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Great Companion Games To Get On Top

One of the best stick figure games released in the past 10 years is Get On Top. While these types of games were very popular and high tech in the 80s and 90s, they are making a comeback. The appeal is simple. You get a very simple game layout. And you get simple controls. So the game becomes about the interaction with your opponent.

And for this game, your opponent cannot be halfway across the world. He can’t even be halfway across the room. You actually have to share a keyboard and personally interact during the challenge.

That’s what really makes this game so unique. You are taken away from the virtual world, and thrown into human interaction again. And this can bring out some great competitive behavior. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

What Is It All About?

The Get On Top game could not be made simpler. Well, maybe if you turned it into black and white. But let’s not go all the way back to the 70s gaming world. You play a simple stick figure and you have to wrestle your opponent to the ground. If their back and head touches the ground you are the winner.

To do this you use two sets of keys on the keyboard. One player uses the arrow keys. The other has the WASD keys. You can move backwards and forwards, as well as up and down. Moves can be offensive or defensive. And even in sticky situations you can get out on top.

It all becomes a matter of pushing and shoving. But there are some skills that will work in your favor. So, let’s take a look at what you need to succeed.

What Skills Do You Need?

It all comes down to being able to read your opponents moves. Watch what keys they hit to anticipate what they want to do and use that to your advantage. But the best way you can get better at this game is to practice your trash talk. Crack some jokes and cause other distractions and you will be more likely to win.

It is not so much a game of speed, but you will need some good reflexes. Adjust your moves to what your friends are doing and you will quickly gain an advantage. But other than that, you just need a good sense of fun and some other players who enjoy the same.

Make It Part Of A Party

One thing you can do is bring it to your next party. You will be amazed at how much fun your guests will have. And with competitions running you can make this a real blast. Start your own # getontop party and see which one of your friends will be declared the champion.

Get your practice in now, but find a friend that you can have a bit of a laugh with. That’s what it will all be about.

The Best Recommendations For The Get On Top Fan

If you are a fan of this game, then you will know that it’s not something you will spend all day playing. You also need a friend to play with. And if no one is available to jump in then you will need some other distractions to lean on.

To help you find the best options on the flash games market, we have put together this list. The skills you develop with these alternatives will also help you to get better at Get On Top. Try them out today and follow the links below to play them right here on this website.

  1. 1 – Kingdom Rush

    One of the best types of games out there are tower defense ones. These are strategy games and there are two of these that we have on our list. They are so much fun, because there is no one way of winning. You have to get used to the defenses at your disposal and learn how they can be used to get rid of your enemies.

    The task is to strategically place the different towers. They all have their own powers and you will need to know what enemies to expect. In this fantasy world, each level becomes more complex and you have to make fast decisions. If you are too slow then too many enemies will get to the end of the path and you lose.

    The enemy has very clever ways to evade your defenses. So make sure you pick your towers wisely for each level.

  2. 2 – Strike Force Heroes

    To get some shoot em up play in a more basic fashion you cannot go wrong with Strike Force Heroes. Of all the games here it is a lot trickier to learn the controls. You really have to take advantage of the early stages of the game to get used to all the ways you can move and fire your weapons.

    As you succeed in more levels you will get access to more weapons. But so will your enemies and you have to avoid them as much as you can. With more enemies coming at you this becomes very difficult.

    This is a great option if you like the challenge of taking some time to fully work out the way you take advantage of the controls. But if you tend to prefer games with really simple controls then maybe stick with some of the others on this list.

  3. 3 – Impossible Quiz

    If you like playing quiz games, then test your skills at this impossible one. The name does say a lot and it will take quite some getting used to. The questions are designed to trick you into choosing the wrong answers. By using puns and hidden meaning as well as double negatives you really have to think more than twice before you make a decision.

    But you don’t have endless time to study the questions. In many cases, there are bombs with short fuses. And when they go off it is immediate game over. You can progress with making mistakes, but after 3 wrong answers it is also back to the start. This might sound frustrating, but it becomes very addictive.

    The more you try working out the different questions the more you will want to succeed. In the quiz game world, this is a truly unique one. It doesn’t really test your general knowledge, but rather focuses on your ability to correctly understand the questions.

  4. 4 – Run 3

    For the fan of jump and run games this is the one to get into. The creators have made quite a few updates over the years. And with version 3 they bring you some really cool features. You control a small alien and you have to help him get through tunnels that lead back to his home planet. The tunnel has holes and obstacles and if you bump or fall into them you get lost in space.

