Flight Unblocked

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Throw a paper plane as far as you can. Collect points and upgrade your plane so you can throw it even further 🙂

Use the mouse to pick up and throw the plane.

P: Pause.
Arrow Keys / A and D: Turn the plane.
Spacebar: Use the Engine.
R: Activate “Rainbow Stars.”
(Some of these abilities require upgrades)

Flight Unblocked – The Most Fun You Can Have With Paper Planes

There is no shortage of games in the online Flash gaming world. No matter what your preferences are you’ll find some pretty cool games. There are tower defense strategies, action games, jump and run and simulators. You could spend endless hours switching between them and not get bored.

But sometimes you need something different!

And that’s when you need to go looking for something that is truly innovative and unique. Something that really hasn’t been there before, but gives a load of fun to play. And of course, it has to be challenging and make you come back for more.

That small gap is exactly what Flight is all about. This seemingly simple game has taken the online community by storm and you won’t believe how such a simple idea can bring endless hours of entertainment. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started. And you’ll even be able to get playing right away.

What is Flight About?

The aim is to throw your plane in a way that makes it fly as far as possible. This takes a combination of angle and force, but both those can go against you. If you throw at too high an angle you might fly high, but not far. Similarly, if the angle is too shallow, any amount of force will just make you crash.

Along the way, you encounter objects in flight that can help you. But some will also cause quite some problems. Firstly, you will collect stars that earn you cash that you can use to upgrade different feature enhancements. But you’ll also see folded paper cranes. And these can boost the value of the stars.

The first crane you hit will give you a boost of 2 times, and any additional crane will increase that by one. But they do only last for a few seconds.

Each time you throw the plane the distance will be measured. This is added up to your total distance for your level. The first level is London and the distance to cover is 1200 meters. Next up is Paris with 2200 meters and then comes Egypt.

With each level, you have to cover more distances. After each throw, you will be given points scoring that translates into game cash. That cash can then be spent to make upgrades. And those in turn will help you fly longer and further. Ultimately giving you even more cash to spend.

This might all sound very simplistic and boring, but it is a very addictive and fun game to play. Once you get the hang of it you will be going back for more many times over.

What Is The Game Story?

Well, there isn’t really a story that relates to the game itself. There is a loose bit of a story that you see at the start and in between levels. It starts off with a little girl and it looks like it’s Christmas. She writes a note to Santa to ask if she could see her mommy for Christmas. Seems very sad for such a fun game. She then folds up the note into a plane and throws it.

After the first level the story continues with a man who finds the plane and then imagines that it is a woman who sent him a note and proceeds to write his own one and throws that note. The note is in French and goes on its way in the form of a plane.

This plane then lands on a camel that takes off and runs away from its owner. The owner reads the note and starts imagining people falling into a fire. Then the earth catches fire and the camel owner panics. He bites his finger to draw some blood and writes a note saying “The End Is Near”.

To find out the rest of the story you should play the game as it does go from bizarre to weird and back again.

How Do The Controls Work?

They are actually extremely simple. You use your mouse button and click on the paper plane at the start of a level. Hold the mouse button to pick it up. Then move all the way to the left and fast to the right when you let go of the mouse button.

The faster you do this the more power you put behind your throw. And that will help with the distance of the flight.

Mouse or trackpad?

Mouse kind of wins for us. You are able to get a lot more power behind each throw with your mouse. And you will find it so much easier to time the release of the mouse button versus a track pad button. If you are playing on a laptop then try out both and see what works best for you.

Special Game Features

There are a lot of features in this game. The great thing is that every time you encounter a new one the game pauses and some instructions appear on screen. This is very helpful and the instructions are clear and to the point. Here are some features that you should be aware of as you get started.

  1. Collect Stars

    On all levels, from the very start there are stars along the screen. When you come in contact with these stars you will collect $5 for each one. If you have the rudder upgrade then you can steer your plane a little to try and catch more of them. It’s very important to aim for as many as possible. The more stars you touch, the more cash you earn. And the more cash you have the more upgrades you can make.

  2. Different Planes

    The first plane is very basic. But with just a little bit of game cash you can start upgrading to some really fancy looking ones. Their design and look change considerably. But they all have one thing in common. The more you upgrade this feature, the further you will be able to fly.

  3. Game Scene Objects

    There are many different objects that you’ll encounter. The most obvious are the cranes and they will give you a multiplier (minimum 2x) for all the cash stars you collect for a few seconds. When you hit multiple cranes, they will increase the multiplier. This can be very powerful and quickly give you $20 or $25 per star.

    There are also lucky stars. These will have different powers, and the best one is the booster. This will really powerfully accelerate you allowing you to fly very long distances. Catching a few of these will quickly get you over 400 meters of flight distance and a ton of cash stars.

    You will also see some small windmills on the ground. If you come close to these they will give you another quick boost. When you do get this boost, make sure you rudder up to get you higher into the air.

