Ultimate Guide To Feeling The Beats Of Geometry Dash

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If you are into online Flash gaming then you have probably heard of Geometry Dash. It has attracted an incredible following and you will want to try out this game. And if you like electronic music then this is an absolute must for any gaming opportunity you have.

In this article, you will find out exactly what the game is about and what the recent updates have been. We have put together some tips and tricks and you can even learn how to create your own levels.

One of the best things is:

You’ll be able to get started with this game in just a few minutes. It won’t cost you a penny and you’ll end up with many hours of fun. This simple rhythm based game is tough to beat from the very first level.

So, make sure you keep reading to help you get the most out of it.

What’s The Game About?

In Geometry Dash you have to make your character or icon jump to avoid crashing into obstacles along the way. The obstacles come in many shapes and sizes and some of them might seem impossible to avoid.

The tricky thing is:

You cannot control the speed of the game directly. There are some speed portals that appear, but your control inputs will not speed up or slow down your character. There is also no way to pause the game in the middle of a level. So, you have to rely on your reflexes to keep going.

There is also no concept of multiple lives. You have to get to the end of a level or you start it over again. As soon as you crash, you jump back to the start.

As you progress through the levels, you will unlock different characters as well. These range from geometric shapes that you can customize to little alien like shapes. There is an entire section of the game where you can do some customizing of your game character.

And this adds a little personal touch. It is also very helpful for people with color blindness, as it will help to make things stand out more from the objects you encounter.

How Do The Controls Work?

The game controls are very simple. Once you have selected your preferred game icon you pick the level you want to play. All you need to be aware of is that you have to jump at the right time. And to do that you hit the space key on your keyboard. It really is that simple.

But it all comes down to the timing. There is no getting it a little bit wrong. If you crash, that’s it. You start the level over again. In the tips section, you’ll find out how to better time your actions.

Tips And Tricks

Geometry Dash is a pretty tough game to master. And that is part of the appeal. Even the first level can take many attempts before you succeed. To help you with the game we have put together some tips and tricks. Read this section before you get started and then enjoy a much higher success rate.

  • Timing Jumps

    There will be a lot of obstacles and interactive objects in the way. You will have to learn which ones you can use and which ones will do you harm. That will take a bit of trial and error. But when it comes to avoiding the objects that will cause you to crash, you usually have to jump at the right time.

    Getting the timing right can be pretty tough and will take some practice. But you have to make sure you get into the beat. Start really listening to the music and you’ll notice something very helpful. The rhythm and beats of the songs align very well with the timing of your jumps. So, make sure you don’t ignore the sound track. It really is a significant part of the game.

    Each level has a new soundtrack to go with it. And in the user levels you have the ability to import other songs as well. This means there are endless amounts of songs available to provide ever more entertainment. You will definitely not get bored.

  • The Levels

    The designers have not provided for hundreds of levels and that is a good thing. They focused more on bringing a few very different ones. They feature different music, shapes, objects and become increasingly more difficult to master. But there is a twist to this.

    There is also a level editor where players can create their own levels. And this feature has resulted in millions of player created levels. So even if you make it through the included levels, you’ll still have an endless supply to keep you occupied. More on the level editor shortly.

  • Achievements

    Obviously, finishing a level is a pretty good achievement. Especially as you get to later stages of the game. But to make it a bit more interesting, the game developers have introduced achievements that you can collect.

    You can always check your achievements on the home screen. Just go to the trophy button and you’ll find details of what you have completed. You will need the achievements to unlock features for the icon kit. This is where you’ll be able to customize your icon.

  • Collectibles

    Another way to unlock features and secret levels is to gather as many collectibles as possible.

    This can be done in a few different ways:

    Firstly, you get stars when you complete official and user levels. The more of these you get the more icons you can unlock. The more you play, the more stars you will get. Some achievements and icons can only be unlocked when you gather secret coins in official levels. There are 149 coins in total, but make sure to not leave them behind.

    Another important collectible is the mana orbs. These are a form of game currency. And you can use them in the shops to buy things like icons and special effects.

  • Gauntlets

    This feature was introduced in one of the latest updates. Essentially this feature groups 5 user levels together and you have to complete them all to get the reward. Most of the time there are achievements awarded at the end.

