Flight Unblocked – Simple Fun With A Paper Plane

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There are many online Flash games today. It does not matter what type you like the most, you will get plenty of cool games. You will get games such as action, tower defense strategies, simulators, and jump and run. These are not only exciting and enjoyable but also addictive. You may find yourself spending endless hours switching between different games and not get bored.

Even though this is a fact, there are times you need something different. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that at times you may spend time looking for something that is truly innovative as well as unique. This should be something that has never been there before, but gives you a lot of fun while playing it. The game should be challenging and give you something that will keep you coming back.

This is what Flight is all about. Flight is an outwardly simple game, which has taken the online community by storm. This is an example of a simple game idea that brings e

ndless hours of entertainment. Through this article, you will get to learn everything there is about the game and how to play it.

General Game Info

The Flight game is all about trying to throw a model plane and try to make it fly as far as possible. This will take a combination of angle and force. However, both force and angle can go against you. For example, if you throw it at a high angle, the model plane will only fly high but will not fly far. Likewise, if the angle is too low, any force you apply to it, will just make it crash.

As you continue, you will come across several objects that will help you. However, others will make it challenging. With every throw you complete, you will collect stars, which will earn you a certain amount of cash, which you can use to upgrade different features that enhance your plane. You will also see folded paper cranes, which may boost the value of the stars.

For example, if you hit your first crane, you will receive 2 times boost for each time you hit them. This does only last for few seconds, but you can accumulate several cranes for added boosts.

Any distance you throw your plane will be added up to your total distance for the level. The first level is in London, which needs a distance of 1200 meters. The next level is located in Paris, which requires a distance of 2200 meters. The third level is in Egypt, and so on. Keep in mind that with each level you unlock, the more distance you need complete to unlock the next.

With each throw, you will be given points scoring, which translate into game cash/money. The money you receive can be used to upgrade your plane in different ways. Each upgrade you do, will translate into longer and further flights, which will also translate into more cash as well.

This may sound boring and very simple, but in the actual sense, it is not. The game is fun and addictive. The moment you understand how the game is played, the more fun you will get.

The Game Story

The basic story is a bit strange and disconnected. In other words, there isn’t really a story which relates to the game. You will see a small story at the beginning and in-between levels. The game starts with a little girl in a Christmassy theme or background. The girl writes a note to Santa asking to see her mother for Christmas. This seems very sad for such a fun game. However, she then folds the note into a plane and throws it.

After completing the first level, the story continues with a man who finds the plane. When reading, he imagines that it is a woman who has written the note. He then proceeds to reply and throws that note. The note is in French and goes on its way in the form of a plane.

The plane then lands on a camel. The camel’s owner reads the note and begins to imagine people falling into a fire. Then the earth catches fire, and the camel owner begins to panic. He bites his finger to draw blood so that he can use it to write a note saying that the end is near.

To know more about the whole story, you should play the game. You will see that continues going from bizarre to weird, and back again.

The Game Controls

The game controls are very simple and you will figure them out quickly. All you need to play is a computer mouse. You will use your mouse to click on the plane. Hold your “left click” of the mouse to pick it up. Then move the mouse all the way to the left and fast to the right, and release the mouse button. The faster you are able to do this, the more power you put behind your through. This will help with fight distance.

Which Is Better; Trackpad Or Mouse?

Well, in our opinion, the mouse is the better option for this game. The reason being that you will be able to put more power behind each throw. Moreover, you will find it easy playing this game compared to a trackpad button. Therefore, if you are using your laptop, you should consider using an external mouse rather than its touchpad.

Game Features

The game offers a lot of features. And every new feature you find will result in the game pausing and some instructions will appear explaining what the feature does. This is very helpful if you are not used to the game. Furthermore, the instructions are clear and direct to the point. Below are few features that will appear as you begin playing the game.

  • Collect Stars

    As you play the game, you will notice that there are stars on the screen. Anytime you come in contact with one; you will automatically be given $5 game cash for each one. If you have upgraded your plane, then you can try to steer it a bit to try to catch all of them. It is wise to aim to as many as you can. The more stars you touch, the more cash you get.

  • Different Planes

    As you begin the game, you will initially have a basic model. However, through the cash you earn, you are given the ability to begin your upgrades. Moreover, you have capacity to buy fancy looking plane models. Their design and look make a huge difference when it comes to playing the game. All gaming planes have one thing in common: the more features you upgrade, the further it will travel.

  • Scene Objects

    There are a lot of different objects that you will come across. The common objects are cranes. As mentioned above, the crane will give you a multiplier for all the cash stars you have collected. The moment you hit multiple planes, they will increase the multipliers. This is an important object for accumulating cash.

    More objects include lucky stars. These lucky stars have different powers, and the best one is the booster. The idea of the booster is to accelerate your flight quickly. This will make it travel for long distances without crashing.

    Another object is small windmills. These windmills will also give you quick boost as soon as you come across them. The moment you hit one, you want to be steering high into the air for best results.

  • Score Calculation

    At the end of each throw, you will see a chart, which shows how well you have done. First, it will show the cash you have earned through star collection. Then it will display the distance traveled and its translation to cash. Finally, it will display a percentage. This is a calculation of maximum altitude, time and velocity. This then gives you your total cash earned.

