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Quick And Easy Guide To Clicker Heroes

You have probably heard a lot about many different “idle games”. They may not be action packed adventure games, but they do provide for an awful lot of entertainment.

What you are going to learn about on this page is probably one of the best clicker games available right now. It is highly addictive and despite the game play being so simple, you will find it very entertaining.

Clicker Heroes is one of these games that have you coming back for more. And you will quickly clock up hundreds of hours of game time. The great thing is that each level, called a zone, only takes a few minutes to complete. So, you can simply pick up the game when you have a few minutes to spare.

Here’s the best part:

You can play the game completely for free right here on this website. With the Flash version of the game we provide you with a way to take advantage of a large computer screen. You can also play it on mobile devices. But some of the detail in the graphics can get lost on small screens.

You will be doing a lot of clicking. And the speed of that can be improved by using your computer or gaming mouse. Now, let’s dive onto some background of the game and show you how to get the most out of it.


What Is The Game About?

Clicker Heroes is a very simple game. It falls into the category of idle games. This term came about to describe games where the game play does not proceed in a direction. All the action happens on screen without moving around a virtual world.


That might sound a little boring at first. But you will very quickly notice that it takes a bit of strategy and planning to really advance fast. Each level presents a different combination of monsters. These evil creatures have to be clicked on to get them killed. With the most basic hero available, this does become very tiring. Each monster has a different power level. The higher the power level is the more times you have to click on it. The power level also increases as you progress to more zones. With that in mind you have to realize that will take ever more clicks to kill your enemies.

It all sounds very simple, so let’s take a look at what you need to do in the game to really get good at it.


How Do You Play It?

As the name suggests, Clicker Heros requires you to click on something as part of the game play. And if you had to bring it to a most basic description, then that would be exactly it. You click on monsters to kill them.

But that kind of description does not do the game any justice. The designers have put a lot of effort into coming up with a huge list of great heroes and monsters. Each of them have different powers. And what makes it a lot of fun is that when you kill each monster this always happens with a unique effect.

At the very beginning you only have one character available. And using that character you have to click on the monsters a certain number of times to kill them. As you progress, it will take more and more clicks to get rid of your enemy.

To help reduce the number of clicks it takes you will be awarded new heroes. You can also upgrade your characters with additional powers. And doing that on a constant basis is one of the best ways to advance quickly. But more about that in the tips and tricks section.

You might be wondering:

There is a lot going on even from the first level. And within just a few minutes of playing you have the choice of different heroes and upgrades. How do you deal with all those?

The best way to get used to all the different characters is to play the game with all of them. You will quickly find some favorite ones. But the most powerful ones will also cost the most to use (more on saving and spending gold in a moment). Just using the costly ones will quickly reduce your gold hoard to zero. And you’ll have to revert back to the cheaper ones.

You have to essentially find a good balance between more clicking which gives you longer game time. On the other hand, more advanced characters will help you clear zones a lot quicker. But this will mean that you end up having to wait to accumulate more gold to keep playing.


Play It On Different Devices

When this was first released it was just available as an online Flash based game. But since then it has been also released on iOS and Android. This means you can crush some monsters wherever you are!

However, the best way to play it is online on your computer. The reason is that you get a much bigger screen resolution to enjoy the graphics. You will also be able to use your mouse button for some really rapid fire clicking.

It gets better:

Clicker Heroes unblocked is available right here on this website. And you won’t have to pay a cent to get going. All the features are available for free. You can buy some gold if you want to speed up your progress. But if you just want to play at normal pace, then you will never need to open your wallet.

Check out the next section for great tips on how to advance quickly and beat the monsters.


Tips And Tricks

When you first start playing the game it does come across as a bit simple. The first zones are very easy and they won’t be much of a challenge. But things quickly change as you get more heroes and more monsters appear. It will take increasingly more clicks and sometimes you have to revert back to earlier zones, just to earn some more gold.

Check out this section for tips to get the most out of the game:

  • Starting Out

    This version of the Click Hero game is very easy to learn. The controls are exceptionally simple. At the start of each level you check out what monsters will be appearing. Then you choose a character to best deal with that. The more powerful the hero you choose is, the more gold it will cost to start a zone.

