Step-By-Step Guide To Bloons Tower Defense 5

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Bloons Tower Defense is probably the most popular strategy games available at the moment. You have probably heard others talk about it. Or maybe you’ve played some of the earlier versions of it and are wondering what this update is all about.

In this article, you will find out exactly what all the noise over this game is. You’ll also understand why the gaming community is raving about this latest version. There are many new features that give you a whole new experience. Even if you are a longtime fan of it.

With the latest instalment, you get completely new towers and also some new enemies to deal with. This allows you to come up with completely new strategies for all types of levels.

The best part:

Bloons Tower Defence 5 unblocked is available right here on this website and you can get playing immediately. Keep reading to find some tips and tricks or jump straight into the game.

What Is Bloons Tower Defence About?

Originally released in 2011balloon Tower Defense 5 has seen a lot of updates and improvements over the past 6 years. As a tower defense game, it has become one of the most popular throughout the world. It combines a lot of strategy and thinking into one game.

And the better you are at adapting to many different game play options the more likely you will be to succeed. Your task is to help the monkeys to defend themselves against balloons (more on the story in the next section).

This sounds like a strange set up. But it works fantastically well. Each level brings more advanced defenses and enemies. So, you never grow bored. The difficulty really increases a lot and you will end up having to combine both strategic and fast thinking skills.

The controls are really simple, no matter what device you are playing on. The difficulty is more due to the fact that there are so many different combinations of enemies that you can encounter.

As each enemy has different powers you will have to choose your defenses very wisely. Making a mistake at the start will quickly end in a game over situation. In each level, you can pick from your available monkeys and defenses. You then place them along the paths and hope that you pop all the bloons and don’t miss too many.

But this does become very difficult as the bloons start appearing in large numbers and different speeds. And they also have the ability to pass certain monkeys without taking too much damage.

What Is The Background Story?

The story that was introduced with the first game is brilliant. It really sets the stage for some of the great fun graphics that you’ll encounter. Essentially, in an ancient kingdom there was a lot of peace and harmony. Until one day an evil arrived from another world and started messing with the monkey kingdom.

This brought darkness over the kingdom until one monkey stepped up to the threat and temporarily defeated the evil. But the evil did not leave without causing long lasting problems. A portal between the two worlds remained open and the monkeys knew they would have to defend themselves for millennia to come.

So, they did what any monkey kingdom would do. They trained themselves in military tactics and built endless defense systems. Now, it is your turn to help out and make sure you put the defenses in place. These are used to defend the kingdom against the enemies that enter through the portal.

And those enemies are:

An endless stream of balloons that come in different shapes sizes and colors. If they overrun your world then the monkey kingdom is doomed. Use your highly-trained warrior monkeys to gain the upper hand and make sure you don’t allow any balloons to evade you.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls for Balloon Tower Defense 5 have not changed and they are as simple as they always have been. In the Flash game you essentially use your computer mouse to select a certain defense and then click on the screen where you want to place it.

All the functionality is controlled with the mouse and it couldn’t make it any simpler. Click and move is all it takes.

Register A Free Account

If you enjoy this game then don’t forget to register for an account. You can play it as a guest for as long as you want. But if you turn off your computer then you will lose all the game advances you have made. And that can be very annoying.

There are quite a few advantages of registering your account. Firstly, you can save your game and come back to it later. That way, you can spend as much time as you want. If you have 5 minutes to spare then jump in and have some fun.

All it takes is an email address. You won’t have to spend anything to get access to the full game and saving feature. You will also receive some regular updates from Ninja Kiwi. This includes information about new features, upgrades and even some advanced Ninja strategies and tips and tricks.

Make sure you check out the regular emails as they contain a load of great information to help you get further in the game.

What’s New In Bloons Tower Defense 5?

Bloon Tower Defense 5 has introduced a load of new features. If you played any of the previous games and got bored then this one will reverse that. In this section, we will highlight some of the great new features that you can look forward to. And the faster you progress through the levels, the sooner you’ll see all the updates.

  1. New Towers

    With this update you get several new towers. These include the Sniper Monkey, Monkey Sub and Ninja. The sniper tower is really cool as it has an infinite range and can detect the new Camo Bloon. The monkey sub is a water based tower which is very helpful in many of the levels. It has a medium range, but cannot detect the Camo Bloon. And the Ninja tower is fast defense with medium range as well.

