Flip Diving Unblocked

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Pull off Frontflips, Backflips & Gainers from high cliffs, rickety platforms, trees, castles, and trampolines! Choose from a wide range of divers, and unlock new tricks and moves. Aim for a perfect entry into the water, and don’t hit the rocks!

Featuring a custom physics engine with animated ragdoll physics, Flip Diving is the most dynamic and entertaining cliff diving experience ever created!

Flip Diving Unblocked – Dive Like A Pro

Sports games are hugely popular these days. You’ll find everything from football to baseball and soccer. But when is the last time you heard of cliff diving as an online game? And now that you have heard of it you probably think that it couldn’t possibly be that entertaining.

But that would be wrong!

In this article, you will learn all the features, tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this highly addictive game called Flip Diving. It will have you addicted in a matter of minutes and you will keep going back to try and beat your own records. The game designers have really thought of some really cool features that make something rather monotonous into a really fun experience.

Essentially, Flip Diving is a game of skill and timing. You control different characters to help them jump off different platforms and from different heights. You have to trigger different tricks and make sure you land safely. And you want to do this in a way that maximizes points scoring. To help you get started, keep reading this guide and then dive right into the game!

What is Flip Diving About?

The whole idea behind this game is to perform high dives and tricks while you are in the air. Each level is a specific location and there are multiple rounds that you can go through when you are successful. You start each level on the lowest platform and have to tie your jump and trick to avoid getting hurt.

This means you have to make sure you jump at the right angle and then trigger your flip in a way to get most points. The more flips you make the more points you score. But you also have to time the release of your flip. If you flip too long, you will crash. If you release too early or too late, you will belly or back flop.

This all requires some getting used to. You will have to get used to the timing and then practice your reaction times to perfection.

In each level, there are 3 to 5 different heights dependent on the location, that you have to go up. When you successfully jump at a height, you will move to the next one. Once you complete the top one you go back to the bottom and now the landing area gets smaller. With every single dive things will get tougher.

There are a couple of ways in which you will lose. First, if you don’t trigger a flip then you won’t be able to proceed to the next height. Also, if you land back or belly first, then it’s back to the beginning. And if you land outside the designated landing area, you will also be disqualified.

Finally, you have to watch out to not hit the platforms that you are jumping off, if that happens you will also lose.

At the end of each dive run you will see your results added up for number of dives and total flips. The higher these values are the more points you score. You will also be able to collect coins while diving, by coming in contact with them as you fall. The coins can then be used to unlock new features like divers, tricks and locations.

The next section we show you is very important so that you fully understand how to get the most points, so keep reading.

How Do The Controls Work?

The game controls are actually really simple. You use your mouse to navigate the different options on the menus and start the game. Once you are at a location you will see your diver standing on a platform. In the first level this is a series of rocks. But it can vary from a tree to a lighthouse and even a hot air balloon.

To get started you will have to press and hold the mouse button. This will cause your diver to get ready for the jump. You will notice that he will move forwards and back with an arrow above. This arrow will indicate the angle at which the diver will jump. This is very important, as the further out the arrow points, the further you will jump.

But jumping out far is not always good. You have a designated landing area in the water. And when you go beyond that you will lose. But if you jump at too steep of an angle then you are likely to crash into the platform you are jumping off and then you will also lose.

To trigger the jump, you simply let go of the mouse button and you will be airborne. Now you have to wait to trigger your flips, which again is done by pressing and holding the mouse button. The longer you hold the mouse button the more flips you will do. But you have to release before you hit the water.

This is where the timing gets really tricky. If you release too soon or too late, you can end up doing a belly or back flop and that means starting over again. Essentially you have to time it so that you get the most flips and then still land either hands or feet first.

And that is really it. The controls are simple, but the timing is difficult. It will take a lot of practice, but that will be a huge amount of fun to do.

Special Game Features

There are a lot of features in Flip Diving that make it so entertaining. In this section, you will learn about a few of them that will help you to get further in a shorter period of time.

  1. Pick A Diver

    Yes, you can pick different divers, but only once they have been unlocked. To unlock them you have to earn coins, and then spend those coins to spin the wheel. You never know what you will get, but when new divers are made available, you will see them as options. Different divers essentially have different skills. The fun thing is the outfits they wear.

