Kingdom Rush

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Experience The Brand New Story Of Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Looking for a challenge in the world of strategy games? Look no further than Kingdom Rush Frontier.

The game is a sequel of the highly successful and popular Kingdom Rush. Its genre is that of a tower defense, which involves strategically placing tower defenses along a laid-out path in each level. Right after the onset of each level, enemies begin their march towards you along the path, meaning you have very little time to strategize. The goal is to avoid too many of your enemies reaching the end of the path. When too many get through, it is game over for you.

There are numerous games out there modeled the same. However, this one seems to have captured the imagination and attention of the vast majority of strategy game players. It has an Android version and an iOS version for mobile gaming. It also has Flash game online game, for computer gaming. With such a wide variety of choice, you won’t end up bored.

However, if you are looking to immerse yourself in the game, the Flash version is the best choice, especially with a widescreen. It gives you better graphics display, which makes the game all the more enjoyable. More importantly, it gives you better precision while placing the defenses. Read on to acquaint yourself with what the game is all about. You will also get some nuggets of wisdom on how to play the game to win.

The Challenge Of Kingdom Rush

As mentioned above, Kingdom Rush is a series of tower defense games. This means, you get to place towers along a path while the enemies focus on avoiding the defenses as they move along the path. As soon as the game starts, the enemies start moving with the aim of reaching the end of the path.

To aid their journey to the end of the path, the enemies can elect to use a different route, thus circumventing your defenses. Alternatively, they can use their special powers. Such powers include camouflage abilities, the ability to become invisible or enhanced armor which protects them.

Tip Number One:

Before the game starts, you have to decide the kind towers to use. Thereafter you need to quickly decide where to place the defenses to have the maximum impact along the path. By deciding what defenses you will place you can make a huge difference to the speed with which you succeed.

What happens next?

As mentioned, the enemies quickly advance on your positions along the path and if your defense tower placement strategy fails, and too many enemies reach the end of the path, it is game over for you. This means, you are successful, you need to be spot on with your strategy.

Important gaming skills you need have to succeed:

The most important gaming skill you need is speed and accuracy. You need to identify the enemy’s troops as fast as possible, usually within seconds. Thereafter, you need to decide where to place the towers. Accuracy comes in when you are moving the tower to your determined positions.

Things are not as easy as they seem!

At the early stages of the game, the difficulty level can be considered very easy. However, as you progress, things become tougher, with many levels becoming almost impossible to pass.

In the tips section you will find out how to make sure you upgrade in the most efficient way to give you better strategies.

What Rating Does Kingdom Rush Have In The Gaming Community?

The gaming community has overwhelmingly rated Kingdom Rush as among the few very good strategy games. Consider this; both Kongregate and Armor Games have placed the game among the best-rated games, which is no mean feat. Aside from stellar performances in Armor Games and Kongregate, the game has also received rave reviews with Metacritic, where it has been rated 89 out of a maximum of 100, and IGN where it has given a rating of 90.

Such ratings are not just arbitrary, they are well-deserved. Kingdom Rush’s gameplay, storyline, and diversity throughout the game is impeccable. A lot has been put into giving the players ample suspense and excitement.

But to understand what makes this game special, you need to look at its story.

The Story And The Storyline

The first version, Kingdome Rush ends with you defeating the dark wizard going by the name Veznan. Kingdom Rush Frontier is a continuation, picking up where the previous game ended.

However, you have to battle a new adversary, Lord Malagar who has risen to fill the void left by the defeat of Veznan. Lord Malagar has taken to another region of the kingdom, from where he is planning attacks on your kingdom. Consequently, you have to lead your troops through deserts and the jungles, passing through mountain ranges to reach him.

As the game progresses, you will realize that that Lord Malagar is not the true enemy but rather he is just trying to revive the ultimate evil. You’re task is to stop him from succeeding.

The Prequel And Sequel

In some ways, Kingdom Rush Frontier is considered as the Kingdom Rush 2 as it picks up from where the original one began. The continuation of the game in such a manner is quite standard and many players have the added benefit of exploring the new story. However, the prequel is quite confusing to many people.

Kingdom Rush does indeed have a prequel that was released in 2014, which set up the story for the original game. In some regards, the prequel helps to tell the entire story giving players a complete picture from start to finish.

With this in mind, if you are looking to play Kingdom Rush for the first time, you start the games from the first one.

However, choosing which game to start with may prove quite challenging, just like it is with deciding on how to watch Star Wars. You might opt to play depending on the year of release. Or you play by following the storyline. Whichever way you choose, you are assured that you will not get bored.

Getting Used To Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The first thing that you will need to do in order to play Kingdom Rush unblocked is to begin a level. We have the Flash version available here on our website. So, you really don’t have any excuses to not give it a try.

