Introduction To Wasteland Siege Tower Defense

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These days tower defense games are very popular. Some have even been able to attract millions of players. These games combine fast thinking with strategy. For some extra fun, some even have some action gaming that is added in.

The entertainment level can be kind of hit and miss on some of the tower defense games. And frequently they are the same game play but using different scenes. If you have discovered this to be true, then you need to find something that gives tower defenses an entire new twist.

Wasteland Siege is a totally new game for this genre. It is also called Apocalyptic Tower, so don’t mistake them as two different ghames. The major difference is that instead of placing numerous towers along a path for defending against enemies, you only need to build one tower. To take your attackers out the tower needs to have some defensive guns strategically placed.

To learn more about this excellent game and get somewhat of a head start on it, continue reading this guide to learn some excellent tricks and tips along with some very useful information.

An Introduction To Wasteland Siege

The first thing to note is that the latest version of Wasteland Siege is called Apocalyptic Tower, but basically, they are the same thing. We will continue to refer to it as Wasteland for the purposes of our guide here.

In the game, you need to build a tower and control it in order to help defend against some very evil enemies. It has a very simple game scene. Either your tower is at one side or in the center and enemies come at you in numerous sizes and shape and come in waves. When they get to your tower, they potentially can cause plenty of damage to it.

500 total hits per level can be taken. There is a health indicator at the top of the screen in the center that you can see while you are playing. Just realize that various kinds of enemies can inflict different kinds of damage. That means you may need to set a priority which of your enemies you need to first focus on.

You are defeated after you have taken too much damage and will need to try again. At every level, you are awarded points which depend on how effectively and quickly you are able to defend yourself. Each level has a star rating that goes from 1 up to 3. You are always able to go back to levels that you were unable to get all of the points on.

The game begins at each level with only a tower base. On each challenge, you then need to add levels, and two shields or guns can also be added. There are a number of different kinds of guns. You need to determine which ones will work the best against the enemies you are defending against.

Some, such as lasers work really well on armor, however they don’t work on energy shields. There are others that work very well on energy shields but don’t work on armor.

The key is learning what kinds of enemies you are going to be encountering. At times, you want to have canons and machine guns, while at other times you will want to have lasers. There are other levels where the right combination of the two will be needed along with some additional defenders and shields of your own.

That is where tactics and strategy come into the entire equation. It does take quite a lot of learning, however after you have figured your enemies out, you will be able to get your strategies perfected very quickly.

With every level that you finish the next level can be unlocked and you will have extra gun options as well. The more guns you have the easier it will be for you to shoot the enemies down. However, you will need to work on spending stars that you earn as well to upgrade defensive and offensive equipment at the shop.

The real good thing here is that the levels help you ease into various strategies and there are numerous new defenses and enemies for you to learn about. You definitely will be returning for more.

How The Controls Work

The game’s controls are very simple. You use either the trackpad or mouse to move around your pointer and click on the trackpad button or mouse to make your selections. The space key will also need to be used to pause the game whenever you are trying to add on more guns and levels to your tower.

Once the game begins you can direct the lasers and bullets towards your enemies. That is only done for guns that are controlled manually. There are some kinds of guns that keep shooting automatically at the closest enemy.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can only point your manual guns so that they fire in just one direction. This direction is where the mouse pointer is. That means you are unable to attack multiple targets simultaneously. That makes it very entertaining, but also a lot harder.

You need to watch continuously to see what your enemies are up to, and what they are closest to. It becomes quite difficult to balance this, especially whenever they are coming from both sides at you.

Special Features

Some very cool features have been added by the designers that help you keep the entertainment level high. The more you are entertained, the less likely you will get bored. The following are some features to watch for when you start playing the game.

  • Game Upgrades

    There are a number of upgrade options with Wasteland Siege. The upgrades can be accessed on the tab underneath the level choices. There are three categories called Survival, Management and Devastation.

    Under Devastation you can upgrade guns in order to make them more effective and less expensive to buy. The guns are made more effective by management and increases your chances of being able to hit your targets and also increases the chances of your enemies being stunned by them. Survival includes items that can help increase your armor and the guards you can select to protect you.

    The best approach to take is just focusing on a couple of items to upgrade, instead of spreading your spending across all of the different ones. Whenever you have a couple of very effective defenses that will provide you with a much bigger advantage compared to having a ton of smaller upgrades.