  4. Score Calculation

    At the end of each throw you will see a chart that shows you how well you did. First it will list out all the cash you earned by collecting stars. Then it will display the distance you have flown and what that translates into for cash. Finally, you will see a percentage. This is calculated based on the maximum altitude, velocity and time. That percentage is then added to give you a total.

    Essentially, the more stars you catch, while going longer distances and a good bonus percent will give you some pretty sizable cash rewards. And the more you earn the quicker you can upgrade. And that boosts your earnings even more.

  5. Achievements

    There are also a lot of achievements in this game. These unlock automatically and range from collecting 20 stars to completing a level in less than certain amounts of throws. There are also some extremely tough ones like flying 300 meter at under 3 meters’ altitude. That will take quite some skill and experience.

    You can always check your achievements while you are on the upgrades screen. A lot of them you will unlock just by playing. But after a while you might want to check out those that are left and see what you have to do to achieve them.

Tips And Tricks

Play as much as you can to get started. It won’t take too long to get through the levels even with limited upgrades. This will give you a lot of game experience and especially some skills on how to get further. But there are some tips right here that will help you get further from the start.


There are quite a few different things you can upgrade. After each throw, you will be given the option to spend your cash on the upgrades. We won’t go into all of them here. Instead, you will see the upgrades that are most important. No matter what game you are playing it is generally best to focus on one type of upgrade at a time. Rather than spreading out your cash evenly.

  • Throwing Power:

    This will increase the power of your throw. And the more power you get behind it the further you will fly. This is definitely an upgrade to focus on first. Get at least 4 or 5 of this upgraded before you focus on anything else.

  • Better Model:

    This will upgrade the plane type. The first one is very basic. And it won’t go particularly far. But with the upgraded models you will quickly see a lot of improvements. But the upgrades will also make them more susceptible to wind. And you’ll quickly see some impact to your flight path. Both positive and negative.

  • Lightweight:

    This is another one to get up as high as possible. The lighter your plane the further it will travel by not losing too much height. The first few upgrades can be done in quick succession. But after a while you will have to save a lot of cash. But it will be worth it!

  • Aerodynamic:

    Upgrading this will make sure that you don’t lose velocity too quickly. It’s not as important as weight and power, but once you have those upgraded quite a bit, it will be time to focus on this.

  • Rudder Control:

    Once your plane is airborne you can use the arrow keys to control the flight path. This is a great way to try and catch more stars or possibly even a crane. But beware that this will reduce your fuel a lot quicker, so use it sparingly and only when you know it will give you a benefit. You can also cause your plane to stall if you tilt up too far!

  • Green Fuel:

    You can wait with this one for quite a while. At the start, you’ll notice that you rarely run out of fuel by the time you land. Once that starts happening it’s time to upgrade green fuel and that will lower the amount of fuel used for flight and rudder.

  • Hurricane:

    The larger models will be affected by wind a lot more. The negative effect can quickly stall you. With this upgrade, you will reduce the negative effect while at the same time boosting the effect of windmills. This is powerful once you regularly fly more than 150 meters.

  • Emergency Boost:

    When you stall you will basically fall to the ground. And there is nothing you can do to stop it. Unless you upgrade the emergency boost. When you have this feature, you can quickly hit the space key and it will relaunch your plane and allow you to continue with the same scene.

Seek Out Windmills

Now, you can never really tell for sure if you’ll hit a windmill. When you do just go over the top of one your plane will launch in the air again to give you a boost. Multiple successive windmills will give you several boosts. If you are skilled enough you can try and make your throw go close to one and then use your rudder to aim for one.

Don’t Stall

For any flight, stalling is a disaster that you usually cannot get out of. In this game that is exactly the same. When you stall you will crash. The main reason this to happen is if you rudder up too much. You will see a warning that tells you to speed up. You can achieve this by going nose down, and ideally catching a windmill.

You should also consider upgrading for the emergency boost. This will help you break out of the stall.

Who Designed The Game?

Not surprisingly Armor Games is behind this fantastic creation. These days it almost seems like they simply cannot create a bad game that doesn’t get welcomed with open arms. It is clear that they have put a lot of thought into this creation as well.

Play It Right Here

If you have read enough then just start playing right now. We have the latest version available right here on this website. And that will save you time looking for a safe website with the latest version. There are too many dodgy websites and there are those that will charge you for playing.

Right here you can get playing for free on a safe website that will not deliver you viruses and other malware.

Update Your Adobe Flash Version

With all Flash based games you should always check your Flash version on a regular basis. This will make sure that you don’t have crashes or other stuttering effects that will make playing quite difficult. That can also result in losing your progress.

If you head over to the Adobe website you’ll be able to check your current version and it will tell you if you need an update. If that’s the case you’ll be given a free download and you’ll be pretty much all set. Just relaunch your browser to make sure the new version is picked up.



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