Beboncool Android Game Controller: Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad For Great Gaming Fun

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Android Bluetooth Phone ControllerNo matter what gaming you’re into, you’ll always want to increase your chances of winning. Over the years, computers, consoles and now mobile devices have had many different types of interaction. You might remember the really simple joysticks of the 80s. That all changed in the 90s with laser guns and game controllers.

Since then, the hand-held game controller has only changed a little. They have become a bit bigger and overall more ergonomic. There are more buttons and you can combine buttons for special moves in different games.

The fact that controllers have remained so popular for 30 years now is no surprise. It’s just the simplest way to interact with a game. And you have a ton of control right at your fingertips.

With mobile devices, there has been a tendency to use the accelerometer. And in some games that works quite well. And touch screen technology has brought a whole new type of game interaction.

But even on touch screen mobile devices, there are a lot of games that are just more fun with a controller. Because you’ve probably spent a lot of time using controllers you’ll find that you get a lot better results.

The good news is that there are some great controllers out there that you can hook up to you phone and connect via Bluetooth. You can then use it as the main gaming input device. One of those controllers is the Beboncool that we are going to introduce on this page.

It’s got a great design and has all the features you’re used to. We’ll take a close look at what you get and how it works. And you’ll also find out what devices this wireless Bluetooth game controller is compatible with.

Quick Overview

The Beboncool game controller will feel immediately familiar straight out of the box. It won’t take long to get set up and connected to try it out. You’ll struggle to find games that it won’t work with so you can get some immediate game time to see for yourself.

Connection is actually quite easy. There is an instructional video clip on the company’s website and in a matter of about a minute it will show you how to get set up. It really just involves get the controller to pair with your phone. The rest is all just fun and gaming!

From a compatibility point of view, it will work with any Android 2.3 version or higher. That goes back quite a few years so even older phones and tablets will work perfectly fine. You’ll probably have more of a problem getting those older devices with Bluetooth 2.0. That’s a minimum requirement as well.

The rechargeable battery will last up to 8 hours of continuous game time. That’s more than enough for most people. But even if you run low you’ll be able to plug it into a USB port. When we say up to 8 hours that depends on how much action the Android phone controller gets. But 5 hours is about the minimum.

A really cool feature is that there is a clip that you can use to attach your phone directly to it. Any smartphone up to 3 inches wide will fit perfectly. But you don’t have to clip on your phone. For larger tablets that won’t be possible anyway.

You can even connect it to an Android VR headset. It’s a really cool way to get some even more amazing virtual world game time.

The main downsides are that it does feel a bit light. It’s not so much a problem when your phone is clipped on. But on its own there isn’t much weight in it. You’ll also want to hold onto the manual. The different settings and modes are not that easy to change.



  • Compatible with Android 2.3 and Bluetooth 2.0 giving you a huge selection
  • Battery lasts for up to 8 hours
  • Your phone clips right onto the controller
  • Phone sizes up to 3 inches wide will easily fit
  • Free app with over 300 classic games is included
  • Also, compatible with Android VR headsets


  • It feels very light with smaller phones
  • Changing settings and modes is not that straight forward


Product Specifications

Now, let’s take a little closer look at what you get,

Bluetooth Connection

The Beboncool uses Bluetooth 2.0 to connect to your smartphone, tablet or VR headset. It will even connect to a PC gamepad and work with many of the games there. The important thing to look out for though is that your device has got Android 2.3 and BT 2.0 or later. Anything prior to that and you can run into problems. Most likely it just won’t connect.

The connection will have a range of about 30 feet, but you certainly won’t be that far away from your phone. Unless you have it connected to an external display for better game play. It’s a very reliable connection technology that won’t see you disconnected in the middle of a game.

Phone Holder

This is a really cool feature. There is a clip that can be extended for holding phones up to 3 inches wide. That will cover most Android phones up 5.9 inch screens and it holds it very snug. You can angle it to suit your height and point of view which is a neat feature.

You won’t be able to get a tablet into the holder. But we think that would make it a bit heavy anyway. It’s a feature worth giving a try. But if you tend to move your hands a lot with the action, then you might get a bit annoyed with the screen moving all the time.


As soon as you hold onto this controller it will all seem familiar. The most common layout of button has been adapted here. Ever since the first PS1 controllers this seems to have become gaming standard.

