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Top 10 Ways To Take A Break From Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is one of those games that when you get started you simply can’t stop. It has some very simple graphics. But the combination of beats and very difficult game play make it so unique. The simplest way to explain the game is to say that it’s a jump and run game with only one user control.

All you have to do is make your object jump to avoid crashing. That might sound like a really easy task, but you will soon learn that this is very difficult from the very start.

The only problem is that you might get stuck on more difficult levels. To avoid frustration, it might be best to get some distractions. On this page you will find some top recommendations for other games that might even improve your overall gaming skills.

What Is The Aim Of The Game?

In Geomotry Dash the aim is to get from the start of the level to the end without crashing into objects along the way. There are no lives, and as soon as you crash you have to start the level from scratch again. You will find that from the very first level this is quite a difficult task to achieve.

The only control you need to be aware of is that you have to make your object jump. To do this you hit the space key. There are no direct controls to increase speed or direction. You can hit some speed portals that speed up or slow down the game. But there is no way of slowing down or pausing it directly.

While there are only a few dozen levels made by the creators of the game, there are actually millions available. At last count, there were over 6 million levels that were created by users. You can do this with the game level creator tool. And this can actually be a really fun way to make it unique.

So from a control point of view this is a really simple game, but the difficulty lies in the fact that your timing has to be perfect. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Is It So Difficult?

When you start playing this game you’ll notice that there are no easy levels to get you used to the game. The first level of Geomitry Dash is difficult and will probably take you quite a few attempts. But it quickly gets a lot trickier from there.

You also have the ability to play user created levels, and there are millions of them. The difficulty of these user created levels varies, but they are a great way to get very unique game play. Some of these might seem impossible to complete. But you should be aware that there are some rules around submitting your own levels.

You have to prove that you can complete your own creation before it becomes available for the gaming community. So even the most complex ones, have been proven to be possible. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

Best Game Play Tips

The best advice we can give you is that you have to become very aware of the beats in the music that plays. Each level in Geomerty Dash has a unique music track. The beats and rhythm to those tracks is closely linked to the game play. You will notice that certain parts of the rhythm perfectly align with the timing of your jumps.

That means that you should be paying attention to the visual obstacles and the music tack as well. The better you get at combining the two, the more accurately you will be able to time your jumps. And that will result in a much higher success rate.

Best Alternatives To Provide Some Distraction

Inevitably you will get stuck on some levels. No matter how many times you try, you will get stuck. This happens in many games, and the best thing you can do is get some distraction from it. You could pick up just some random game. But a better idea is to pick games that will help your overall skills for Geometry Dash.

To help you pick the best ones, we have put a list together for you. These are all highly popular games and you will find them very entertaining and addictive. Check them out below and find links to the designated game pages.

  1. 1 – Return Man

    If you have any kind of interest in Football, then you have to try out this game. It is quite simple, but with each level you clear it gradually becomes more difficult. Your essentially take the view of the return man on the pitch. Your first task is to catch the ball being passed to you. At the early stages this is not that difficult, but later on you have to move further and faster to catch it.

    Next, you have to run to the goal line and avoid being tackled. There are a lot of players from the other team who just want to take you down. But you do have 3 defenders on your side, so make sure you stay close to them.

    At different stages, you can also gain some power ups. These include a speed boost, but you have to be careful where and when you activate it. Try out the game now to see if you have the skills to play a return man.

  2. 2 – Bloons Tower Defense

    This is the ultimate tower defense strategy game. If you really need a good and fun distraction from geometry dash, then this is probably one of the best options. Your task is to place defensive towers for the monkeys. These defenses are designed to pop balloons (or bloons for short) in different ways.

    Be careful though, because the bloons all have different powers that will result in your towers being useless. If too many of the bloons make it to the end of the level you lose and have to start over again. But with quite a lot of different levels and more than 10 different types of towers, you will find this game to be very entertaining. And there are no shortages of different tactics to come up with.

    At the start this is really simple to do, but later on you will encounter levels with very complex paths that make it almost impossible to succeed. Try it out today and see if your strategic skills are strong enough.

  3. 3 – Gun Mayhem

    If you just want to shoot up some stuff then try out Gun Mayhem. There have been 2 version of this so far, and you will love how much fun this can be. The graphics are not made to be anything like a console will provide. But sometimes you just want to quickly get a bit of distraction in a simple and old fashioned shooting game.

    The idea is simple. At the start of each level you choose your weapons. Then you enter a platform, where enemies will try and kill you. You can either shoot or throw bombs, but the idea is to get all the enemies before they get you. With each new level this becomes more difficult. But you do get new weapons as you move along.

    One tip to keep in mind is to be careful with the bombs. They are great to get multiple targets off the platform in one go. But if you stand too close you will take the damage too.

