last a few seconds and if powerful enough this is all you need to boost your power.

    The most significant fact to remember is that you should not trigger boosts without needing to. Wait for your current power and fuel level to fade out of the red area before triggering a boost. If you use the boost too soon, then you will waste the majority of the boost being provided. However, do not forget to use the boost or it might be too late once you have stalled.

  3. The Market Place

    There are two different ways a gamer can spend their earned game currency. The first is the regular market place seen at the beginning of each round. If you have enough game currency available, you will see the different items available for upgrade.

    Of course, there is also the second option that is the black market. The black market is the market offering things such as customizable gear for the penguin or new types of booster packs. The main consideration is to plan your purchases, rather than randomly selecting some. Do not spend game currency on silly items that you will not use or that will not help you advance in the game.

Different Tips And Tricks

In the tips and tricks section you will be able to gain different advice on how to advance through the stages quickly. If you plan the progression well and play continuously, then you will advance very quickly. The moon is one of the ultimate targets and it requires various upgrades to get there. But once you achieve that ultimate goal it will be worth the success. If you stick with the game and keep advancing with new upgrades then you will get there a lot quicker than most gamers do.

  • The Different Stages

    The stages in ‘Learn To Fly’ refer to the boosts available when your penguin is airborne – similar to the stages a rocket must go through before it can be launched by NASA into space. The boosts provided by the various stages are different and it is important to note that they will not all work in the different modes. For example, while a boost may work well for light loads it can be ineffective if a heavy load is being carried.

    Some of the most effective stages that can be unlocked are the cruise missile and sonic boost. They do not have much fuel, but the boost provided is outstanding. You will need to unlock and upgrade the stages continuously to fully succeed.

  • Launching Pingu

    The new version offers a plethora of different launchers. The launchers can be unlocked similar to other features by achieving a specific amount of flight height and time. You must hit the space key to trigger the launcher, but be aware that some of these launchers have fluctuating power gauges. To gain the most benefit from the feature, it is essential that the launcher is triggered when the gauge shows maximum power.

  • The Upgrades

    The newer version provides several items that can be upgraded including customized clothing, launchers and stages. Game currency must be earned to unlock the more powerful upgrades and while you might be tempted to keep upgrading all features it is recommended that you focus on upgrading a few features per stage.

Saving Your Progress

The beauty of playing this game is having to uncovering new technologies and challenges as you progress. Thus, saving your progress is very important to the enjoyment of the game. To this end, you can save your progress right here on our website. And that will allow you to pick up from where you left off whenever you play the game.

Additionally, you can also export your progress if you intend to play the game on different computers. In such cases, whenever you want to progress with the game on a different computer all you have to do is import the progress and continue. The export/import capability is also important in that it enables you to have a copy of your progress in the event the online saving mode becomes corrupted.

Start Playing Now!

If you are hooked on the thought of playing the Learn To Fly game series, you can start right now on this website. You need not worry about whether you will get to enjoy the full game as all features are available right here. Additionally, you do not have to worry about viruses as we have gone out of our way to ensure that you play this game with no risk of malware infections to your computer.


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