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Learn 2 Fly
Learn to Fly: The Emperor Strikes Back! (Or Learn 2 Fly). Play as a penguin incapable of flying by yourself. But no worries, you can buy engines, gliders, fuel and more to help you. The further you fly, the more money you make, so you can buy more upgrades! Play on a muted mode (if you’re undercover) or play with the games easy-listening soundtrack.

Use the left/right arrows or A/D to steer, space bar to use boost, any key to activate special sleighs. (All controls can be customized in the option menu, with the possibility to use the mouse instead of the keyboard)

If you are into online Flash gaming then you have probably encountered Learn To Fly. It is one of the most popular games with millions of players out there that have become addicted to helping a Penguin to become airborne.

On this page, you will find out exactly what it’s all about. And if you tend to get frustrated with slow progress then the tips and tricks section will give you all the help you need to succeed as quickly as possible.

In this second version of the game, the designers have introduced a load of new features and game play options. The graphics have been improved and the story has been made even more entertaining. But even if you haven’t played the previous version, you will get a load of fun without being lost in the game play.

What is Learn 2 Fly About?

In this second version of the game you continue with very similar game play. You are still trying to help the Penguin to prove to the world that he can fly. There are some new features with different types of gliders, boosts and launchers. These all give you more options to help you succeed.

At the very beginning you will only have some very basic launchers. And all they do is catapult the penguin horizontally. At the start, it will not be too difficult and you will not encounter many obstacles. But you do need to be prepared to use the controls to avoid crashing into the different objects.

Even in the initial levels you have a booster. But you should make sure that you don’t use it too soon. Keep an eye on your throttle gauge at the bottom of the screen. The best time to boost is usually when the throttle is down to half way.

As you gain points and progress to more difficult achievements you will be able to unlock different types of launchers and boosters (also known as stages). The tips and tricks section has some advice on these, but it is important that you start unlocking as much as you can. The additional technology will help you to achieve tougher goals and get to the end of the game sooner.

What Is The Game Story?

At the end of the last game your penguin almost had a clean record of success. But at the very end you will have seen him fail and crashing into a giant iceberg. The story for Learn 2 Fly picks up right there. You see the penguin laying in a hospital bed covered in bandages.

The crash with the iceberg has left him in pretty bad shape. Because of the injuries, he cannot fly himself. And the only other option is to use a dummy to take his place. Taking all the technical advantages available he is able to launch the dummy with enough power to completely destroy the iceberg.

Proud of his accomplishments the story next shifts back to the penguin where he is boasting about his success on social media. But he again receives a lot of insults for what he has done. This just frustrates him even more and he goes to seek revenge on the world.

In a secret ending to the story line you will see a really fun sequence of events. The dummy is launched with enough power to fly over the iceberg and to a distant island. Here it crashes into the hut of a dodo. This dodo seems to be typing a blog entry with insults about penguins. Next you see the dummy crashing into the hut and destroying it completely.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are still as simple as they were in the first version. The space key is used to get airborne with the advanced launchers. And it is also used to trigger the different stages that give you extra boost as you fly. Timing is the main thing you need to get used to.

Once you are flying you have to be aware of the objects that come in your way. When you crash into them they will slow you down. As a result, you will not fly as high, far and long as you need to get to the designated achievements. The goal of the level you are playing will also impact how you plan the action.

To get to a higher altitude you want to have a much more vertical launch angle. While flying for a longer distance and time will require gliders and very careful use of the stages. The faster you are flying the more precise you have to be with your reactions. Avoiding obstacles and keeping an eye on your throttle is very important to ensure success.

What’s New In Learn 2 Fly?

The epic story of the battle of wills continues. You will be aiming to achieve certain sets of goals, but will encounter new obstacles that will take you down. In this section, we will look at some of the great new features that you’ll encounter. If you played the game before but got a little bored then you really are in for a great treat and loads more fun.

  1. New Obstacles

    The smallest obstacle that you will encounter is the 80-foot snowman. When you encounter this first it is likely that you will crash into it and do hardly any damage. But it is a great way to get you into the mind set of having to create a strategy to succeed. You will need to launch at a specific angle and use booster stages to destroy all the obstacles.