    Then you click to start the zone and you make sure you click on the monsters as quickly as possible. As you crush the monsters, gold coins will spill out and you have to make sure you collect them all. The coins will go into your savings and you need them to spend on starting new levels and upgrading your characters.

  • Unlocking Heroes

    As you advance through the levels and complete them successfully you will see new heroes appear in your list. These all have different powers. And they deal with different monsters in great ways. Picking the right one for each level can make a big difference. But it takes some learning to understand which ones work best.

    For each one you can also see a quick description when you click on them. It will tell you what their powers are and how you can power them up. The stronger they are the more it will cost to use them on a level.

    There are a total of 45 different characters at the moment. So, there will be a lot of learning as you go along. The best thing to do is try them all out. You will find that some work better for you.

    To summarize:

    The more powerful your heroes become the less clicks it will take to kill the evil monsters. But, this will also cost you more gold to start each zone. Figuring out the best balance is what you need to train your skills on.

  • Tougher Enemies

    While you get more powerful and advanced features this would end up with a very easy game. But the monsters also become more powerful. Some of them seem to be almost impossible to deal with. With a very basic character it could take hundreds of clicks.

    This is what makes the game so interesting and addictive. You are constantly trying to see how quickly you can crush the monsters. Always think about how you will work through a zone before you jump in. With just a little bit of planning you’ll be able to progress much quicker.

    The most annoying thing is taking too long for a level and losing out on the gold payouts as a result.

  • Collecting Gold

    As you crush the monsters they leave behind gold coins. You collect these and save them up for the next levels. The more powerful your enemy becomes, the more coins they will leave behind. But this increase in gold payout slows down a bit in later levels.

    As a result, it will become more difficult to progress and you will find that you need to space out your attacks a little more. Some of your heroes will also help to boost the payout. So, at times it might become necessary to use them a bit more often.

    As already mentioned, you need to do a little bit of planning to help you advance more quickly.

  • Levelling Up

    Increasing the powers of your heroes will cost gold you’ve earned. With each level-up you make your clicking more efficient. Many novices tend to level up each character so that they are all upgraded at the same pace. But that is not the best way to get the most out of the game. This might also slow down your progress quite a bit.

    It is far better to bring each one up to 10-fold upgrade at a time. That way you’ll get the benefit of much faster monster crushing. And the faster you can crush them the better.

    Also, it’s best to focus all your attention on those that work by giving you clicking boosts. Quite a lot of the characters will increase clicking by 10% for each upgrade. Once you have upgraded 10 times to the maximum level, you will have a very powerful hero!

    For some advanced skills at levelling up, check out this video clip:

Collecting Achievements:

There are a load of achievements that you can collect and they will boost your savings as well. For each monster, you defeat and getting certain game time you will get a reward. There are dozens of these and some of them come at very surprising moments.

The game also tracks your number of clicks and what bosses you have encountered and defeated. You can check out what all the available rewards are on the Achievements tab. This will tell you exactly what you need to do to collect each one.


Who Is behind The Game?

The developers behind Clicker Heros are called Playsaurus and this is the second game released by them. The first one was called Cloudstone and a lot of the game functionality you see here was moved over from the earlier version.

They are definitely a clever bunch of designers as you will be able to tell from the graphics. Apparently, there is going to be a second version of the game to come out soon. But even without that new version, there is a constant stream of updates.

They are regularly adding new functionality. This includes new monsters, heroes and achievements as well. With all these new features, it will take you quite a long time to get bored of it.


Quick System Check Before You Start

This Hero clicker game is best played on Adobe Flash. To do that you will have to make sure that it is installed on your computer and fully updated. If you don’t have the latest version then you can run into issues.

This could be sudden crashes, freezing and just very stuttering graphics. All this would distract from the game.

So, the best thing you can do is:

Head over to the Adobe website. Then click on the Flash version checker. This will tell you what your current version is. And if you need a newer one then you can download it right there for free. Just make sure that you quit and relaunch your browser. Sometimes a new version is only picked up when you reload.


If you can’t wait to see what happens at the very end then check out this video clip. And then try to get there yourself!



    • Dit is een beta-versie van het spel, wat betekent dat de oudere. de volledige versie kan gevonden worden op Coolmath-games
      (Ik spreek geen Nederlands, weet ik alleen van een goede vertaler)



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