Clicker Heroes – How Fast Can You Click To Win?

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Not all games are packed with action and adventure. Some games progress at a slower pace and are extremely entertaining.

If you are into clicker games, keep reading because this is something you will definitely want to try. This is a game with a very simple concept that makes for addictive gameplay and hours of fun.

You are going to love Clicker Heroes right away. You will find that you can’t stop playing and always want to progress to the next level. You can play through an entire level or zone in just a few minutes, which makes this game ideal if you want to play during your lunch or coffee breaks. This will soon become your go-to game whenever you have a few minutes of free time!

Where Can I Play Clicker Heroes?

You can stick with our website to play Clicker Heroes for free. This is a Flash version of the game so you can play on a large computer screen. This game also works on mobile devices. However, some of the details won’t be noticeable if you are playing on a smaller screen.

This game requires you to click a lot. You can play with a regular computer mouse but should think about investing in a good gaming mouse if you want to click faster. Here are a few things you should know about Clicker Heroes before you get started.

What Is Clicker Heroes About?

Clicker Heroes belongs to the category known as idle games and is based on a very simple concept. These games are called idle because you will not be progressing in a direction like in other games. You won’t have to explore a virtual world and everything will happen on the screen you are looking at.

You might think that this game sounds boring. However, you will quickly realize that you need to develop a strategy to complete each level. You will encounter different monsters on each level. The only way to kill these monsters is to click on them. The gameplay can become repetitive if you only have the most basic hero available.

Monsters have different power levels and you will have to click several times to kill the monster with a higher power level. Some low-level monsters can be killed with a single click but others require more, which means you will need time to get rid of them.

The concept is very simple, but becoming a good Clicker Heroes player is actually complicated. Let’s look at what you will have to do to successfully beat the levels.

How Can You Beat The Levels In Clicker Heroes?

You already know that Clicker Heroes features a simple gameplay. You have to click on the monsters to kill them. This is a clicker game and you don’t need any other skills to play this game.

But this really doesn’t do any justice to the game. Clicker Heroes features several heroes and monsters and each level is unique. Each hero and monster has its own powers. And you will see a unique graphical effect every time you kill a monster.

You will start the game with a basic hero. And you’ll have to click a certain number of times on each monster to kill them.

You will be able to play with other heroes as you progress in the game. These heroes are more powerful and you won’t need as many clicks to kill the monsters. You can also upgrade your heroes to make them more powerful and to be able to kill the monsters with fewer clicks. Upgrading your heroes will help you progress faster in the game.

If you follow a few tips and tricks you will also be able to progress faster.

How Do You Get Better At It?

You will quickly notice that there is a lot going on as soon as you start the first level of the game. You will have to choose between different heroes and upgrades and might be wondering which ones are best.

You should play with different heroes to get used to them and to see which ones have the best powers. At some stage, you’ll probably find that you have a favorite hero to play with. You will have to earn, save and spend gold to upgrade your heroes and to get the best ones. However, you will quickly run out of gold if you constantly play with the expensive heroes.

Play Clicker Heroes On Different Devices

Cicker Heroes was originally an online Flash game. It is now also available on iOS and Android, which means you can play on your mobile device!

The best version of the game is the Flash-based one since it is designed for a larger screen. The resolution is better and you will be able to enjoy more of the graphics. Besides, using your mouse button is the best way to play this game.

You can play Clicker Heroes unblocked here. This is a free game and you will get access to all the features. You can choose to purchase some gold if you would like to progress faster in the game. But no feature will be hidden if you don’t pay.

Keep reading for more tips and tricks for Clicker Heroes!

Top Tips For Playing Clicker Heroes

This game doesn’t look too complicated when you first start to play it. However, as you progress, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed by the big number of monsters and heroes. You’ll need to click a lot more, and you may have to return to earlier zones over and over again, in order to accumulate more gold.

  • The Beginning

    This latest version of Click Heroes is fairly easy. There are only a few controls, all of them quite easy to remember. Whenever you start a new level, you should check out the new monsters you’ll need to deal with, and then choose your character accordingly. The more powerful your chosen hero, the more gold it will cost you to start the zone.

