Ultimate Guide To Mastering Head Soccer

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Soccer and gaming fans like to play a lot of the high-end soccer console games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. These are some of the most brilliant games, as they are fun to play, and very enjoyable when playing against your friends.

Nonetheless, sometimes you might find yourself in the mood to play something simple. Something that has a little learning curve. When not much skill and experience is required in a game, it makes it much easier to play and compete among friends. In many cases, soccer games have steep learning curves and can take time to get good at. As such, it might be difficult to beat some of your friends who’ve spent many hours playing the game.

Head soccer provides you with a simple solution to this. It has simple graphics, and the controls don’t need a lot of skill. All you need to do is move the head of your character around a screen and try to get the ball into the goal of your opponent.

In this article, you will learn everything you need, with the tips and tactics to enjoy and win in Head Soccer. You will also learn how you can choose the right game mode to enhance your experience, and best of all, how you can play it right here for free.

What is the Head Soccer game about?

Head Soccer is just a simple game. For those who have played the 70s game pong, Head Soccer will seem quite familiar. Quite simply, the game is designed in a way that each goal is at each end of the screen. Two players will face each other with the character’s head being most prominent.

Players move the heads around and try to kick or head the ball. The ball bounces off the head, off the top of the screen, and off the side walls. The goal here is to score as many goals as possible within the 60 seconds. That’s pretty much it.

However, for such a simple game, there’s lots of fun involved while playing it, considering that each game only takes a minute. In that case, you can play the game whenever you have a minute to spare. It’s very likely that you will be spending quite a bit of time as you try to learn the game and test your skills.

While this game is easy and uncomplicated to learn and play, there are a number of different characters and game modes that you need to understand. To get ready for a world championship in no time, keep reading our guide.

Game Features

So far, Head Soccer sounds like the easiest game on earth. All you need to do is move a character around a screen, and the graphics are fun, though not out of this world. But knowing a few moves and aspects can help you enjoy the game even more.

Sometimes, you will see icons hanging in the game screen in midair. When you bounce the ball over these icons, some things will happen depending on the icons. You need to understand exactly what happens when this happens. Here are a few icons you will see regularly see as you play.

  • Bombs

    These cause bombs to drop from the sky. It’s a perfectly normal thing to happen in a soccer game, right?  The bombs can be a bit distracting if you’re not careful, and can push you back a bit. The ball is also affected by these bombs. In general, it’s best to avoid them, even if it’s just to avoid the distractions.

  • Speed Boosts

    These make the ball move a bit faster. For advanced players, this can be a really helpful addition when you want to score some goals fast. However, if you are still learning the game, and you still find it tough to score, it’s best to dodge speed boosts until you can handle the speed.

  • Goals

    Sometimes, it’s best to avoid these icons. When your ball hits them, you will automatically get a larger or smaller goal. The larger goal feature is great as it helps you score a goal much more easily. It’s a good way to add some points on your board. However, don’t rely solely on these icons to win your different matches. They can also go against you in a flash.

    The smaller goal feature makes the goal a bit smaller. Of course, when you hit this, it’s much harder to score your opponent. Do try to avoid these at all costs, unless you have some advanced moves.

  • Balls

    Ball icons can do anything from increasing or decreasing the size of the ball, to making it super bouncy. Some of the ball icons make your ball dull, which makes the ball bounce a lot less. Once you hit one of these, a message pops up on the screen to let you know exactly what you have gotten. This way, you don’t need to remember all of the images.

  • Ice and Breaks

    Two different icons will result in you or your opponent gets iced. This means that for a while, your opponent will be frozen (not able to move) and it will get pretty easy to score a goal. But take care not to accidentally ice yourself!

    The break means that a player has broken a leg and has become a lot less mobile. Breaks can be strategically used to beat the tough opponents, but take care not to end up injuring one of your players.

Head Soccer Game Modes

Head soccer is an exciting game of skill and has a total of 8 distinct game modes. This is a good option for those who spend lots of time playing this game. You will be able to sharpen skills and the different games styles ensure there will always be challenging fun and excitement. For many hours of wholesome entertainment, here is the guide to various head soccer game types.

  1. Arcade Mode

    This is one of the best modes for beginners to learn the tricks of the game. You will be allowed to select from various different teams and learn how to place points on the scoreboard before advancing to more challenging teams and difficult play modes. The first team you will face off against will be South Korea. Don’t feel bad if it takes a few attempts to master. Once you have beaten this team you can advance to the next and the next, ladder style, until all teams have been unlocked.

