Learn To Fly 3

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The third game in the Learn to Fly series. This time, our penguin is challenged to not only fly, but make it to space!

A/D or Left/Right to steer | W/Up for boosts | S/Down to stop certain stages | 1/2/3/4 to use single boosts | Controls can be changed in the options menu

Learn To Fly 3: If Only Penguins Could Fly

Combining strategy and action into one game and then having a great game story is pretty rare. And when you do see these things combined, you often find that the game ends up being neither strategy nor action.

But with Learn To Fly 3 you can expect both and you will have a very fun story to go with it. From the very start you will need to think a lot about the strategy you set up. But once the level starts you will need those trained gaming reflexes in order to react to all the different obstacles you’ll encounter.

So, how do penguins fly:

In this series of games (now in its third version) you have to help a penguin to prove to the world that he can fly. And the best way you can achieve that is strap him to a glider or rocket. Sounds crazy, right? But that is the simplest way to describe the game. With each level and game mode the tasks change and you have to become very good at planning your take off.

To find out more about the best features of the game and for some great tips and tricks, just keep reading. We’ll have you clearing levels at lightning speed in no time.

What is The Aim Of The Game?

In simple terms: to get pingu airborne. But there is a lot more to it than that. During your game play, you will need to use the controls to avoid obstacles and you have to plan your launching mechanism carefully. As you advance you will also get access to more and more objects that will help you to fly.

At the start, all you have is the launching coil. This will catapult you into the air. And you can use a boost to try and keep you flying for a little longer. In the early levels, you will not have much extra options. The reason for this is to get you used to the controls and the different game options.

Once you get through a few attempts in the most basic game stage you will start unlocking other stages. In each stage the aim will slightly change, and you will have different technology to help you along the way.

Everything from balloons to rockets and gliders will become available. And you have to pick them wisely to succeed. In some levels the aim will be to fly for longer distances. And then there are stages that will require you to fly for as long a time as possible. This quickly becomes a balancing act between using the right technology and timing your boosts to avoid a crash.

What Is The Game Story?

In this third version, the life of pingu complicates further. At the start of the game you see the penguin at home sitting at his computer. As penguins do. He has received an email making fun of him for not being able to get to space. Next, the story moves to the Penguin NASA complex where classes are being taught and a dummy is launched.

But the dummy launch fails and your character ends up in a conversation with a professor who shows him how it is done the right way. Pingu then immediately runs home to come up with ever more intricate launching methods. And this then sets the scene for an entirely new game play mode.

You essentially start out with a very simple launching coil. As you complete more achievements and tasks you will unlock higher tech solutions. But the main thing to keep in mind is that in this new game play mode, it is all about flying vertically.

This is very different to the older versions where everything happened horizontally. You can still access the old stages in classic mode, but this new mode brings a whole load of new action. Definitively give it a try and see how quickly you can actually get to the moon. Because that is the ultimate target!

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are pretty simple really. The main difficulty comes in the timing of the controls. In the new game mode, the idea is to fly as high as possible and avoid contact with objects. The objects range from planes to satellites and clouds. When you make contact with these you will be slowed down quite a bit.

To avoid them you will want to move left and right. You can either do that by setting the game up for your computer mouse. Or you can use the keyboard keys. Try out both options and see what you prefer. We have found that keyboard keys are a bit more reliable than the mouse.

While you are in flight you will have different types of boost available. To trigger a boost, you will either hit the left mouse button or you can use the space key. The timing here is very important. Avoid hitting the boost too early, as it will only end up being wasted.

In later stages, you will also have to use the space key or mouse button to trigger the launch pad. Usually you will see a pressure gauge that fluctuates. Your aim will be to hit the space key at the highest possible pressure to give you the best chances. But this can be quite difficult to achieve.

What’s New In Learn To Fly 3?

With this latest version, you get a whole new set of game features that will bring a lot of fun. You can still play the older version on our website as well. But if you want to play the older stages then you can do so in the new version as well. Let’s take a look at some of the latest features.

Game Play Modes

There are three main game play modes that you need to be aware of. If you have played the older versions then you really want to jump into the first story mode. This is where all the new game play happens. In classic and payload mode, you will find the old stages just like in the previous versions of the game.