  4. 4 – Learn To Fly

    This is possibly one of the most fun games on this list. It also has a really great story to it, so every level brings you new challenges. Essentially, you have to help a Penguin to fly. But because penguins cannot fly, you have to resort to some genius techniques. Dependent on the challenge for a level you either have to fly high, far or long.

    As a result, you have to pick your flight equipment wisely. Gliders will get you to fly longer distances and for a longer period of time. But rockets will also work for long distances and high altitude. Pick your technology wisely and make sure you look out for obstacles.

    As you fly you have to use the arrow keys to control your penguin’s flight. This does become quite tricky and you have to resolve to many different tactics to succeed. For a really fun distraction from other games, try to help a penguin out. You will not regret it.

  5. 5 – Get On Top

    Have you got a little bit of a competitive nature in you? Do you like playing simple games against your friends and family? If so, then this is a must try game. The graphics are extremely simple. Your figure has no major detail and you essentially have to wrestle your opponent to the ground.

    What’s unique is that you cannot play this game over the Internet. You have to both be sitting at the same computer. This brings a really old fashioned element of competition into the game. If you remember games from the 90s, then this kind of set up was perfectly normal.

    One player uses the WASD keys and the other uses the arrow keys. These move your figure in different directions. And when you combine different moves you can overpower your opponent. Once their back and head hit the ground you are declared the winner.

    Beware that this does become very competitive and fun to play. A perfect way to distract from other games.

  6. 6 – Happy Wheels

    In this game, you have to control your character and the vehicle he is riding in. Your character is essentially a rag doll and in this jump and run style game you have to avoid crashing into objects. When you do so then your character takes damage. And it does so in quite a bloody way.

    At first there may just be a few cuts or broken limbs. But the more damage you cause the more likely that limbs will fall off. It almost becomes a challenge to see how much damage you can inflict by the time you get to the end of a level.

    With each completed level you will gain access to additional characters and power ups as well. This makes it really fun to play. Because you can then go over each level with all the different characters to see how they crash and damage.

    If you just want a good laugh, then try out happy wheels. It will provide hours of entertainment.

  7. 7 – Run 3

    The ultimate 3D running game is the Run series. It is now in its third version and there are some really cool features in this game. Your task is to help a small alien to find the way through a tunnel system. But these tunnels are full of obstacles and surprises.

    If you run into an obstacle or fall between the floors, then you end up lost in space and have to start over. The challenge is to find a way to jump from one platform to the next. To help you with this, you can change gravity as you play.

    As soon as you touch the side of an object, that side becomes the floor and the whole game screen twists. You really need to take this to your advantage. In some levels, you cannot get to the end without causing gravity to change. This is because gaps between platforms are just too big.

  8. 8 – Impossible Quiz

    The name of this game says it all. If you think you are smart, think again. This game will test every bit of you. It is not so much a way to test how much stuff you know. But rather how fast you can fully understand a question and the answers.

    Each question has hidden meanings, double meanings and subtle negatives built into them. Also, while the questions are basically always the same, they do change the wording just a little bit. As a result, you will find it very difficult to remember them all.

    You get to choose from 4 multiple choice answers. Get three answers wrong and you have to start at the beginning again. You do get some lifelines along the way. These are called skips, but you really want to keep them for the really tough questions towards the end.

    Once you get to questions 100 to 120 things get almost impossible. If you have some of your skips saved up, that’ll help get you to the end. But this will take a lot of practice to get good at.

  9. 9 – Kingdom Rush

    Another great tower defense strategy game is Kingdom Rush. It is very similar to BTD5 above, but the story is a bit different. You also have to place defensive towers in a fantasy world where your enemies are trying to get to you. If too many of them make it through the paths in the level, then you lose.

    As you complete levels you will get new types of towers that have different abilities. You have to learn their special powers quickly as your enemy also evolves and gets improved powers. It is a strategy game, but it will also test your reflexes and ability to make fast decisions.

    Those are skills you will have from playing Geometry Dash. And with this little bit of diversion you’ll get better at both.

  10. 10 – Strike Force Heroes

    Do you like plain and old fashioned third person shooter games? Sick of all the extreme high end graphics. If you just want to quickly pick up a game to shoot up some stuff then Strike Force is exactly what you need.

    Each map is a level, and there are dozens of levels available. On each map, you will face a different challenge that will test your ability to react fast and get rid of your enemy. You need to learn to use different weapons and defensive moves, because there are a lot of enemies coming to get you. The game does take some getting used to as the controls can be a bit tricky. It certainly takes more than just timing your jumps with the space key.

    If you try out any of these games you will quickly find them very addictive. Make sure that you switch between games a lot as that will help you deal with levels that you get stuck on. Sometimes it’s just best to play something else.

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