  • Awards Section

    Make sure to check your awards section at all times. As you earn awards they will be flashing and there is also a small star. Click on the awards you earn and the stars will be added to your personal collection. You can then use the stars to upgrade more defenses.

    There are some very simple awards such as your first kill. Also, there are awards for your first 200 kills and for defeating some very large enemies. Watch out for those targets and see how fast you can get all of the awards. That will really help your progress a great deal.

  • Tower Guards

    There are doors at the base of the tower that can be clicked on to add a guard who will stand on duty. Several guards are available. They vary in their armor and effectiveness. You will need to choose them wisely just like you do with the guns. There are certain powers that your enemy has that can overcome your guards and at times you need to have a good overall balance of various guards for dealing with your different enemies.

  • Enemies

    The game has numerous enemies in it, and like other features, you unlock them gradually. You always will run into ones that are called Psycho. There are also kamikaze birds, robo spiders, kamikaze rats along with a jetpack Joe. Some are ground based, and others come flying right to you. All of them have various levels of protection and can inflict certain amounts of damage whenever they are too close.

    Some of the enemies are very powerful. For instance, the robo spider boss is gigantic and has a shield that is able to absorb incoming shots and restore some health. However, the basic idea is shooting at your enemies as much as possible until all of them are gone. When you are able to do that without too much of your health being lost, then you get awarded with more stars.

Wasteland Siege Game Tips To Make You A Better Gamer

Who doesn’t want to be better at their favorite top notch games? Wasteland Siege is a game that has been extremely popular and for good reason. This can be an extremely fun game but also a challenging one, as well. Whether you’re a completely new player or one who has been playing a while, following the tips and tricks in this article will help make you a better player!

  • Playing Time Matters

    You can study as much as you want, read all the strategy guides, but just like in real life, time invested really matters. Just pure playing time will help you get better. Don’t expect to be great early, but commit to putting in the hours. As you become comfortable with the game then every tip and strategy you read and practice will become all the more effective.

  • Sprint To Build The Tower

    There’s only so much money for guns and guards, especially on the early levels. Spending your money intelligently is crucial. You need to survive the early rounds, but you have to balance that with building up to the future waves. Building the tower allows for more guns and guards – so don’t ignore building that tower up early because it’s much harder to ramp up if you fall behind.

    The sooner you can get a fully set up tower, the better. This allows you to really focus on strategic guards that give you the full ability to really ramp up the firepower and protect your position.

  • Think Strategically About Your Gun Choices

    You don’t want to go with just one type of gun. The reason for this is simple: think about the enemies that will be attacking you. They have various strengths and setups, but most important is the fact that their defenses will be in one of two forms: armor or energy field. The type and numbers of enemies that are marching towards you will determine what type of guns you need to stock up on.

    Laser cannons, for example, work great against armor. So, when you have enemies that rely on armor for defense like robo spiders, more laser cannons mean you will be able to cut through them with no issue at all. The problem is that if you have tons of laser cannons, they are not good at all against any enemies with energy fields. For those types of enemies, you need regular cannons and machine guns.

    The more mixed the groups of enemies coming, the more balanced your mix needs to be. That being said, you will need to match the types and mix of guns based on the mix of enemies. Often times the most important part is making sure the order of the lasers and machine guns and cannons are set up in a way to give you a constant barrage that can handle the mixed groups. While this can be a challenge, thinking a bit ahead instead of just reacting will give you a big leg up.

  • Take Advantage Of Free Stars

    There are actually a couple of ways that you can earn yourself free stars, and you really will want to take advantage of these. Before choosing a level, there are tabs with a star icon and if you click on these you can gain free stars by sharing the game on your Facebook or Twitter feed. It is simple, it is quick, and it gives you a massive advantage when getting upgrades to make your base more powerful.

    While four stars might not sound like a lot, when you see what a huge difference those upgrades can make especially in those early levels where money is scarce and every little bit of help can make the difference between victory and defeat. Don’t underestimate the power that having those upgrades can give to you in early game play!

Check & Optimize Your Adobe Flash

Sometimes the best tips are all about the technical setup. Wasteland Siege is based on Adobe Flash and that can be a good thing, but it also means the game only comes in one programmed form that should work on all computers. However many computers and browsers have started making it harder to support Adobe, so check all your settings before getting started so you know that it will run smoothly and continuously without issue.

While Adobe Flash is a free program, there are many versions of it and being fully updated with the most recent version and making sure all your settings are set up to use and run it, will help you get the most out of your experience and enjoy it!


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