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How To Play Kingdom Rush Online And Beat Your Friends

Want to expand your gaming world to more strategy games?

Then you should not miss out on this one:

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a sequel to the highly successful original version. The game genre is a typical tower defense. What this means is that you have to strategically place your defenses along a path laid out in each level. Within a few seconds of each level starting you will see enemies moving along the path.

If too many enemies manage to get past and make it to the end of the path then it is game over. There are several games like it out there. But this tower strategy has been one of the most popular. It is available on iOS, Android and as a Flash game online.

With so many options you are a bit spoilt.

But one of the best ways to really enjoy the game is on your computer and large screen. This helps you to better see the graphical elements. And you are able to be a lot more precise in your tower placement.

So, here’s what you can do:

Keep reading to understand the game, and then start to play Kingdom Rush online right here on our website.

Let’s dig into some details first:

What Is Kingdom Rush About?

As already mentioned, it is a series of tower defense strategy games. In all these types of games you have to place towers along a path. Enemies will starting moving along that path. And they’ll try to avoid your defenses. They can do this by either taking different paths. Or they use some super powers.

These powers range from becoming invisible or camouflaged, to having extra armor that protects them. The towers you have available also have different powers.

So, what does that mean:

Essentially before you start a level you have to decide which towers you will need. Then you have to quickly decide where to place them.

Why is that?

Because your enemies will not wait until you are ready. Within seconds they will start moving along the path. And when too many of them reach the end its Game Over! To avoid that you need some good gaming skills.

Here’s the most important skills:

You have to be able to analyze a level quickly and identify the enemy troops within seconds. Then you have to be able to think quickly to decide where you will place your towers. Finally, you have to drag your towers into position before the enemies advance too fast.

Sounds simple, right?

In the early levels that is the case, but as you will find out this quickly becomes very difficult. Some of the later levels might even seem impossible.

How Has It Been Rated In The Gaming Community?

Kingdom Rush Frontiers as well as the original game have been very well received. Armor Games and Kongregate have both given them best rated game status and for very good reasons.

Looking at a combination of the story, game play and diversity throughout the game, you get a sense of how much effort was put into it. There is no way you will get bored with it any time soon.

In addition to those best game statuses you should look at other game critics out there. Metacritic rated it as 89 out of 100 and IGN gave it 90. Those are very high ratings and you’ll probably be in agreement within just a few levels of game time.

Now, you are probably interested in what the background story is:

The Kingdom Rush Story

At the end of the first game you would have defeated the dark wizard called Veznan. And basically, Frontiers picks up at exactly that moment in time. But a new evil nemesis has taken over the empty spot of the wizard.

The enemy’s name is Lord Malagar. And he has escaped into another region of the kingdom where he is hatching his plans and creating new ways to attack you. What you have to do is lead your troops and get through jungles and deserts, with mountain ranges adding more challenges.

As you play each level the entire story starts to unfold. Not to give away too much, but you do learn that the new Lord is not the leader of the enemies. He is rather out to revive the ultimate evil. And he will not stop for you to take your time.

Prequels And Sequels

Kingdom Rush Frontier is the sequel to the original game. The story line picks up right where the previous version ended. This is pretty standard for game like this. And the great thing is that a cool new story has been added.

You will also see this version referred to as Kingdom Rush 2. But what might be a little confusing is that there is a prequel thrown into the mix.

What is this prequel:

Essentially there is a third version of the game which was released in 2014. It basically sets up the game story which was already in place for the original one. The game designers probably thought that there was some of the story missing. Using this kind of game approach, you will get the full story from start to finish.

The good thing is that you can play all three games and not get bored. Deciding on what order you play them in is probably the most difficult task. It’s kind of like looking at the Star Wars series. Do you watch them in the order they were released in? Or do you go for the sequence of the story.

Ultimately that’s up to you. Either way, you will have hours of fun. And the stories are entertaining no matter what order you choose.

How To Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers

To play Kingdom Rush unblocked the first thing you need to do is to start a level. We have made the Flash version available right here on this website. So, there is no excuse for you not to try it out.

If you’ve played the previous version then you will have no difficulty getting to grips with this one. The controls are the same and the idea hasn’t changed either. What is different is that there are new enemies and towers that you have to learn about. Once you have those figured out you will be in a position to dominate.