If you have played the earlier version then you won’t have a hard time getting used to this one. The main concept hasn’t changed and the controls are still the same as well. What is different with this version is there are new towers and enemies that you need to get familiar with. After you have figured them out then you will be able to dominate the game.

There are plenty of explanations and tutorials built directly into the game to help you learn. Whenever you unlock a new feature, you are told how they can help and what they do.



So, where does it all begin?

Getting Started

When you begin the game, you first can choose your difficulty level. If you are an advanced Kingdom Rush player already, why not make things a bit hard from the very beginning. Don’t worry, if you choose the wrong difficulty and discover it is too hard or easy, you can change it for every level that you start.

You can choose the game mode as well. It is set to Campaign by default, which is the major story mode. Within this mode, you need to clear a level in order to move to the next one. After you have cleared a level you unlock the Heroic and Iron mode for that level. However, that only occurs once you have achieved a 3-star rating for this level. That may mean you have to try levels a couple of times.

Other modes will give you different challenges to face through introducing different tower options, more enemies and new enemies. Even after you have completed a level, it can be played again in a completely different way. So, it is an excellent way to keep from getting bored.

How To Complete Levels

You are given a star rating at the end of every level. It will depend on various factors such as how many enemies have survived the level and what towers you were able to place. Perfect execution earns you 3 stars and 1 star is the minimum rating.

The aim is of course to earn as many 3 stars as you can. In later levels this becomes quite challenging. However, that is also where a majority of the fun is. Here is some information on the stars:

How To Earn Stars

You are awarded various amounts of stars by the different modes. You receive 1 to 3 stars in a campaign depending on the number of lives you have remaining once you get to the end of that level. Whenever you replay a level in Heroic or Iron mode you have only one life and only can earn 1 star. So, in the different levels you can earn a maximum of 5 stars on each.

Here’s how to use the stars:

Stars need to be collected to unlock different upgrades as the game progresses. Without upgrades it will get to the point where it is impossible for you to complete levels, therefore be sure to earn as many stars as you can.

There are numerous upgrades to spells and towers and they become more expensive as you continue to progress. They take from 1 up to 4 stars, however you need to be smart about which ones you decide to upgrade. There are some towers that end up being more important compared to others.

If you start to notice that some of your existing towers become less effective against your enemies, then it is time for you to upgrade. Don’t waste your upgrade by not doing anything.

Available Platforms

Using Adobe Flash on your computer is the best way for you to play Kingdom Rush Unblocked. It provides you with large screen resolution along with more precision over your tower placements through the use of your computer mouse.

Kingdom Rush games can also be played on Android and iOS. They are a great option to be able to play the game even when you are away from your desktop computer.

Try the Flash game out first. If you really need to you can always use a mobile app later on.

Tips and Tricks

When you are first getting started be sure to follow the directions and advice in the game tutorials. They will guide you through the story and provide assistance with your strategies. You are going to end up with lots of towers and enemies. It will become challenging knowing how all of them interact. But that is also what makes this game so fun.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Some of your enemies will be carrying armor. To succeed you will need magic towers.
  2. Some enemies have magic resistance, and you will need a ranged tower for them.
  3. There are levels that have a combination of different enemies, and the enemies are able to take different paths. For this, you will need to build several different towers and determine where you should place them.
  4. At times there will be large numbers of enemies that appear. Artillery towers will be needed for this.
  5. Some of your enemies will have really heavy armor. To defeat them will require you to completely upgrade the magic tower.
  6. The same is true for advanced enemies that have magic resistance. You need to get your ranged towers upgraded quickly.
  7. Don’t use your troops against your fiercest enemies. All they will do is get wiped out and other enemies will be let through before there is a chance to recover.
  8. Some enemies will only do a small amount of damage, but are able to deactivate your towers temporarily. The best way to deal with them it to use a Rain of Fire spell.
  9. Rain of Fire can best be used against enemies that go right through your troops. That way you can get rid of the toughest ones first.

Who Are The  Game Designers

Three friends started Ironhide Game Studio, and they have achieved great success. They have 21 team members that work on programming and design, and they have released 3 Kingdom games. You may also come across Soccer Challenge World Cup and Clash of The Olympians.

Kingdom Rush Frontier is definitely among their best creations so far. However, you should try out the others as well. Endless entertainment is provided by all of them.

Be Sure To Keep Your Flash Version Current

Before playing any games on the website, you need to be sure you have a fully updated version of Adobe Flash on your computer.  The software platform Adobe Flash allows you to play games on Linux, Mac and Windows without needing to have a different version.

Head on over to Adobe’s website to get your update and use their free version checking tool. That will let you know what is currently installed on your computer. There will also be a free download available of the most current version. After installing it be sure that you restart your web browser.

That is all you need. Now you are ready to start defending the Kingdom against evil.




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