  1. Story Mode
    This is the first time that the game play has shifted to vertical. So, you will have to start thinking very differently than before. In the first stages, you will only have a coil string to get you airborne. As you fly vertically you will have to avoid objects by moving left and right.You also have the boost, but it’s best to wait to use that feature until your power has gone below the red zone. As you complete certain achievements you will unlock more stages. And these will introduce better technology to make sure you can fly higher and longer.
  2. Classic
    In this game mode, you will see all the old-style gaming. This is all still based on a horizontal game play where you have to try and fly longer and further. If you haven’t played the game before then this is a great way to get some more boredom busting action. However, if you already played the previous version to the end then this won’t really be so entertaining.
  3. Payload
    This game set up requires you to try and fly with ever increasing weight. It can be quite a challenge and is a very fun way to get to different achievements. You will need to try and upgrade a lot of your boost and launch pads to get good at this. Because it adds a bit of a different difficulty, this is a great way to distract from the other modes.

Booster Packs

While you are in flight you have different types of boosts available. At the very start, there is only one. And you can only trigger it once. But as you advance, you unlock more complex devices. These have different levels of power boosting and will eventually help you to get into space.

Powering up the booster packs is one of the most important ways to spend your game currency. See the tips and tricks section for some advice on how to best plan your upgrades.

Market Place

There are two ways to spend your earned game currency. There is the regular market place that you see at the start of each round. If you have enough currency available then you’ll see the items you can upgrade.

But there is also the black market now where you can get stuff like customizable gear for your penguin. You’ll also get new types of boost which are then available in game play. The main thing to note is that you should plan your purchases wisely. Don’t spend your currency on silly stuff that won’t help you get further in the game.

Tips And Tricks

In this section, you’ll learn a few tips on how to advance through the levels the fastest. If you plan it well and play a lot then you will be successful very soon. The moon is the ultimate target and it will likely take you quite a few weeks to get all the upgrades necessary. But if you stick with it then you will win.

  • Different Stages

    Stages in Learn To Fly refers to the boosts that you can get once your penguin is airborne. Kind of like the stages in a rocket that NASA would launch into space. The boosts provided by the all the stages are very different. Some of them will only work well for very light loads. Others will result in very erratic behavior.

    Some of the best stages that you can unlock are the sonic boost and cruise missile. They don’t have much fuel but the boost they provide is amazing. You will need to unlock and upgrade pretty much every available stage on offer to fully succeed.

  • Using Boosts

    Once you have launched you will see a gauge at the bottom of the screen. This will tell you how much power is left in your flight. It starts in the read area, kind of like warning pressure area. Dependent on what stage you are using you will see different levels of fuel on the gauge. Some boosts will last only seconds. But if they are powerful enough that’s all you need.

    The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t trigger the boosts too soon. Wait until your current fuel and power has faded out of the red area. If you trigger it too soon then you will waste too much of the boost that it provides. But don’t forget to trigger it either. Once it’s too late you won’t be able to use them.

  • Launching Pingu

    There are many different launchers available. You unlock them just like other features by achieving larger amounts of flight time and height. Essentially, they all work in a similar way. You hit the space key to trigger them. But beware that some of them have fluctuating power gauges on them. To get the most out of them you will need to trigger them when the gauge is showing maximum power.

  • Upgrades

    There are many things that you can upgrade. Everything from customized clothing to Launchers and stages. You need to use the money you earn to unlock more powerful features. You might be tempted to keep upgrading different features to keep them all level. But that is not the best way to achieve results fast. It is much better to focus your upgrades on just a few features.

    This will give you much bigger boosts and better launching pads in a shorter space of time. And the higher you get with those upgrades, the more money you will earn. And that system will give you more upgrades in a faster space of time.

Save Your Game Progress

If you are like most people then you will likely be hooked on the game within just a few minutes. The story is great. The game play action is great. And there are so many ways to stay entertained. If you want to be able to come back to the game at different times then it’s best to save your game every so often.

When you have made some progress, this will be saved every time you play on this website. But you can also export your game progress and then import it on another computer. But even if you tend to play on the same computer you should try and back up the game regularly. It can be very frustrating to lose all of your progress.

Start Playing Today

The good news is that you don’t have to go searching for an unblocked version of the game. And you don’t have to worry that you’ll only get a partial version with most of the game locked.

You can get started right here on this site. And you won’t have to worry whether you have ended up on a dodgy site with viruses that will cause all sorts of problems. You can also play the older version called Learn 2 Fly if you haven’t played that before. But as mentioned above, the old levels, stages and launchers are all available in classic mode in this third version.


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