  2. New Bloons

    The most important new bloons to be aware of are the regrowth and camo ones. As the name of the first one indicates, it will regrow layers every few seconds. If you only have slow defenses then they won’t be able to overcome this one. The camo bloon is quite tricky as well. The camo one has great abilities to go undetected. Only certain types of monkeys can see them, and you’ll have to learn to pick your monkeys wisely.

  3. Special Agents

    BTD 5 has introduced the idea of special agents. These are types of towers and abilities that you can use in advanced levels. But you have to pay monkey money to use them, so make sure you only use them when necessary. When you do trigger them on a level they will be devastating to the bloons.

    To see which ones are available you can check the special agent button. Always make sure you know these for your advanced strategies.

  4. 27 New Tracks

    The tracks and levels are split into easy, medium and hard. The more advanced levels will really test your skills with some cool game layouts. In the latest version, there are 27 new track layouts. That means a load of new games to play with new towers and enemies.

    And these additional tracks also fall into the Advanced and Expert levels. These are some of the most difficult ones to win and it will likely take you many attempts to get them right. Save up your money to get the best defenses onto the tracks!

  5. Special Missions

    These are unlocked at rank 10 and give you some great new game options. You will encounter them in medium, hard and even apocalypse levels. So, make sure you have enough experience to succeed. Don’t’ try these if you are still a newbie.

    There are 9 different missions plus 4 additional ones in the deluxe version of the game. Each mission has a different target. These can be succeeding with a limited number of defenses, using just special agents or towers disappearing after 10 rounds fired.

    These special missions really help to make this game super addictive.

  6. Monkey Money

    In Bloon TD 5 you can now earn monkey money to spend on upgrades. For every track, you complete you will earn some money. When you try a track again at the same difficulty then you only earn 20% of the original money. You can also earn money during daily challenges and special missions.

    You can spend the money on special agents, specialty tower upgrades, unlock certain tracks and even high tech towers. Make sure you don’t leave money behind and try to save up for some powerful upgrades. The more you play the more you’ll earn.

  7. Daily Challenges

    The daily challenges are great. Each time they appear you will see a unique track. You have to complete that track within special restrictions. Sometimes that means you can only use certain types of towers. You only get this feature when you are logged in with your account and once you have reached rank 19.

    If you have reached some very advanced levels then the daily challenge is the best way to keep yourself interested in this game.

  8. Special Buildings

    With specialty buildings, you have the ability to decrease the cost and upgrades of towers by 5%. At the same time, the cost of a different tower goes up by 5%. This is a great way to gain an advantage if you tend to use just a few of the defenses on a regular basis.

    You can only have one specialty tower active at a time, but you can buy as many as you want. The cost only goes down once, but you can upgrade specialty buildings many times to get faster fire rates. This can be very important against some of the fast moving enemies.

Play It Right Here

To play Bloon Tower Defense 5 unblocked you don’t have to go searching the Internet for the rest of the day. You can get started right here on this website and you will find endless hours of entertainment right from the start. To save your game play you will need to register an account with Ninja Kiwi. But that will not cost you anything.

With the unblocked BTD5 version you will be able to advance through all the levels and start unlocking all the special features. Just make sure you regularly save your game play. Otherwise you might end up having to replay certain levels that took you a while to achieve.

Who Designed The Game?

Ninja Kiwi Games logo

The game was designed and created by Ninja Kiwi. If you have been around the online flash game scene for a while then this name will not be new to you. The company started as two guys having fun with their programing skills. But today they work out of an office with 15 games designers and developers.

This is pretty clear from the quality of the games and the constant stream of new features and game play. With the success that all the BTD versions have had, this company is sure to keep bringing more entertainment.

Prepare Your Computer

The one thing you need before you start to play Bloons Tower Defence is Adobe Flash. This is a software and gaming platform that allows you to launch a game on any computer. You don’t have to look if a game you want to play is available for Mac or Windows. And even if you have a Linux box, you just need Adobe Flash and a browser.

Before you start the game, just make sure you have the latest version. Head over to the Adobe website and use the version checker tool. This will give you the latest update for free. You’ll be ready in a matter of minutes and will end up with hours of fun.



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