    Once you pick your hero and you start the zone, you need to click on all monsters as quickly as you can. When you crush them, they release gold coins. You need to make sure you collect all of them, as they are going to go into your savings account. You’ll need them to start new levels and to upgrade your character.

  • How And When To Unlock Heroes

    As you work your way through the levels of the game, you’ll see more heroes available for you to choose from. Each of them has a different set of powers and a unique way of dealing with the monsters. Your choice of hero can make a big difference on your progress in the game. However, learning what works best requires some practice and a deeper understanding of these powers.

    When you click on one of the heroes, you’ll see a quick description which will tell you the powers of the hero and the amount of coins needed to upgrade it. Unfortunately, the stronger a hero becomes, the more expensive it’s going to be to use him on the next level.

    For now, it’s important to know there are 45 characters, so you can expect to need some time to get used to their abilities and powers. The easiest way to do this is to try them all out. In time, you’ll develop an affinity for some of them.

    In conclusion:

    The stronger your heroes become, the less clicks they will need to kill the monsters. At the same time, more powerful heroes will cost you more gold at the start of each zone. Your ultimate goal should be to find the balance that would enable you kill the monsters, while also putting your gold to good use.

  • Stronger Enemies

    The stronger you become, the easier it’s going to be for you to advance through levels. However, monsters can also become more powerful. Some of them will become almost impossible to defeat. Taking a basic character to battle might require hundreds of clicks to kill such a powerful monster.

    This is actually the beauty of the game. You have to stay alert and try to figure out what could kill those monsters faster. In addition, you need to plan your fights and your strategies before entering a new zone. This will enable you to progress much faster.

    The most annoying situation is the one in which you take too long to complete a level, thus losing the gold reward you would have been entitled to, should you have finished the work in time.

  • Gathering Gold

    As you kill those monsters, they generate some gold coins as they vanish. You need to collect these coins and save them for the next levels. The more powerful the monster you kill, the more coins it will leave behind. Unfortunately, this increase in gold coins slows down the game a little in advanced levels.

    And this makes it more difficult to progress. You may also get frustrated for not being able to attack as fast as you’d like. You may see yourself forced to space out the attacks. In addition, you will need to use some of your heroes more often, as they would help you boost the payout.

    As you can see, you need to use your brain and your strategic thinking in order to plan your levels before you actually start them.

  • Levelling Up

    You can only increase the powers of your heroes if you pay for this with some of your gold coins. Each level-up will make your clicks more effective. This is why most beginners are tempted to level up all their characters, in order to offer them equivalent powers. However, this isn’t the smartest way to tackle this game. It might also slow you down along the way.

    Instead of spreading out too thin, you should level up one single character ten times before moving on to upgrading the next one. This would enable you crush those monsters faster.

    You should also focus on upgrades that work by giving you clicking boosts. Many characters increase their clicking rate by 10% with each upgrade. If you manage to upgrade them ten times, you’ll have some very powerful heroes.

    If you want to learn some advanced levelling-up tips, check out this video:

  • Collecting Achievements:

    The achievements you can collect on your way will also boost your savings. Each monster you defeat will give you a certain reward. These surprises come at unexpected moments, so you should be always ready to grab them when you spot them.

    The game tracks your number of clicks and what bosses you’ve defeated along the way. If you check out the Achievements tab, you’ll be able to see what rewards are available to you. You’ll also learn what you have to do for collecting them.

Who Is The Brain That Created This Game?

Clicker Heroes has been developed by Playsaurus. This is their second game after Cloudstone. If you’ve played both games, you probably know that some of the gameing functionality has been imported from the earlier version. As you can easily see from the advanced graphics, the designers of this game are creative people who know their skill to perfection.

The game is constantly improving, new updates being added regularly. These updates add new functionality, but also new monsters and new features that make this game so addictive and fun.

System Requirements

The good news is that you don’t have to worry if there is a version of the game for your computer. If you have a Mac or Linux box, you just need to make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. This software and multimedia platform basically sits on top of you operating system.

As long as it is installed you will be good to go with any Flash based game on this entire website. But it is best to regularly check if you have the latest version installed. Adobe have a free version checker tool that you can use and the download is free as well.


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