    This is a great way to bring a bit of variety into the game. You don’t just endlessly play user levels. Instead there is a clear target to work towards. There are currently 5 gauntlets available and they range in difficulty from hard to very hard. It’s best to wait until you get more comfortable with the game to start this game play.

  • Shops

    In the shops, you have the ability to spend some of your saved mana orbs. Make sure you don’t leave any of these behind in your gaming time. The features in the shop are not amazing but they do allow you to buy some icons and colors to customize your character. You can also buy new death effects which bring some new fun to the levels.

    There’s also a secret shop that has to be unlocked. If you save up 500 diamonds you’ll be able to access this shop. It contains the master emblem. And you’ll need that to unlock secret levels. Wait for this feature until you’ve become pretty good at playing.

  • Portals

    Portals are a way to introduce some great fun into the game. They all change how your icon looks or behaves. Some of them make the game easier while others make it harder. One of the main ones to be aware of the speed portals. First, you have to understand that arrows pointing towards you will slow you down. While arrows pointing in game direction will speed you up. Dependent on how many arrows appear together the speed effect will be greater.

    There’s also a size portal that will make your icon bigger. For some cool action try to find the teleportation ones. Here you will jump from one port to another at a different place in the game. Be careful of the mirror portals. This will actually send you moving in the opposite direction towards the start of the level.

Latest Game Updates

There have been a lot of game updates since it was first released. This shows that the designer is putting a lot of effort into it. The updates have not been released as complete new versions. Instead, they just incrementally add new features and improvements.

The latest update is version 2.1 and it has introduced a load of new game objects. These are introduced in a new level and are also available in the level editor. It’s pretty certain that more updates will come so keep watching out for more.

Introduction To The Level Editor

If you have become a little bored with the official levels, or you get stuck on one and can’t move on, then it’s time to look at user levels. You can either play a level created by other players. Or you can take one step further to build your own. To do this you need the full version of the game and then launch the level editor.

You can create levels just for you to play. But it’s much cooler to make the levels available to other players and get some feedback. Before you can publish your own level, you have to prove that it can be completed. So, you’ll have to play and complete your own levels first.

Practically everything in your own levels can be customized. Usually you’d start with color features and you can create some really cool combinations here. The next thing that is important is to select the right music. You can choose one of the official ones. Or you can get one from external sources available in the editor.

To create the obstacles and objects along the way you can use the building assist tools. If you are just starting out then use as much of the assist tools as possible. It will make it so much easier.

You can add triggers to your level as well. These will result in certain actions happening on screen like change in color or transition effects. These can be a really cool way to make your levels unique. Try and time the effects with the music you choose. And in the gaming community these are often rated as the best.

Once you publish your level other users will be able to play and judge them. There are some players out there who produce many of these every week and have a lot of following. At this stage, there are over 6 million user created levels. You’ll have a lot of competition, but also a lot of inspiration to get as well.

Who Created Geometry Dash

The game was developed and published by RobTop Games. Named after Robert Topala from Sweden, this developer has had a lot of success in the gaming world. There are quite a few different versions of Geometry Dash at this stage. And every time a new version or update is released there is a lot of reaction from the gaming world.

Get Started Right Now

The best thing about this game is that you can play it right here on this website. You won’t have to go looking for a special unlocked version. Or wonder if you’ll find a free version somewhere. You can get started right now and it won’t cost you a thing. You won’t even need a credit card.

The only thing we advise is that you register for a free account. That way you’ll be able to save your progress and come back to it at another time. Sometimes you only want to have a quick 5 minutes when you have a coffee break. With a registered account, you’ll be able to do just that.

Check Your Flash Version

If you are finding that you have stuttering effects or that the game crashes then you might need to update your Flash version. Adobe Flash is a platform that is constantly being updated to make it more stable. If you have an older version installed then you might have some issues.

The best thing to do is to head over to the Adobe website on a regular basis and use the version checking tool. This will tell you if you have the latest update. If not, then you’ll be able to download it for free. Just make sure you quit and restart your browser to make sure it picks up the new version.


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