Turbo Golf Unblocked

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It’s golf like you’ve never played it before. Sure, get the ball in the hole, but this is a race, hit the ball, then run to where it lands! Fastest time on each hole wins. Collect cash to upgrade your clubs and clothes, unlock new players, and use power-ups to beat your opponents. Use the mouse to line up your shot, then press the mouse to shoot.

Turbo Golf: Ever Wonder What Speed Golf Would Look Like?

Sports games are becoming increasingly popular in the online Flash gaming world. Everything from soccer to football and basketball is now available in cool and fun games. But when it comes to golf games they have often been a bit boring.

Turbo golf changes all that! The game is full of very fun surprises and it has one major twist. It’s not all about getting into the hole in as few shots as possible. Time is an important factor too. The faster you get to the hole the more points you will score.

Essentially you are up against 3 other players and you are all trying to get to the hole as quickly as possible. Points are awarded dependent on how fast you finish and how many shots you take. This is a very fast paced game unlike any other golf game you may have encountered.

To help you get the most out of this game and improve your chances of success, we have put together this guide. Check out the instructions and tips below and you will win a lot more and faster. And the best part is that you can play the game right here on this website.

What is Turbo Golf About?

Turbo Golf is all about speed. The amount of shots you take does impact your result but the speed is more important. At the start of each hole you will see 4 players lined up and ready to tee off the ball. You are always the first one to go. But as soon as you have taken your shot the other players will follow suit.

Each hole has a different layout and you will encounter a lot of objects and obstacles in the way. Some of them will help you and others can go badly against you. For example, there are occasional cars on the fairway. If your car crashes into them it can bounce back a long way.

This is where your shot planning becomes very important. It isn’t always the best idea to go for as long a shot as possible. Sometimes it is better to keep it a little shorter and avoid different hazards. These can be normal types of hazards that you would expect on a golf course.

But there are also some very strange but fun ones. You will regularly encounter animals and hitting them will give you extra points. But you will also see zombies and robots appear. Your ball can bounce off these which can get you into all sorts of trouble.

The controls are pretty easy and there is a section below on that below. The best thing you can do is just launch the game on this website. And then try out some of the practice rounds to get used to the different obstacles. Once you are ready to go you’ll have endless hours of fun!

What Is The Aim Of Turbo Golf?

The aim is to get your ball in the hole faster than your opponents. You achieve this by hitting your ball long and your character then runs after it. As soon as you arrive at the ball you can take the next shot.

But there is a catch:

For every shot you take, 5 seconds are added to your total time. So, you can’t just run up to a ball and hit as quickly as possible. The faster you can get to the hole with as few shots as you can the better. There are also water hazards that will cost you penalty shots. But more on the different hazards in the game features section.

You will also notice coins floating in the air, almost like in Super Mario Brothers games. When your ball makes contact with these coins they will be saved up. You can then use those coins to spend in the shop to upgrade your clubs, and clothes.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls couldn’t be much simpler. You essentially move your mouse up and down to change the angle of the ball flight. The angle will be displayed as a thin white line. It is important to not just pick a high angle and hit the ball. You have to make sure that the angle won’t result in crashing into a hazard or obstacle.

When you have picked your angle, you need to look at the power bar that appears at the bottom. This is constantly running up and down the scale. The further up the scale you press the button, the more powerful your shot will be. Sometimes it’s a good idea to hit as hard as possible.

But you have to account for obstacles and hazards as well. These are scattered all over the place. And a long shot could bring you right into an awkward situation. The tips and tricks section below has some advice on how to plan your shots a bit better.

Once you get on the green your player switches from an iron or driver to the putter. The angle line now appears on screen and if you hit 100% power then the ball should go to where the line is leading. But be careful. If you have a downhill green then the ball will go a lot faster and can roll right past the hole.

Special Game Features400

Turbo Golf is packed full of features that you get access to as you progress. In this section, we want to introduce you to the most important features of the game. Knowing what you have on screen will help you to really make the most of it from the start.

Upgrades And Unlocks

As with many games these days you do not have access to all features from the start. You have to advance through different levels and earn enough credit to be able to unlock quite a lot of the features. Here’s what’s ahead.


At the start, you only have one player available. Only when you complete the different courses and achievements will other players with better abilities be unlocked. These players can hit the ball further and more accurate. And they can also run faster. You will need them to beat the ever more powerful opponents.


You can only proceed to another course when you have completed the previous one. But you can always go back to one that you have played before and try your luck with better players and equipment. Keep in mind that the courses become ever more complex.