On the left you have the arrow buttons along with an analog stick, while the right side has 4 input buttons and another analog stick. At the front, you’ll find the common R and L buttons that are vital for so many games.

Free Games

The controller also comes with an app that has 300 free games for you to play. There are a lot of classic games in there that are a huge amount of fun. They aren’t the most up to date ones, but if you find yourself bored with your favorites then this is a great way to get a bit of distraction.

You’ll find that it also works very well with a huge range of games out there. Because you have so many input buttons it will give you great flexibility to control every aspect.

Will A Phone Game Controller Make A Big Difference?

The answer depends really on the games you’re playing. It’s going to be pretty much useless for games that are very heavy on touch input. Things like Angry Birds and Boom Beach won’t be suitable at all really. But let’s face it, these are very easy to control with the touch screen feature so you probably wouldn’t be tempted anyway.

Where this will work very well is in action based games whet that is a first person shooter, racing game or something as addictive as Minecraft. Having the ability to precision control every action will give you a much higher success rate.

You also have the advantage of being able to use a lot more controls by combining all the different input methods. Whether you prefer the arrow buttons of the analog stick or tend to use R and L button in combination, you’ll have a lot faster input. When you play directly on your phone the touch screen features will be somewhat limited.

One thong most gamers struggle with as well is that they cannot feel the different buttons. When you’re in the middle of the action you might anticipate needing the A and B buttons in quick succession. With a controller, you’ll be able to feel your way to them without having to look.

Another huge advantage is that you don’t have to attach your phone. You can sit it on a table in front of you or on your lap. That way the screen is constantly stable. When you directly use your phone for gamin input then it’s constantly moving and parts of the screen will be obstructed because your fingers will be used for input as well.

Because it’s such a low-price investment, you should just give it a try. For so many games it will give you a huge advantage. And if you play against your friends, then you’ll be able to beat them a lot easier.

What Phones Is It Suitable For?


Compatibility wise you have a huge range of options. The brand of phone really doesn’t matter so much as the version of Android. The minimum Android version supported is 2.3. That goes all the way back to code name Froyo in 2010. Most gamers will probably have smartphones that are a lot younger than that.

The bigger challenge might actually be the Bluetooth version for phones that old. The minimum BT version you need to have is 2.0. This was released in 2004 so is a lot younger than the minimum Android version.

If you bought your Android phone since 2004, then it probably has the minimum requirements covered from the first day. If you have a phone or tablet that is older, then just make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest available software. That’s the easiest way to ensure compatibility.

If you plan to use the holder clip then make sure that your phone isn’t more than 3 inches wide. Screen up 5.9 inches will most likely be covered. But some of the plus size smartphones out there won’t fit in.

But just because your phone is too big, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use this. It just means you can’t attach it to the controller. For many gamers that is actually a preferred set up.

After that it really doesn’t matter whether you have a Samsung, HTC, Google, Huawei or LG device. The connection is over Bluetooth and is software based, so you don’t have to worry about whether you have the right ports available to connect a cable.

Will It Work With Tablets?

Yes, it will work perfectly fine as long as you have the above-mentioned combination of Android and Bluetooth version. What won’t work is the connection to the holder. The clip that is built into the controller will only stretch up to 3 inches. We doubt you’ll find a tablet that is narrower than that.

But because of the weight of the tablet it wouldn’t really be practical to attach it directly. It’s a much better idea to have it standing up on table or couch in front of you. Kind of like a TV screen. You can then freely move the controller.

As long as you’re within the 30 foot range you won’t have any problem using the controller. You’ll probably run out of visibility of the screen before you get anywhere near the standard BT range.

And beyond the world of phones and tablets, you can even hook it up to an Android Virtual Reality headset. Samsung have some really cool ones and there are now many games that are compatible. Just connect your Beboncool and you’re ready to go with Android tablet controller.

The cool thing is that because it is compatible with so many different devices, you only need the one controller. No need to have multiple ones and trying to figure out which one is used where.


If you want to get the upper hand in your Android gaming community, then don’t hesitate to order this controller. It is very reasonably priced and works exceptionally well. You can hook it up to your phone, tablet and even VR headset and have some great gaming fun.

The layout is going to be familiar and you will have so much more precise control in your favorite games. Overall it is one of the best Bluetooth controller options you’ll find.



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