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HexGL is a futuristic, fast-paced racing game built by Thibaut Despoulain using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL and a tribute to the original Wipeout and F-Zero series. No need for flash, this game works fluidly and fast without the bloat of shockwave.

Use the left/right arrows to steer, A and D keys to use air brakes, and the up arrow key to accelerate.

The gaming world of futuristic racers has long brought gamers a lot of fun. For years, there have been high speed games with really cool graphics. Sony’s Wipeout has been a massively big hit on games consoles. And now modern technology is bringing this type of gaming to even more devices.

If you want to take a peek into the future of online gaming and what could be ahead then HexGL Racing is exactly what you need to try out. Built on the latest in Web technology it brings amazing graphical experiences even on mobile devices.

In this futuristic racing game, your reflexes and gaming skills will be tested. At first it might seem like a really simple task, but you will soon figure out how difficult it can be.

Keep reading to find out what it will take to succeed. And you’ll get the latest version of the game running right here on this website as well.

What Is Hex GL Racing About?

The easiest way to explain this game is to say that it is very similar to Sony’s Wipeout series of games. In these futuristic environments, you are in control over a spaceship style vehicle. HexGL is pretty much a clone of Wipeout and if you have it on your PlayStation then you will see some pretty amazing similarities.

But the cool thing is that Hex GL doesn’t require an expensive games console and is completely free to play. It certainly doesn’t have the whole story and countless levels. But that is not the point of the game at all. There will be more on the technology and the developer further down this page.

In this racing game, you only have one track and one vehicle to choose from. This is limited, but as a result you do focus on the action a lot more.

And this is what the action is about:

You are set up in a 3D world with a race track ahead of you. There are boundaries at each side and when you crash into them you will slow down a lot. But, you will also take damage whenever you crash. Once you take too much damage you will see a message on screen that says: Destroyed! At that stage, you will have to start over again.

The aim is to make it around the track for 3 laps in as short a time as possible. There is no time limit, but you cannot take too much damage either. So, it becomes a careful balance between high speed and avoiding crashes.

When the game starts, you will see a few things at the bottom of the screen. From the center to each side there is a speed gauge. This will indicate what speed you are going at. There is a maximum speed that you can achieve with the controls. But even at that it can become difficult to avoid crashing.

The other gauge around the speed number is your damage indicator. This starts full at 100 and every time you crash it a little bit of the indicator will disappear. Once this runs down to empty you will have taken too much damage to continue. It effectively means game over.

How Do The Controls Work?

The great thing is that the technology is designed to work on many different platforms. And this also allows you to use different input technologies. If you have a full gaming set up on your computer or just want to have a go on your tablet, you’ll be all set with this game.


The controls for the keyboard are really simple. You use the left and right arrows to steer and the up arrow to increase speed. The throttle is your friend here, but it will take some time to get used to the speed. And reacting to turns will take some getting used to.

You will also have to use the air breaks with the A and D keys. These will slow you down, but you have to be aware of what will happen. There is a left and right air break. If you just hit the key for one of them, you will also turn in that direction. And that can quickly cause you to crash.

Once you get really good at the game you’ll probably use the air breaks to steer in most tight corners. But they do take some practicing.


You can also use the touch screen on your phone or tablet to achieve the same thing. Moving left and right on the screen will trigger the steering and forward will give you speed. It’s not as easy as the keyboard and you will likely have the best immediate results on a computer keyboard.

Leap Motion Controller

If you are a serious gamer and have your computer set up with a leap motion controller then you can use your hands to take control. With one hand you can move left and right, while the other moves up and down. This is a great way to feel the controls and you will have some good fun this way.


If you have the latest and greatest game pad then you can achieve some amazing results. The controls for steering are the arrow buttons on the left and on the right the bottom button will accelerate. The L2 and R2 buttons at the front will trigger the air brakes. Pretty simple set up and something that Wipeout gamers will be used to.

Tips And Tricks

This is not an easy game to play. It will take you a while to really get the feel for it. And avoiding the barriers, especially at high speed, is very difficult. You can check out some YouTube clips of how some real pros have got the hang of it. But here are some tips to get you going.

Use The Brakes

It might not seem very intuitive, but using the brakes is very important. There are many corners that you simply cannot take if you don’t slow down. One thing you might end up doing is keeping one finger on the throttle, while the other triggers the breaks. This will mean that you get back up to speed immediately after the corner.

You can also use the breaks for just one side to help you steer more aggressively into a left or right hand corner. It will take practice, but after a while it will come natural.

Speed Boosts

Take these every time they are available. They will immediately bring you up to max speed. You will see brightly colored arrows pointing in the game direction. As soon you directly pass over one you will see a difference.

The great thing is that they increase the maximum speed for the remainder of the game. So even if you crash after a speed boost, you will still be able to speed up to that max power level. Some of the speeds become crazy though, and you will not want to keep you finger on the accelerator for too long.

Supported Hardware

You will see some information about the technology used below. But essentially you will need a computer, tablet or phone that supports HTML5 and WebGL. WebGL is a graphical software that runs in your web browser. If the game page doesn’t fully load then your device is probably not compatible. And this can happen with quite a few mobile devices.

You should also know that top graphics speeds can only really be achieved on laptop and desktop computers. The frames per second required for the highest quality setting are just too much for the majority of mobile device processors.

Who Created It?

What is difficult to believe is that this game was thought of, designed and coded by one single computer science student. There is no team of developers with a huge research budget. Thibaut Despoulain is a French student who has wowed the gaming world.

He most definitely has a great career ahead in the gaming industry. If this is what he can do as a student, imagine what he’ll be able to achieve once he can work on these things full time.

Why HTML Gaming Makes A Difference

The underlying technology is HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL These are constantly improving software systems. And the combination of the three is making some amazing graphics possible. And all that will happen right inside your web browser. And when you think that 20 years ago, being able to watch a simple gif animation in a browser was cool, then it really puts this into perspective.

This does mean that the device you are on will have an impact on how well this game will perform.

The more powerful the hardware you have the higher the framerate you can choose. Ideally you want to be able to dial it all the way up to 60 frames per second to really enjoy what HexGL has to offer. And you can do this by choosing the high-quality setting at the start of the game. If your game play starts to stutter a bit, then you’ll need to dial it down to mobile.

Games like this will hopefully set a trend in the online gaming world. Adobe Flash is great. But graphics and the speeds that WebGL offer are simply lightyears ahead of anything else. Just a few years ago, these types of graphics and game interaction would only have been available on high end games consoles. But now you can even have them on mobile devices.

Check out this game for at least a few hours of entertainment.


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