Cartoon Strike Unblocked

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Play with your friends or with strangers this first-person multiplayer game (FPS). There is no story available at this moment, just the multiplayer. Join an existing game or create your own server and invite your friends. The game has simple pixel graphics so you should have no problem starting it on any device. 

Instructions: Use WASD to move, SPACE to jump, 1 2 or 3 to change weapon, SHIFT to sprint, R to reload, C to crouch, F to interact, T to chat, Y to chat with your team, Q to knife, B to buy a new weapon, and TAB for the menu

Cartoon Strike Unblocked

Online browser gaming has been missing some more interactive multi-player games. And when it comes to first person action shooters there has been an even bigger gap in the gaming community. But that has significantly changed since the introduction of Cartoon Strike lite.

Essentially, what you get is a multi-player game where you control a cartoon robot like figure. You are armed to the teeth and have to navigate through a 3D world against your friends and enemies. The aim is to not get killed and take out as many enemies as you can.

You can earn in game currency to buy new weapons that can make it a lot easier to beat your enemies. These include specialty weapons and grenades as well so there is plenty of room for entertainment. Once you get used to the controls and find a few friends you will be spending a lot of time in this simple, but effective online game.

What is Cartoon Strike About?

Essentially Cartoon Strike is a first-person shooter with the ability to play against other human players form around the world. The character you play has a cartoon robot like look, which is why the name refers to cartoon. There is not a huge amount of detail in your character’s graphical look, but that really doesn’t distract much.

Once you enter a game room you will be up against numerous other players that are battling against each other. Your objective is to get around the 3-dimensional world without getting killed. At the same time, you have to collect as many kills as you can to be declared the winner.

To help you with this objective you have the ability to buy different types of weapons while you are in action. These range from pistols to miniguns and bombs. Each weapon has very specific characteristics like reload time, damage and number of shots. While a sniper rifle can be very effective, it takes quite some time between shots. And that time might be all it takes to get shot.

This means that you have to balance strategy with action. Sometimes you just want to go around and cause devastation with a minigun or shotgun. Other times you’ll want to find a nice hidden spot to pick out players with some sniper shots. Your decisions will also depend on the skills of your opponents.

What Are Game Rooms About?

In order to play you have to enter a game room. These rooms are essentially small gaming worlds full of other players that become your enemies. One of the main characteristics of a game room is the number of players allowed in. This will generally show how difficult it will be to survive. The more enemies the bigger the chance of being killed.

When you hit the Play Now button on the main menu you will have a couple of choices. Either you can enter a room already set up. Or you can set up your own room to attract other players or invite friends. If this is your first time playing then it’s best to just join a room and see how things work.

In a room, you will be able to even communicate with other players. This is a cool way to reach out to them, and in team type action you can make up a strategy. You never know where the other players are, so it’s kind of cool to think about where they might be. If you find a room that has some good players in it then you can always reach out to them to arrange rematches at different times.

When you set up your own game room you have a few options. The main one is how many players will be allowed to enter. This can be as low as 5 and as high as 50. However, when you have a lot of players in the same room it becomes difficult to avoid getting killed as you will be tripping over each other.

If you have other friends in the gaming community then you can arrange to set up a room at specific times and meet there for some action. And with the chat feature, you can reach out while you are playing.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are not the easiest. We will start to introduce you to the basics first and then go into more elaborate features. When you are playing on a computer you will need to use a combination of your mouse and keyboard. Or you can use a gaming mouse or gamepad as well. The good news is that you can set your own preferred button and key mapping in the options menu.

First of all, you will have to move around the room you are in by using the WASD keys. W goes forward, S goes backwards, and A and D move you sideways. Forward is in the direction you are facing which brings us to the next control.

The mouse pointer is used to move the aim point around the screen. The aim point is where you will be facing. And that is the direction you will move forward in. The cross hairs are also where you will aim your shots at when you pull the trigger. And to fire a shot you use the main mouse button.

You can switch between primary, secondary and specialty weapons with Alpha1, 2 and 3, but this is something we recommend changing. Most people prefer these to be right below the direction keys.

To crouch you will hit he C key, but again that can be better located to the side of the direction keys. Crouching essentially helps you to stay low behind objects to avoid incoming fire. The left shift key lets you switch between slow walk and run. This is an important one to use as you will often have to run across open spaces.

To activate the buy menu for different weapons you hit the B key and that will allow you to pick different weapons and ammunition. Just be aware that while you are in the buy menu you are wide open to attack, so make sure you make a choice quickly and ideally when you have found a hiding spot.