    The more stars you collect, while traveling long distances, the more sizable cash rewards you will get. The faster you can earn, the quicker you can upgrade your plane.

  • Achievements

    The game does also offer a lot of achievements. Achievements will automatically unlock and range from collecting 20 stars to completing a particular level with a particular small number of throws. The fact is that some achievements are very difficult to achieve. For example, flying 300 meters at under 3 meters’ altitude. This will take quite some skills and experience.

    When playing the game, you have the ability to check your achievements while on the upgrade screen. Many of these achievements will appear just by playing. After some time, it is wise to check for those that you have missed.

Important Flight Game Tips

It won’t take long for you to get through the Flight game levels even with the upgrades available. You should play as much as you can to become proficient in the game. It will give you a lot of experience to take your skills to the next level. Here are some important flight game tips to take your game to the next level.

Upgrading Your Game

There are many upgrades that will become available to the gamer after each throw. After a throw, you will be given an option to spend your cash on certain upgrades. We will show you only the upgrades that are most important to improve your game.

In fact, you should focus only on one type of upgrade at a time, no matter what level of the game you are in. This will prevent you from spending all your cash on unnecessary upgrades.

  • Upgrade: Throwing Power

    This upgrade will increase the power of the throwing. In fact, the more power you have, the further you will fly. That is why you need to focus on this upgrade before anything else. Get at least 4 to 5 of these upgrades if you plan to take the game to the next level.

  • Upgrade: Better Model

    This upgrade will enhance the plane type. The first plane is quite basic and won’t go that far. When you upgrade the type of plane, you will see a lot of improvements in your throw. But these upgrades will make your plane much more susceptible to the wind. Hence, you are bound to see some impact on your flight path when you use this upgrade. It can be both negative as well as positive in nature.

  • Upgrade: Lightweight

    This is another important upgrade that will get your plane up as high as possible. When the plane is lighter, it will travel further up without losing too much velocity in the process. You can do the first few upgrades in quick succession. After that, you have to save some cash for further upgrades. But it is fully worth your cash.

  • Upgrade: Aerodynamic

    This upgrade is important to see that your plane doesn’t lose velocity too quickly. Although this upgrade is not as important as power and weight, once you have the latter, it is important that you concentrate of the aerodynamic upgrades.

  • Upgrade: Rudder Control

    You can use the arrow keys to control the path of the flight once your plane is airborne. This will help you try and catch the stars and even the crane. But this upgrade will reduce your fuel much quicker. Hence, you have to use this upgrade carefully – only when you are sure to get a benefit from it. This can even cause the plane to stall if it tilts up too far.

  • Upgrade: Green Fuel

    You won’t require this upgrade for some time. In fact, at the start, you would rarely run out of fuel by the time you land. Once this starts happening, it is time to upgrade green fuel. This will lower the amount of fuel utilized for flight and rudder.

  • Upgrade: Hurricane

    The larger models of planes are usually affected by the wind more than the lighter ones. This negative effect can stall the path of your plane quickly. This upgrade will help you reduce the negative effects on your plane. It will also boost the effects of windmills. It becomes useful once you start to fly more than 150 meters on a regular basis.

  • Upgrade: Emergency Boost

    When the plane stalls, it would basically fall to the ground. You won’t be able to do anything to stop this. That is why you should upgrade to the emergency boost to prevent such a fate. When you upgrade to this feature, you can immediately hit the space key to relaunch the plane. This will allow you to continue with the same scene.

Seeking Out Windmills

You can never be sure of hitting a windmill. In fact, when you go over the top of a windmill, the plane will launch into the air once again to give you a boost. That way multiple windmills will offer several boots. If you are skilled enough, you should try and throw the plane close to a windmill and use the rudder to aim for a windmill.

Do Not Stall

Stalling is quite a disaster for any flight. Even in the game, it is very important that you don’t stall. Stalling happens when you rudder up too much. There would be a warning that tells you to speed up. You should be able to achieve this by going nose down and catching a windmill in the process. Upgrade for the emergency boost to break out of the stall.

Who Designed The Flight Game?

Armor Games is the proud creator of this game. In fact, Armor Games has been in the forefront of designing some of the most interesting games on the market today. They have definitely put a lot of thought into this game too. Considering how simple the idea is, you will get a whole lot of fun out of it. The only thing missing is some multi player interaction.

Play The Game Right Here

You can start playing the game right here now if you have read enough about the game features and controls. We provide the latest version on this website. This is going to save you a lot of time looking for the latest version on a safe site. There are many unreliable websites that charge you for playing the game. We offer a free and safe platform for you to play right now. And you won’t be taking risks with viruses and malware.

Updating Your Adobe Flash Version

Check your Adobe Flash version before playing any Flash-based games. You won’t experience any crashes or other mishaps when you have the latest Flash version. If you regularly see crashes and stuttering then it could be down to your installed version.

You can check your current version of Flash by heading to the Adobe Website. It will tell you if you need to update it. If you need to upgrade, they will offer a free download for this purpose. Make sure you relaunch the browser to ensure the new version is active.


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