Get On Top: The Most Addictive 80s Style Game Of The 21st Century

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The modern gaming world is full of virtual reality headsets and extremely realistic graphics. But sometimes you just want to have some really simple fun. You don’t have to be located half way around the world with your opponent in an online gaming community.

These types of game set up are great fun, but sometimes it’s the simple things that really provide some entertainment. With Get On Top you get exactly that. You can have groups of people battling it out in this virtual wrestling game. But don’t expect high end graphics with WWE entertainers.

What you can expect:

Get On Top is a very simple stick figure game. Two players have to be at the same computer to play and you can have endless hours of fun with a group of friends. It has even been spotted at major gaming parties and events. And it can be a great way to settle some rivalries in a very simple competitive game.

Keep reading this guide to get some ideas about when to best introduce your friends to it. And with some simple tips and tricks you’ll be able to beat others a lot more often.

What Is Get On Top About

This traditional style wrestling game has become very popular in the online Flash gaming community. There have been a few old-school stick figure type games in the last 10 years. But none have achieved the same type of following.

One of the reasons this has been the case is that the game designers really took a huge step back. The only way you could make this game more 80s style is by converting it to black and white. The graphics really are that simple.

Anyone that remembers 80s computer and arcade games will recognize the style immediately. When you start the game all you see is 2 figures facing and holding on to each other. It’s a two-player game and your opponent has to be at the same computer as you (more on the controls shortly).

There is no online functionality and there isn’t even a computer player. That means you cannot challenge a friend who isn’t in the exact same location. And it really doesn’t make much sense to play it on your own either.

This does make it a little bit difficult to practice in order to get an advantage the next time you challenge a friend. There really is no way to practice without having a human opponent next to you.

But there are some ways you can prepare:

For some tactics and skills, you can use in a match check out the tips and tricks section. But there are a few basics that you need to consider before starting the game. The aim is to get your opponent’s head to touch the ground. As you will see, the stick figures are made up of little more than the shape of a head, torso and arms and legs.

Each player has a figure in a different color, but the aim is the same. Push and shove the other figure to the ground to make their head come in contact with it. This can easily happen in offensive and defensive moves.

It all comes down to the best use of the limited controls.

How Do You Control Your Character?

The controls are pretty simple. The two players have to sit at the same keyboard. One of you will use the arrow keys. And the other will use the W-A-S-D keys. This is a pretty normal set up for two player games like this.

The keys essentially move your character forwards and backwards, and up as well. The only key that doesn’t do anything is the down arrow and S key.

Moves can quickly go against you. If you move back when your opponent is idle or moving forward, then you will quickly fall over. And as soon as your head hits the ground your opponent will score a point. And the first to 11 points is declared the winner.

You have to also be careful of jumping up. If used at the wrong time then these moves will quickly go against you. The game itself doesn’t have any rules except for how you score points. But what happens on your side of the screen might require some rules. In the tips and tricks section you see some fun ideas on how to gain an advantage.

Tips And Tricks

You might think that a game so simple couldn’t require much in the tips and tricks range. But there are a few things that you can really take advantage of to help you beat any other player. In this section, you will learn what skills you need to train and how to react to the other player’s moves. And we even have some sneaky tips on distractions and some ideas on when best to play this game.

  1. Anticipate Moves

    Even though you only have a very limited ability to move direction there are some things that you can do to plan your attack and defense. Dependent on who you are playing you should check out whether they tend to go on the offense or prefer defensive moves. You will quickly see this in their actions.

    If they immediately move towards you at the start of each game then try to surprise them with some pretty drastic moves. When someone pushes into you, you don’t want to move backwards at the same time. If you do this you’ll make it a lot easier to be pushed over.

    Instead, you can try and jump while your opponent is pushing. This will result in them almost immediately falling to the ground.

    Another option is to wait just long enough while your opponent is pushing and at the last moment push against him. This will delay your fall just long enough to result in the other player hitting the ground first.

    If this happens to you while you are pushing, then you have to quickly react to switch to pulling. This can reverse the action if it isn’t too late yet. Combining drastic moves and making it more difficult for your opponent to figure out your plan is the best way to defend.

  2. Train Your reflexes

    This is a really important skill to have in this game. Try and keep an eye on the movements of the other figure. At the same time, check if you can also see what keys the other player is about to press. That will give you just enough information to react quickly.

    But it will take quite a bit of practice to really know what to do in certain situations. The faster you can react to your opponents moves, the better you will be able to deal with situations where you might be close to losing.

    If all else fails, then try the jump move. This can be a very successful way to turn defense into offense. The best advice is to never give up and immediately try to react to all situations.

  3. Distract Your Opponent

    One of the best ways to gain an upper hand is to introduce some distractions. If you have some gaming friends then you are probably used to some pretty heavy trash talk. Just turn that trash talk up a bit and you’ll quickly have the upper hand. The great thing about this game is that each round is so quickly over. Within just a few seconds you can score a point.

    And if you can get your opponent to look away or start laughing then you have practically won. Try not to start with these types of distractions as you’ll only end up having someone realize what you’re doing.

    Instead, wait a few rounds and then hit them hard with fast one line comments and jokes. To prepare you can research some good ones online and try to memorize them. The better the jokes, the more they will laugh. And the more they laugh the less they will be able to concentrate on your moves.

    Play It At Parties

    One of the best times to bring this game out is at parties. Especially gaming parties. If you regularly get together with some friends then this is a really fun way to add some entertainment. Many people organize gaming parties where people play at different times. They are almost set up like tournaments.

    And with some idle time between rounds, Get On Top can be a fantastic way to keep people entertained. And because it is such a simple game with practically no graphics, you’ll have people queueing up to try and beat each other. You could get through 8 players in a playoff style set up in a matter of less than 30 minutes.

    It’s also a really good way to settle any drawn games. Rather than delay everyone else, why not challenge two players to a simple virtual wrestle? A draw can be settled in just a few minutes!

What Does The Gaming Community Say?

Now, there isn’t really that much to say about such a simple game. But overall gamers are reacting very well to such an old school Indie game. For older gamers, it will bring back memories of 80s where something like this would have only been available on the latest games consoles.

You can check some of the game review sites out there and see that people are really happy to see a two-player game where you have to actually be at the same computer. It brings with it a lot more human interaction which is often lost with modern online gaming.

Play It Right Here Online

One of the best bits of information we have for you is that you can play it right here on this website. You won’t have to go looking for the latest version. And you don’t have to be worried about ending up on some hacked and virus infested game site.

The fully unlocked version is ready to go for you right now. So, if you have some friends around to challenge, then get started right now.

Get The Latest Flash version

Whenever you plan to play a Flash game you have to make sure your computer is fully up to date. Adobe Flash is a software platform that allows you to run apps and games on any type of computer. You don’t have to go looking for a specific installer if you are on a Mac, PC or Linux computer.

You can always check your current version of Flash on the Adobe website. If you need an update, then you’ll be able to download the latest version for free. As soon as the installation is complete you just have to relaunch your web browser.



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