    By moving left and right and jumping you are able to avoid that fate. As the levels progress it becomes very difficult. You have to plan your jumps precisely, but even then, the distances can be too big. This is where you need to know how to make gravity shift.

    When you touch the sides of the geometric platforms, then the side becomes the floor. The whole screen twists and you can then bridge some of the large gaps. Getting used to this feature will make a huge difference to your success rate.

  5. 5 – Happy Wheels

    This is possibly one of the most unique and fun games on this list. In the world of rag doll action games this one stands out the most. That is because the creators bring you a game where the rag doll doesn’t just fall apart. What happens is that as you crash into obstacles your character will start to get injured.

    After a few cuts and a bit of blood left behind you will start seeing broken limbs. And then when the damage gets really bad, you leave some arms and legs behind. But this is all presented in a very fun way. And it becomes very much a challenge to see how much damage you can inflict.

    At the start, you only have 3 characters available on different vehicles. But as you clear more levels you will have access to more. And then you can play levels in a whole different way.

  6. 6 – Learn To Fly

    By far one of the best stories to a game belongs to Learn To Fly. You play a penguin who is out to prove that he can fly. To do this you use different gliders and rockets. And there are different launching techniques available. With each level, there is a new challenge. In some it means flying for longer. And then there are ones where you have to get maximum distances.

    In the latest version, you will also have to get the penguin to fly as high as possible and that is where the rockets come in handy. While you are in flight you have to avoid obstacles. Using the arrow keys, you help move your penguin. But the more you do this unnecessarily the more it will impact the flight. And ultimately this can result in falling short of your goal.

    The graphics and game play are very fun to follow and it is a great distraction from any other game you are hooked on. Just give it try right here on this website.

  7. 7 – Geometry Dash

    If you like electronic music and simple gaming, then this is an absolute must. You probably have already heard of it. Because there are millions of others out there that are hooked on this very difficult game.

    You essentially play a small geometric object and it moves along each level. You cannot directly change the game speed. All you can do is make your character jump. To do that you hit the space key. And you have to make sure that you work out your timing with precision.

    If you crash or fail to clear an obstacle the level starts immediately from the start.

    Make sure you pay a lot of attention to the music tracks. The beats will indicate when to time your jumps and you will quickly get into the rhythm. Because there are also millions of player created levels you will not run out of something new. Just try them out at random and see how much you get into the music as well.

  8. 8 – Bloons Tower Defense

    By far the most popular tower defense strategy is BTD5. The story is quite simple. You have to help the innocent monkeys to defend themselves against evil balloons. The only way to achieve this is to set up defense towers that can pop the bloons. On each level, there are different paths that the bloons can travel along.

    You have the challenge to place your towers strategically to make sure they all get popped. If too many get to the end of the path then you lose and have to try the level over again.

    This might sound simple. But with 15 different towers and countless different balloons with super powers this gets very tricky. Some of your enemies have clever ways to get past your towers. That means you have to pick your towers wisely before each level.

    In the later levels, you also need to be making very fast decisions, so you want to be practicing your reaction times as well. It is a truly addictive game and you’ll spend hours trying to perfect it.

  9. 9 – Gun Mayhem

    Another shooter game on this list in Gun Mayhem. In each level, you enter a platform arena full of enemies. You have to avoid getting shot and falling off the platform. At the same time, you have to clear all the enemies from the level. And this becomes very difficult as you progress.

    Before you enter a level, you get to choose your weapons. When you encounter enemies, you can either shoot them or throw a grenade or other explosive. Be careful with the grenades as they can do damage to you too.

    When you encounter a group of enemies it is best to use the explosives. Especially if they are close to the edge of the platform. This will result in them being blasted off and you can get several of them in one go.

  10. 10 – Return Man

    For the sports and football fan this is possibly one of the best options. You play the return man and your task is to score a touchdown. The first thing you must do is catch the ball and this is sometimes easier said than done. Once you have the ball it’s time to run.

    But it’s not always about getting there in the fastest way. The other team is there to tackle you and you have to avoid that. If you get tackled you lose and have to start the level again. To help with this you do have 3 of your own defenders who will protect you.

    Stick close to them to avoid being taken down. This is a great fun game and you can easily bridge some hours trying to figure out when its best to use the different power ups.

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