Air Traffic Control Unblocked

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Can you take the pressure? In this adrenaline pumping, fun filled game, see if you can keep your cool while you guide planes safely to landing. Add in some helicopters and faster jets and you’ll be on the edge of your seat for hours. As the game progresses, the more chaos there is. Feel deeply satisfied and relieved when you safely guide the planes to the airport. We can’t stop playing it!

If you like online browser gaming then generally speaking you are spoilt for choice. There is a game for every type of player. Whether you are into action gaming or simple jump and runs, or even strategy games with great stories, you will find many options to keep you entertained.

But sometimes you just want something simple and entertaining. It doesn’t have to be graphic intense with long stories that are gradually revealed. All you need is something simple to give you some distractions. One of the simplest games you could possible choose to get into is Air Traffic Control.

It is also known and Airfield Mayhem, and you’ll quickly understand why that is the case. You essentially are in charge of making sure that a load if different aircraft find the correct runway to safely land. This might sound like a very boring task, but you’ll quickly see that it becomes very difficult to make sure that the planes don’t crash into each other.

In this quick guide to a simple game you’ll find out all the game features and get some great tips and tricks to get going.

What is Air Traffic Control About?

As soon as you launch the game you’ll see that the game screen has only a limited amount of content. There are two runways and a helicopter landing pad, and these are the locations that you need to get all the planes and choppers to.

As soon as the game is started you will see that some planes and helicopters will start moving around. If you do nothing then they will just move in a straight line and they will not land. Your job is to click on each one and choose a path for them to take to get safely to the landing strips.

The twist comes from the fact that the aircraft don’t appear one by one. Initially there might only be 2 or 3, but for every one you safely land there will be more that appear. You will also not know in advance where new planes come from and at what angle they come. This means that you might pick a flight path for one plane that could send it on a collision course with a new one.

When these situations appear, you have to react very quickly. You can still correct a flight path to make sure that crashes are avoided. It all becomes a case of fast reactions and keeping an eye on multiple different flight paths.

To add an extra bit of difficulty you also have to match the different color aircraft to a runway with the same color. So, it’s not just good enough to land them. You have to get them to land in the right place. And choppers will only be able to land on the spot marked with a H.

How Do The Controls Work?

The game controls are very simple. You can use your computer mouse or trackpad and no other keyboard keys are needed. When you see a plane or helicopter appear you have to click on it with the mouse and hold the button. Then you move the mouse to essentially draw a flight path along the game screen.

You have to make sure that you don’t have flight paths cross as that quickly cause a crash. If you have picked a path you can go back and correct it. So, it is important that you don’t pick a path and then forget about it. The more planes that are in the air the more often you’ll have to fix the paths.

Special Game Features

This game is pretty simple and there is no such concept as levels or hidden game play. You play to land the planes and the more you can land the better. But there are a couple of features that you should be aware of to help you get some good results.

Types Of Aircraft

The two main types of aircraft you will encounter are planes and helicopters. It’s important to know that these do behave in slightly different ways. The one thing that sets all aircraft apart is that they fly at different speed. The helicopters are the slowest and don’t tend to change direction that much. The speed of the planes mainly depends on their size, with larger ones flying faster.

But no matter what aircraft you try to direct, you will have to find an ideal path for them to take to approach the landing strips and helipads. It is also important to match up different color aircraft to the different landing strips. More on that in the next section.

Different Colors

You will notice that the planes all have different colors. This is essentially an indication of what runway you have to make them land on. If you match a plane with a wrong color landing strip then it simply won’t land there. And that increases the risk of it coming in contact with another plane or chopper.

The only ones where the color doesn’t matter is with the helicopters. These always have to be landed on the H symbol on the game screen. You can’t get these to land on the runway, so don’t even bother trying.


Each time you play the game you will score one point for each successfully landed plane or helicopter. The game screen will show your current score as well as your personal high score. If you want to find out how you are doing compared to other gamers in the world then you can go and submit your score to the game website.

There is a hall of fame and you can check the leaderboard from the main menu or after submitting your score. But you’ll probably have to get a pretty massive score to get on that board.

Cloud Impact

At different times, you will see that clouds start to appear on the game screen. If you direct a plane through a cloud then it can get lost and will suddenly change direction. Any flight path you have set will be lost and you really have to be careful that you don’t end up in a disaster situation with a collision.

Tips And Tricks

The best thing you can always do when you are starting a new game is to play as much as possible. This will give you plenty of exposure to the different game features, and you will get used to the controls a lot quicker. So, the more you play the quicker you will improve and the higher the scores will be that you get. You’ll quickly find yourself addicted to trying to beat your own scores as much as possible.

But for some head start in your first attempts, the following tips will really help you get some progress.

Focus On The Colors

Different planes have different colors and you have to match the color to a runway. When you click on a plane and hold the mouse button you will see that one of the two runways will light up. This will give you a quick hint at where you need to head. But going there in a straight line is not always the best option.

Also note, that sometimes the game screen will turn dark where it is simulating night time. When that happens, you won’t be able to see the color of the plane or runway. This is when you have to pay very close attention to which runway lights up for each plane.

Change Flight Paths

If you have picked a flight path and a new plane arrives that could cross that path, then you still have a chance to make changes. Simply select the plane again and change the course you want to take. This does get tricky and the more planes there are the more you have to be careful that they don’t cross.

You will always know where planes are coming from as there is a small “!” symbol on the edge of the game screen to show where it will appear. But you won’t know the type, speed or angle, so make sure you are prepared.

Watch Out For More Planes

In the first 30 seconds or so you will only see a couple of planes arriving. Most of the time there won’t be more than two to keep an eye on, so it’s relatively easy to do. But as you land more planes you will quickly notice that they keep arriving in a much faster and rapid manner.

Within just a few minutes you could have 6 or 7 planes that you are directing and that becomes very tricky. The best thing you can do is to not focus too much on a single plane. Keep moving your eyes from one to the other and check for new ones arriving. If space gets tight, then send some planes away towards the edge of the screen to keep them out of the way.

Start Gaming Now

If you’ve read enough now and just want to dive in, then the good news is that we have made it available right here on this website. You will have full access to it and you won’t have to pay a penny for any of the features. You won’t even need to share your email address only to end up getting tons of spam email into your inbox.

On this site, you will be able to get full access without the risk of downloading a virus or Trojan. You can simply bookmark this page and you’ll always get back to your favorite games.

Update Your Flash Version

The only thing you need to regularly check is your version of Adobe Flash. This will make sure that you don’t get sudden stuttering game play and even browser crashes. Adobe Flash is a completely free software platform that allows you to use the same game no matter what type of computer you have.

Whether Mac or PC or even Linux, you’ll be able to simply come to this page and launch the game every time. The Adobe website has a free version checking tool that will also give you the option to download the latest version if yours is out of date.


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