To help you with the learning there are plenty of tutorials and explanations built into the game. When you unlock new features, you will be told exactly what they do and how they will help you.

Now, where does it all start:

Starting Out

When you start the game, you can select your difficulty level first. If you are already an advanced Kingdom Rush player, then why not make it a little more difficult from the start? But don’t worry, if you pick the wrong difficulty and you find it too easy or tough, you will be able to change it for each level you start.

You also select the game mode. By default, this is set to Campaign, which is the main story mode. In this mode, you have to clear a level to move onto the next. Once you clear a level you unlock the Iron and Heroic mode for that level. But this only happens when you get a 3 star rating for the level. It might mean trying levels a few times over.

These other modes give you a different set of challenges by introducing new enemies, more enemies and different tower options. Even when you complete levels, you can play them again in a totally different way. Great way to not get bored.

Completing Levels

At the end of each level you will be awarded a star rating. This depends on factors like what towers you placed and how many enemies survived the level. The minimum rating is 1 star, and a perfect execution will give you 3 stars.

Obviously, the aim is to get as many 3 stars as possible. It will become quite a challenge though in later levels. But that is where most of the fun is.

Now some info on stars:

Earning Stars

The different modes award you with different amounts of stars. In a campaign, you will get from 1 to 3 stars dependent on how many lives you have left at the end of the level. When you replay a level in Iron or Heroic mode you only have one life and can only earn 1 star. So, each level can give you up to 5 stars in the different modes.

Here’s what the stars are for:

You have to collect the stars in order to unlock different upgrades along the way. It will become impossible to complete levels without upgrades, so make sure you collect as many stars as possible.

There are many different upgrades to towers and spells and as you progress they will become more expensive. They will take anything from 1 to 4 stars, but you have to be wise about which ones you choose to upgrade. Some towers become more important than others.

If you notice some of your existing ones becoming less effective against the enemy, then it’s time to do some upgrading. Don’t let upgrade time be wasted by doing nothing.

Available Platforms

The best way to play Kingdom Rush Unblocked is on your computer using Adobe Flash. This gives you a large screen resolution and much more precision over tower placements using your computer mouse.

You can also play Kingdom Rush games on iOS and Android. These have been equally popular and it does mean you can play while you are away from your computer.

Try out the Flash game first and see for yourself. You can always switch to a mobile app later if you need to.

Tips and Tricks

If you are just starting out then make sure you follow the game tutorials. They walk you through the story and help you with your strategies. You will end up with a lot of enemies and towers. Knowing how they all interact will become a challenge. But that makes it so much fun.

Now for some tips:

  • Some enemies carry armor. This will require magic towers for success.
  • But then there are enemies with magic resistance, and these will require a ranged tower.
  • Some levels will have a combination of different enemies, and those enemies can take different paths. You then need to build multiple different towers and figure out where best to place them.
  • Sometimes enemies appear in large numbers. This will require artillery towers.
  • Some enemies have very heavy armor. This will require you to fully upgrade the magic tower to defeat them.
  • The same is the case for advanced enemies with magic resistance. You will have to get your ranged towers upgraded fast.
  • Don’t use your troops against the toughest enemies. They will just be wiped out and will let other enemies through before they recover.
  • Some enemies only do a little damage, but can temporarily deactivate your towers. These are best dealt with using Rain of Fire spells.
  • You can best use Rain of Fire against enemies that would just head right through your troops. Get the toughest ones out of the way first.

About The Game Designers

Ironhide Game Studio was started by three friends and they have had some great success. With 21 team members working on design and programming they have released all 3 of the kingdom games. As well as these you might have encountered Clash of The Olympians and Soccer Challenge World Cup.

Kingdom Rush Frontier is possibly one of their best creations to date. But don’t let that stop you from trying out the others. They will all provide endless entertainment.

Make Sure Your Flash Version Is Up-To-Date

Before you play any of the games on this website, you should make sure that your version of Adobe Flash is fully updated. Adobe Flash is a software platform that allows games to be played on Windows, Mac and Linux without needing a different version.

To get your update now, you can head over to the Adobe website and use the free version checking tool. This will tell you what you have installed. It will also give you a free download of the latest version. Just make sure you restart your web browser once it is installed.

And that is all you need. You are now ready to defend the Kingdom from evil.



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