    Next up is the 400-foot snow mound. This becomes quite a bit more difficult. If you have not advanced enough of your stages and launchers then you will struggle with this one. You might need to gain some more experience and points to be able to unlock more features. More on that in the tips and tricks section.

    The dreaded iceberg is 2200 feet tall, but in this version of the game you will be able to destroy it if you have enough power. But beware, there is another obstacle that is even taller. Finally, there is the wall which is 4500 feet high. You might wonder whether this is where the inspiration for the ice wall in game of thrones came from 😉

  2. New Payloads

    To destroy the different obstacles, you will need some different payloads. The game has introduced some great options that include anything from sand to dark matter. You will have to spend quite a bit of game money to get these, and some are only available for a single use.

    As an example, the dark matter payload will cost 25,000 which could take quite a while to save up. But once you have it you’ll be able to use it multiple times and it will be essential to succeed against the wall. Used at the right time you will become unstoppable.

    The best thing to do with payloads is to try them all out. They add a great bit of fun to the game and you will be challenged to make optimum use of them.

  3. Challenges

    Distance challenges will go up to 4000 feet. This will require powerful stages and launchers and a lot of practice at avoiding objects. The altitude challenge goes up to 400 feet and this will require a more aggressive launch angle and powerful boosts. At the same time that you achieve distance and altitude challenges you will likely also succeed at the speed one. This runs up to 450 Mph. Quite some achievement for a penguin.

    The duration challenge is a little more difficult to get right and succeed. Running up to 90 seconds this will require gliders and very careful planning of boosters to keep you in the air for as long as possible

    Destroying all obstacles will become quite tough, but not impossible. There is also the challenge of destroying more than one obstacle in a single run. This becomes really fun and will have you trying many times before you succeed.

Tips And Tricks

As with all games on our site, we highly recommend that you just dive in and play it as much as possible. Nothing is more powerful than game experience. But there are a few things that will really help you to succeed a lot quicker. And in this section, we will focus on a few of those tips.

  1. Using Stages

    Once you are airborne it is important to use all the tools available to keep you flying. If you stall you will crash. And that can mean you don’t get to the next goal. As you unlock more stages in the game, you will be able to use them to gain speed in flight.

    Simply hitting the space key will give you a boost. And different types of stages will have different levels of boost and fuel. Some boosters are very powerful, but will only last a few seconds before the fuel runs out. Others have a ton of fuel, but will not increase your speed by that much. The important thing with the boosts is to time them well. If they are triggered too early then you will not have taken full advantage of the previous boost.

  2. Using Launchers

    From the very beginning you will have use of a launcher. You get to unlock more of them as you progress and it will become quite important to learn how to take advantage of them. Generally speaking, you will want to use the most powerful one you have.

    But these will take a bit of time to get and also some skill to use to get the best results. The more advanced launchers will have a gauge that has fluctuating power levels. If you hit the space key too soon you will not get the full power. Make sure you train your reactions to always hit the space key at the highest power level.

  3. Unlocking Features

    The more you play and the more achievements you get the more game currency you will have available. This currency can be spent to upgrade and unlock different launchers and stages. Many gamers are tempted to upgrade each feature one step at a time. But this spreading out of upgrades is not the most efficient way to succeed.

    You will gain a lot more progress by upgrading specific features all the way to the top level. Only then should you consider starting the upgrades of other features. There are some customization features as well, but you should really avoid those as they only give you a different looking penguin and dummy. Always stick to upgrades that will help you to succeed.

Start Playing Today

To play a fully unblocked version of the game you don’t have to go searching. We have made the latest version available right here on our website. And this also gives you the reassurance that you haven’t ended up on a dodgy site with viruses and malware.

The game also allows you to save your progress. But you should also back up your progress from time to time. You can use the export feature for this. The added benefit of this is that you’ll be able to just load that backup at any time on any device.

Get The Latest Adobe Flash

To avoid game crashes and stuttering play you will need to make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. If you have an outdated version then you could run into trouble. The good news is that you can use a free version checking tool on the Adobe website. It’s simple to use and only takes a few seconds.

If your version is out of date then you will have the option to download the latest one for free. The advantage that Flash gives you is that it only has to be installed once on your device. Then you can play all types of games and not worry about what operating system they were designed for.



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