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Beat The Impossible Quiz With New Game Ideas

Have you been as addicted as so many others to The Impossible Quiz? Chances are you haven’t managed to succeed yet. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. On this page, we have put together some introduction information to the game. You will also find some tips and tricks and some great alternatives to keep you entertained and distracted if you get frustrated with the quiz questions.

And it is incredibly likely that you fail endless times and even take steps back. You might quickly advance to question 50, only to keep failing on question 20 on the next attempts. But don’t give up. The reward for eventually getting to the end is fantastic.

What Is The Impossible Quiz About?

The Imposible Quiz is a game where you are presented with over 100 questions. The questions are set up to trick you. They contain many puns and hidden meanings. And there is a lot double negative wording built in as well. It’s not so much a challenge to your general knowledge skills. But much more about how quickly you can understand the question and what is really being asked. If you get three answers wrong you have to start over. And this will happen very quickly.

The difficulty of the questions varies from level 1 to 10. But the difficulty of questions doesn’t gradually increase. They appear in an almost random fashion. So, you could have a couple of relatively easy questions followed by an absolutely tough one.

We’ll get into some more game play tips in a moment.

What Is New In The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 has been a great update and it brought some cool new features. It looks a lot cooler and the overall interaction has been modernized a bit. There are now 120 questions. So there are ten more than before. That makes it a lot harder again.

In the Impossible game 2 you now also have a new power up. In some questions, you will see a bomb with different length fuses. When the bomb goes off before you answer the question, you lose all your lives.

You can still collect skips that allow you to skip a question altogether. But you also get fuse stoppers. These allow you to defuse the bomb altogether giving you more time to answer.

How Do You Play It?

While we are still waiting for updates on the Impossible Quiz 3, the second version is an amazingly addictive game. With each question, you have 4 possible answers. One of them is correct. But the questions and answers are designed to trick you.

Each time you go through the questions, the wording will also change just enough to have to really think about it again. Do I pick the negative or the double negative? Do I really understand what is being asked this time?

That means that you can’t just write down the answer and select the right one the next time round. That’s why it has impossible in the name. The skips and fuse stoppers are a great help. But you should save them up for later questions. Once you get to around the 100 level, things get very tough. Having some skips available will go a long way.

Tips And Tricks

The best tip is to play it often and play it a few times in a row. It will likely take you months to succeed. But don’t give up. You will get better at quickly understanding the true meaning of the questions.

You can write down some answer or take some screen shots to help you practice a little. This will help and you don’t always have to start at the beginning.

Are You In Need Of A Change?

If you have been playing it for a while then you might have got to a stage where you are getting stuck. There is no point getting totally frustrated and annoyed with the game. Sometimes it’s just best to take a little break. To help you find some distractions we have put together this list of excellent games that will give you hours of entertainment.

There is something for the strategy and shooting gamer as well as jump and run fans. Check out the list and try out some of the games.

1 – Learn To Fly

Of all the games on this list, you have to try out this one. It has the most fun story attached and the graphics are a good laugh as well. The story is that you play a penguin who is trying to prove that he can fly.

But this is only possible with the help of rockets and gliders and you have to unlock ever better models as you get through the levels. Each level also sets a different task. Sometimes you have fly for at least a certain time. This means picking a good glider and using the booster sparingly.

Other times you have to fly for longer distances. This might take a rocket and glider combination. And then there is the challenge to get to the moon. Rockets are the only way to achieve this. But as you fly you also have to avoid obstacles. The more you steer the less time you can fly, so be careful with your moves.

2 – Run 3

For the classic jump ’n run fan, this is a must try game. You play a small alien who has got lost in space while on an exploration trip. To get back to the home planet you have to guide him through a set of tunnels with obstacles in the way. You control by moving left and right and jumping over holes and obstacles.

This might seem simple but all this happens at high speed. And sometimes you encounter gaps that are too far to jump. So what do you do? The answer is simple. You make gravity shift by touching the sides of the geometric platforms.

This causes the screen to twist and the side becomes the floor. Sometimes this is the only way you can get through a level. It’s very important that you learn to use this feature from the very start. The reason is that you will need it a lot in the later stages.

3 – Strike Force Heroes

Some days you just want to shoot at stuff and make things explode. Strike Force Heroes is just that game, but you should be aware that the controls can be difficult to get used to. There are many key combinations to learn. And different weapons have different triggers as well.

But the game play for each level is great. You have to clear each stage of enemies. And to do so you have to pick your weapons for each challenge. Some weapons are useless against certain enemies. And this takes some strategy learning.