    Your default diver will be wearing swimming shorts and is athletic looking. But you can also get a fat guy, a man in a suit and even different types of mascots. These are all fun to play with and you should try them all out once you unlock them.

  2. Locations

    There are a lot of different locations to unlock. At each location, you will be jumping off different things. At the start, you have a simple cliff face. But you can also find hot air balloons, trees and lighthouses. These all interesting places and they do make it more difficult as well.

    For example, when you jump off the tree branches, the branch is moving as well and this can impact your jump angle. All the locations are gradually unlocked by spinning the wheel.

  3. Different Tricks

    When you jump, you have to perform different tricks. These include a normal front flip, tuck flip, back flip and many more. These all become more difficult to time, but they will give you more coin rewards as well. You have to unlock them all by spinning the wheel as you score more coins.

  4. Settings

    Flip Diving has some settings that help improve the game experience. First of all, there are graphic and sound settings. If you don’t have a powerful device to play on then maybe you want to dial down the graphics to avoid stuttering game play. You can also turn music and sound effects on and off. After a while you might get sick of these.

    An announcer will be constantly giving you updates on your diver performance. But he has a very small list of sentences. And that can get very annoying. You’ll probably decide to turn the announcer off after you have completed a few levels.

    Results are displayed at the end of each level and show you how well you did. This also shows how many coins it translates into. Also, after every dive it will give you an entry score and the number of flips. If you want to speed up the game you can turn the score screens off and just stick to the diving.

Tips And Tricks

Tip number one is always to get playing as much as possible. Flip Diving is the same, and the more game time you get the more skilled you will become. There is no substitute for practice. But there are also some other tips to follow that will help you to avoid simple mistakes.

  1. Pick Up Crates

    Sometimes you will see a crate floating in the landing zone water. You might think you should avoid it, but that is not the case. Crates can contain game features and unlock them for you. When you see one, make sure to head straight for it.

  2. Avoid Flops

    When you do a back or belly flop you will end your diving run. There is no second chance and you will have to start over again. This sounds simple, but it can become very difficult. You have to make sure that you release out of the flip at the right time. This takes some experimenting, and you have to release at different times dependent on the trick you are performing. The more you practice the better you’ll get at this.

  3. Don’t Get Hit

    One message you don’t want to see on screen is “YOU GOT HIT”. This happens when you jump at an angle that is to vertical. When this happens, you can end up falling too close to the platform or object you are jumping off.

    This will result in hitting the side and essentially being disqualified. It actually looks quite funny in the game play, but is not something that will get you far.

  4. Missed Landing Area

    Once you finish the top platform of a location, the game will continue at the bottom again with the second and third rounds, and so on. But each time you get to the bottom you will notice that the landing area has become smaller. And it shrinks by quite a lot!

    If you land outside this area, then you will be disqualified and will have to start over again. This means that you have to pick a more vertical angle and fall closer to the object you are jumping off. It becomes a close balance between getting hit and making the landing zone.

  5. Spin The Wheel

    The wheel spin is how Flip Diving allows you to unlock new hidden and locked features. This includes characters, locations, tricks and divers. Every day you get a free spin, but you can also use the coins you earn to spin again. Essentially, the more you play the more coins you get. And the more coins you get the more things you unlock!

    Items to unlock are chosen at random by spinning the wheel, so you cannot choose specific items to focus on. It’s just a bit of luck, but that makes for a more entertaining and surprising experience.

Who Designed The Game?

The company and people behind this game have really created something fun. Miniclip is a pretty well-known name in the gaming community and they have loads of other games out there. The experience these guys have shown in the graphics and the way the games are designed to keep you coming back. Too often, games like this fail. They are fun to play a couple of times, but then you get bored. You should definitely check out some of their other games.

Start Playing Right Now

The good news is that Flip Diving Unlocked is a browser based game and is available right here on this website. You will not be charged and won’t even have to register to play. All we ask is that you have some fun and come back for more. You won’t have to go looking for an unlocked version that might be on a dodgy site and where you end up getting spammed because you had to hand over your email address.

Platform Availability

Flip Diving is a browser based online game that has now been made available for mobile devices as well. You can download it on your tablet or phone for both iOS and Android. But you will likely find that having a large screen on your computer gives you more detail. And the more detail you see the better you can time your dives. Overall that will help you to advance much faster through the levels and get more features unlocked.


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