You can upgrade your clubs as you earn coins in each hole you play. When you upgrade your woods and irons they will give you longer and more accurate shots. And when the putter is upgraded then you will be able to put a lot more accurately. All these things will go in your favor to beat your opponent in the golf race.

Different Hazards

Each course and hole will have different types of hazards in the way. A lot of them you would find on any other golf course:

  • Water traps
  • Sand bunkers
  • Rough grass
  • Trees

But then there are others that are just pure fun:

  • Cars and trucks
  • Zombies and robots
  • All sorts of animals
  • Stop signs

Some of these, like the animals, can earn you points. But a lot of the time they will just stop your ball. If your ball is travelling at a lot of speed then they can also just bounce off these obstacles and come flying straight back at you.

Customizing Your Player

You can also spend your coins to unlock different color shirts and shorts. This is a cool way to personalize your character. The game shop is where all these types of things are for sale. But you should really spend more of your saved game currency on getting your equipment upgraded.

Tips And Tricks500

The number one tip we always give to people who are new to the game is to just get playing. Turbo Golf has a practice mode where you can just play as a single player. You’ll get used to the controls and also see the different obstacles in the way. However, you won’t earn any game currency to spend in the shop. But if you are completely new to the game then work with the practice mode first.

Once you enter a round you’ll be playing against other computer players. This is where it gets competitive. Keep reading to see how you will advance the fastest.

Best Ways To Upgrade

You have quite a few options when it comes to upgrading. The obvious things are the clubs, but you can also upgrade your shoes as well. When you upgrade your clubs then they will result in longer and more accurate shots. This will help to achieve more goals and beat more opponents.

When you upgrade the shoes, they will help your character to run faster. And that can mean the difference between winning a hole and losing.

One thing a lot of people tend to do is upgrade each item at a time to keep them at the same level. If you are tempted to do that then we recommend that you avoid it as much as possible. The much more effective approach is to keep saving and upgrading only one type of equipment until it is fully upgraded. The results you will get with this approach will allow you to progress a lot faster.

Look At The Course Layout

At the start of each hole you will see the camera view going from the hole to the tee box. Make sure you watch the video of the course layout. This will tell you exactly what’s ahead and you can figure out whether all your shots should be long. Or maybe you’d be better off laying up and avoiding a water hazard.

Having a good picture of what’s ahead will make a huge difference to how quickly you can take the next shot. Put a bit of planning and strategy into your approach and you’ll win a lot more holes.


If you crash into obstacles like cars your ball can bounce back a long way. This can have a huge impact on the number of shots you take and how quickly your opponents can get past you. When you plan the angle of your shot try and account for the obstacles in the way.

The more you can avoid them the faster you will get to the hole. And if you end up on a nice clear patch of the fairway, you will be able to take your next shot much further. There is quite a bit of planning that goes into each hole. And the more you play a course, the more you will get used to managing your game.

Out Of Bounds

On every hole, there is an out of bounds at the end of the hole. The good news is that your ball will just bounce off the imaginary end of the hole. When you are starting out then you should just avoid going too long. It is the safer option.

But you can take it to your advantage:

Some greens can be very tricky and the slope on them can be severe. If you plan it well then you can make your ball bounce off the out of bounds and then roll back towards the hole. This is especially effective when the green slopes from front to back and you can get pretty close the hole. Best thing is to try this out a few times on the practice mode, as it is difficult to get right.

To Power Shot Or Not

Each time you take a shot you have to time your mouse click along the power scale. When you get it timed to the top of the scale you will hit a power shot. This means the ball will be hit hardest which will make it go a lot further.

But it isn’t always the best plan to hit the ball as far as possible. Sometimes a power shot will bring you too close to or right into a hazard. And when you are closer to the green you might only want to hit the ball half strength to get it on the green. It’s tempting to always hit a power shot, but put a bit of thinking into your shots and you’ll be way more successful.

Start Playing Today

The best thing is that you can play the game right here on this website. You won’t have to go looking for an unblocked version. And you don’t have to worry that you’ll end up on some virus infested page that will cause you all sorts of problems.

By playing in your computer browser you will also get much better screen resolution than on your phone. And using your mouse you’ll have much better control of where your ball ends up.

Get The Latest Flash

Before you launch any of our Flash games you should double check that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash. It’s a free software platform that is available for all major operating systems. If you have an older version then it can quickly happen that you see stuttering game play and even crashes. And that can be very annoying when you are in the middle of a round.


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