  2. Tournament Mode

    In this game type, players enter a tournament with 7 other players that have been chosen randomly. This is a good way to gain experience against other teams that you haven’t seen in the arcade mode. There will be three rounds of games and the tournament champion is the one that beats out all three. This can be a piece of cake, or a challenge. Sometimes you can expect a difficult competition. If you feel like you have gotten stuck in arcade mode don’t be glum, take the time to build your skills.

  3. Survival Mode

    This one is fun all around. You will be pitted against a random opponent and the goal is to make a certain amount of goals before the clock runs out. Once you score a point, one of your opponent’s balls will be categorically removed, once your opponent is ball-less, you have won.

    Every 10 rounds of survival you win will present you with a chance to go up against the Cyborg character with serious game skills. Be prepared for a difficult fight, and pack all your ball handling skills, you will need them. If and when you defeat this challenge you will be awarded with the cyborg’s armor as a special customization for your character.

  4. League Mode

    You have risen through the echelons of Head Soccer prowess if you are in League mode. You will be bundled into a league with 9 other teams that have been randomly chosen. The leagues are organized into armature, minor and major categories and as you rank higher you can expect a fierce competition.

    If you have begun this game mode, you will need to continue and this can take some time to do. By the end, you will have played 18 games and the team with the most wins is declared the winner. The very last game is the final showdown and you can bet the competition is tough. If there is a tie game, the player that has scored the most overall goals in the league is the winner.

  5. Multiplayer Modes

    Multiplayer modes are only available over the iOS Or Android platforms, the Flash based application available on PC does not support multiplayer. You can use this game mode to play with people from across the globe. If you have some formidable rivals out there this is a great game and lots of fun. Games are a lot like you’ll find in arcade mode and players will be given 200 points for winning. Losers only get 10 points, so it is always a good way to increase points and interact with other players.

  6. Head Cup

    Much like the International World Cup, the Head Soccer Championship creates 8 groups each with 4 teams. For a team to advance they will need to compete in three groups. Players who achieve the first or second position in their groups move on to the knockout stages and then advance to the next group. The Finals are made up of four stages and players must win each one to be declared a champion. Again, you will need to prepare for some stiff competition as these championships don’t go to just anyone.

  7. Death Mode

    Bring all your smarts and wits as this game mode will require sharp skills to master. There will be a total of 30 stages that must be cleared and there are different characters and bosses that will test your mettle.

    You will need to beat each one in succession and the games get tougher.

    In stages one through ten, you will only be met by two bosses. But by stage 30 you will be meeting 3 and 4 bosses for each set of ten levels. Champions will be carrying away special costumes and 100,000 points. But don’t think anyone has gotten that on their first try.

  8. Fight Mode

    This is a fun alternative game style that is not so much about scoring points as using the game interface to pummel your opponent’s till they are unconscious. Players will compete with eight other opponents from across the globe for a good fight. Players that win three in a row will be taken to the bonus match which will unlock more prizes and competitions when completed.

    If you lose, don’t quit! You have three lives that can be used, but be sure to conserve these. At the end, you will find additional bonus rounds that will allow you to unlock more prizes, balls and characters.

Tips and Tricks

Here are few pointers to give you a flying start as a new player:

  • Controls

    The arrow keys will control the character with up being the jump action. The space bar initiates the kick and don’t forget to take advantages of power ups and other advantages that present themselves.

  • Controls

    The arrow keys will control the character with up being the jump action. The space bar initiates the kick and don’t forget to take advantages of power ups and other advantages that present themselves.

  • Collecting Points

    At the end of every match you will be awarded points. Even if you didn’t win you get points for effort. These points are the currency with which you will upgrade your character and become a formidable ball player. The more you play the more points you can expect to collect.

    You can even purchase special upgrades that decrease the size of your goal or increase your player speed. Using these upgrades wisely and developing the best player for your gaming type is an important strategy.

  • Achievements

    You will be able to track your personal progress and observe how your prowess in game play is progressing. There are also many different achievements that can be obtained after performing various feats of success. Of course, skill is developed with time and some of these feats will take some practice to nail. For the “tight defense” achievement, players will have to win a match without letting your opponent score a single goal.

Play Head Soccer Right Here!

You can play Head Soccer Unblocked right on this website. We have set it up so that it will work with most computers. All you need is to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a cent to enjoy the game. You can have hours of fun playing this game completely free of charge. Hopefully, there will also be a newer version of the game titled Head Soccer 2, though the release date is yet to be determined.

Check the Version of Your Flash Player

To play the latest version of Head Soccer on our website, you need to have Adobe Flash installed. The software is available free of charge, and you should check to see if you have the latest version before getting started.

Older version of flash player may cause the game to stutter and crash. This is the last thing you want to happen in the middle of a match you are almost winning. Check out the Adobe Flash website to get the latest version of Adobe Flash.


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