Finally, to enter team chat you hit the Y key and then enter what you want to say. With multiple players in the same room this is a good way to team up with people for some combined action and attacks.

All these default control settings can be adjusted to better suit your preferences. A lot of these actions will be familiar to you from other action games. And you might have the same type of set up across different games.

Special Game Features

There are a couple of features in this game that you should be aware of before you get started. When you know what these are about then you will find it a lot easier to get into the action and start beating the enemies.

  1. Weapon Choices

    You have quite a few choices when it comes to weapons. You will always have a pistol, knife and AK47 when you start. You can immediately hit the B key and buy some extra weapons. Some will be available for free, but others will require some game currency first.

    The other primary weapon choices are Sniper Rifle, Sub Machine Gun and M16. These are all very powerful weapons and you should try them all out to see which ones you favor most. The other secondary weapons are shotgun and minigun. These are very powerful and will do a lot of damage. The minigun gives you rapid fire, but will be out of ammo quickly. At close range, the shotgun is the best option.

    Finally, you have special weapons. By default, you have a grenade. But you can also add an RPG. This will blow everything out of the way and nothing will be left standing. Just make sure you are not too close to the blast, as it will do you damage as well.

  2. Multi Player Game Rooms

    You already read about the game rooms you can create and enter. When you first start out you should enter the Cartoon Strike rooms that are already set up and active with a few players. For a simple browser based online game the multiplayer feature is pretty amazing. You can create your own or enter one that was already set up.

    When you enter an existing one you will first have the option to choose your location. These locations cover Europe, Asia, Japan along with many more. This really helps to find a room that has active players at certain times of days.

  3. Game Options

    There are several game options available where you can adjust certain settings that will change your game experience quite a bit.

    First, you can set a screen resolution to high or low. This will result in more or less detail being displayed. If you have a powerful computer then you can go ahead and try pushing this up to the maximum level.

    Quality has similar results in that it will improve the graphics quality a lot. The more you can push this up the better the gaming experience will be. When you first play the game just try pushing the values all the way and see if it results in stuttering effects. If that happens then you know you have to bring these down a bit again.

    The controls can be set up just as you like them. Everything can be switched around. Because the types of controls are very similar to other first person shooters you might already have some preferences from other games. Just set Cartoon Strike up as you think will help you improve your winning streaks.

Tips And Tricks

As with any game you are new to, the best thing you can do is just play a lot. This will get you used to the controls and action. And there simply is no substitute for that. However, there are a couple of tips that will help you get more out of Cartoon Strike right from the start.

  • Buy Weapons

    Always make sure you have a load of weapons available. Spend your money and try them all out to make sure you find one that best suits. You will also find that other players will have their own preferences. And the more weapons you are good at the better you will become at defeating them. In some situations, you will want to quickly switch to a shotgun. Other times you might need a sniper rifle to take out an enemy far way.

    Don’t spend too long choosing, though. While you are picking your weapons, you will still be active in the room. That means you can still be killed. So, the best thing to do is jump into the buy screen and quickly select your weapon. Then head straight back into the game arena.

  • Use A Gaming Mouse Or Gamepad

    To get the most out of this game you might end up struggling with a keyboard and regular mouse. It can quickly happen that you hit the wrong key or miss your aim a bit. If you are big into gaming then you possibly have a gaming mouse with multiple buttons. This will make a big difference as you’ll be able to split up the controls over both hands better.

    Alternatively, you could use a gamepad or other controller. These are usually set up with lots of buttons so that you have everything in one convenient place. Whatever your preference is you’ll be able to set things up to your own gaming preferences.

  • Enter Full Screen

    Once you enter a room you will also be able to switch to full screen mode. This gives you a huge advantage as you will see so much more of what’s going on around you. It also helps with a little problem you might encounter when the game screen is very small.

    If you move your mouse pointer off the game screen then the actions you take will not register on screen. That can get very annoying when you suddenly lose control and are open to get taken out.

The Technology Behind Cartoon Strike

Unlike many other browser based games this one is not using Adobe Flash as a platform. Instead it is fully built on JavaScript and WebGL. These two technologies are available in most of the latest browser technologies. The main advantage they have is that they provide higher levels of graphics and also give you much faster load times.

Start Playing Today

At this time, you have probably read enough and you should really get into a game room and try your best. It will probably take some time to get used to controls and weapons. But once you do you will have a huge amount of fun.

The good news is that you can get playing right here on this website. We have Cartoon Strike available for free and in just a few seconds you will have the game fully loaded and ready to go. Just dive in and enjoy the action.


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