You will also want to pick your fights wisely. Sometimes it’s better to use stealth than high explosives. Overall, this is a great game that will bring you hours of entertainment. And there are great YouTube clips to help you out when you get stuck.

4 – Happy Wheels

How much fun is this game? In the rag doll world, there is nothing more funny and gruesome at the same time. At the beginning, you can choose from 3 characters with different vehicles. In each level, you can select a different one. And then the action starts. You use the arrow keys to move and the space key to jump. When you crash into things or fall off platforms, then your doll gets damaged. Small cuts and amputations are all possible and there is a certain level of graphic content.

But it’s all in a cartoon like setting so it’s not too gruesome.

As you complete different levels you will get to unlock hidden ones and also new characters. This makes it very entertaining as you can play each level in so many different ways. It also becomes a challenge to either get to the end undamaged. Or you can try and cause as much mayhem as possible. Either way, it is a lot of fun.

5 – Return Man

Football fans will love this game. It is relatively simple in that you have to play the return man. This involves first catching the ball by moving towards a yellow circle on screen. Once you have the ball you get to run.

The controls are simple in that you move from side to side and try to avoid being tackled. The aim is to get to the goal line and score a touchdown to win. But there are many obstacles along the way. First of all, the defenders will try and take you down. But then the weather conditions can go against you as well.

On snow and ice you are likely to slip. The same goes for mud and this can happen a lot. Your own players will try and help you by blocking defenders, so make sure you stay close to them. And look out for the lightning symbols on the pitch. These will give you a speed boost to get past your opponents.

6 – Kingdom Rush

This is one of those strategy games that you will keep coming back to. Set in a fantasy world you have to help your kingdom to defend against different enemies. You do this by placing your defensive towers along the path the enemies take. These paths become complex and you never know which turn they will take.

You have many towers to choose from. They all have different powers to help against the enemy. These also have different powers that will either take out a tower or just simply allow them to sneak by unharmed. If too many get to the end you lose and have to start the level over again.

It is quite a simple game at the start but the levels quickly become complex. It’s certainly a great way to get away from the impossible quiz.

7 – Geometry Dash

This is a game for the electronic music fan. Each level is accompanied by some serious beats and you will really get into the dance rhythm here. The graphics are simple and the aim is as well. You play a small geometric object that you can choose at the start.

You cannot directly control the speed or direction of the game. You always move from left to right. And the speed only changes if you hit a speed portal. All you really have to do is hit the space key to jump over obstacles. As soon as you crash you have to start over on the level.

From the very first seconds this is quite a difficult task. You have to time things to perfection. The best thing to do is to study the beats of the music. These are always in some way aligned with the objects and the timing of your jumps. Try it out and see how much fun you have with millions of levels made by players like you.

8 – Gun Mayhem

Another cool shoot ‘em up game is Gun Mayhem. With each level cleared you get access to new weapons. And you will need these as you progress. Each level is a platform where you encounter enemies that are out to kill you. If you take too many hits you get killed and you also have to avoid falling off the platform.

But these things can go to your advantage as well. Shoot down individual enemies or throw bombs at groups of them. This helps to clear a lot of them in one go. The blast can easily push them off the platform. But if you stand too close to the bombs going off you will take a hit yourself.

It’s a pretty simple shooting game. But a lot of fun at the same time.

9 – Get On Top

Virtual wrestling cannot be made any simpler than with this stick figure game. On screen, you will see two characters that are trying to wrestle each other. It’s a two-player game where your opponent has to be sitting at the same keyboard. There is no virtual and Internet connection possible.

Pushing and shoving and defending is all you can really do. You win when your opponent hits the ground and their head and back touch the ground. It’s a great way to settle some rivalries between friends and family.

What makes this so much fun is that it all becomes a game of physical distraction where you try to make your opponent laugh or otherwise make a mistake. Trash talk becomes king and the more you can get them away from the keys the better your chances to win. But be careful of your competitive nature. It will be challenged a lot.

10 – Bloons Tower Defense

This is the ultimate tower defense strategy game out there. The story is great. The controls are simple. The graphics are cool. Overall, just a cool game to play. You are helping the monkeys to defend themselves against their mortal enemies known as the bloons. These are small balloons that terrorize the innocent monkeys.

By placing your tower defense in specific locations along the game path at each level you can pop the enemy. Each tower has a special power that you will need. That is because the bloons have their own super powers that make them immune against some of your defenses.

The early levels are very simple, but it quickly becomes a really tough game to figure out. Your strategy skills will be important here.

With any of these games you will get enough distraction and fun. You can spend hours finding new gaming skills that you can use in all types of other games as well.



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