Atari Flashback 7 Deluxe Special Edition – Classic Games Brought Back To The 21st Century

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Remember the good old days when you used to come home from high school and just kick back and play the classic Asteroids game on your Atari? Your Mom would be shouting at you to get on with your homework but you would be in your bedroom secretly bashing away trying to beat your highest score.

If you weren’t playing Asteroids then you were playing Space Invaders or trying to figure out how to score a goal in the very tricky but addictive International Soccer. It would probably be a shock to the system if you were to bother to do the math and calculate the number of hours you spent trying to master how to get to the highest level in Frogger.

Do you remember the delights of Frogger? Well, it is pretty hard to forget. The adrenaline rush you would experience every time you managed to help that little frog across the busy road was like no other. You would have to judge the speed of the oncoming traffic to perfection to make sure the poor frog did not become the latest road kill.

Once you had safely navigated the frog across the busy road it was on to the riverbank and hopping on to logs to help him (could have been a female it was hard to tell) safely to the other side.

This game was seriously addictive. We are talking more addictive than eating a tub of Ben and Jerrys all to yourself.

Ahh, those were the days, hay? Well, now you can relive those happy childhood memories by purchasing the new Atari Flashback 7 Deluxe Special Edition games console.

Imagine the sense of satisfaction you would feel as you proudly display your gaming skills to your partner or child? They are sure to be mightily impressed by the sheer skill and the way you are able to hold your nerve to get that little frog to safety.

As you know that takes some serious talent, one you have been hiding since before you hit puberty. Now you have the chance to unleash that skill level again on the Flashback.

Your moment to shine has finally come around again. So, make sure you embrace it!

What Is The Atari Game System?

The Atari Games System is a home video game console that was launched and released in 1977 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney selling 250,000 units. Atari launched their game system in direct competition with the personal computer in terms of being able to play games.

Bushnell left the company in 1978 and by 1979 the system became the best-selling Christmas present and sold over 1 million units that year. The popularity of the unit increased with the smash hit arcade game Space Invaders which was released in January 1980. The sales of Atari’s increased to 2 million units

However, it was not until 1982 that Atari became really popular with the mass market. Then known as the Atari 2600 it came with two joystick controllers, a pair of paddle controller and with a cartridge that you placed into the front of the system. Initially, it included one game called Combat but you could buy a further eight cartridges separately.

The company later released the iconic Pac-Man game which proved to be a massive hit in households throughout America and later worldwide. Who would have thought that an Atari 2600 would have proved a hit in West Germany? Well, it did and it sold over 450,000 units by 1984 alone.

To buy an Atari in 1982 would have set you back some $125 (roughly $321 today) and to purchase a games cartridge separately cost on average $18 (roughly $46 today).

Over the years that followed Atari brought out a number of different updated models but none proved as popular as the 2600 model. By the late 1980s, Atari was facing stiff completion from Japanese maker Nintendo and by the 1990s that competition grew with Playstation and Microsoft Xbox.

What Is The Atari Flashback System About?

The Atari Flashback System is a series of consoles that offer you all the fun of the original Atari 2600 in one modern plug-and-play unit. Atari launched the systems back in 2004 and since 2011 they have been marketed and produced by AtGames under license from Atari.

So basically, if you want to be transported back to the days of 1982 you can be by playing the new Atari Flashback 7 classic with its built-in games.

The Atari Flashback 7 setup is simple as it is powered by an AC adapter which is included in the price. You also get a pair joystick controllers, two paddle controllers and use any standard composite video and RCA connectors on the back or side of your own home television.

Gone are the days when you had to insert that bulky black plastic games cartridge into the front of the unit and hope that it worked despite your dog’s teeth marks being all over it.

Now you just simply have to plug-and-play and you can be enjoying a game of Asteroids quicker than it takes to check your Facebook status – so we are talking pretty darn quick.

Over the years each version of the flashback has been improved upon and this latest Atari Flashback Deluxe 7 version comes with a massive 101 built-in games to choose from. You will no doubt enjoy hours of gaming fun with the new version and you also benefit from not having to suffer the humiliation of being outplayed by your 6-year-old child as you have years of experience of playing these games.

How Popular Was Atari?

Asking if the Atari was popular back in its heyday of 1982 is like asking if a turkey enjoys Thanksgiving. The answer should be obvious. Just in case you needed any clarification on the matter yes the Atari was popular, very popular in fact.

There are thought to have been 30 million Atari 2600 models sold worldwide that is not including the other versions of the unit which is estimated to add another 15 million on to the overall sales figure.

So, yeah you could say the Atari was pretty popular.

The best-selling video game of all time was Pac-Man which was first released in 1982 and sold well over 7 million copies. You can often tell if a product was popular by looking at its current value for an original edition. There are three games, Air Raid, Red Sea Crossing and Birthday Mania which are like gold dust.

If you were to own these three Atari 2600 in perfect boxed condition then you would be looking at commanding roughly a $30,000 if you were to sell these games.

Was It Really That Great?

Like with anything this question is subjective. The 2600 version can be considered great due to the fact that it has sold 30 million units. In a recent survey conducted to find the most popular video game of the 1980s Pac-Man came out on top with another six games made by Atari also making the top ten list.

However, it is true to say that other editions were not as popular as the 2600 but this can be put down to the fact that competition greatly increased in the video gaming sector.

By the early 1990s children, teenagers and even adults were now expecting their video gaming experience to be all singing and all dancing. It can be argued that modern video games for all their high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay still lack that killer ingredient – addictiveness.

It is that addictive quality that made games made for the 2600 model such a big hit.  This is why the Atari 7 Deluxe Special Edition is proving so popular with people across all generations.

What Are The Limitations?

The biggest drawback with all Flashback models is that it does not include the bestselling video game of all time Pac-Man. This seems a little bit strange given that Pac-Man would surely have been the game that most people would have been looking forward to playing most.

It all comes down to the manufacturers not owning the copyright license which would allow them to include Pac-Man and other hit games on this model. It may be best to check if your must-have game is included in the list of 101 games before you purchase.

While of course, this will come as a great disappointment to many gaming fans you still have 101 top games to choose from which should soften the disappointment a little.

What Games Come With Atari Flashback 7?

While we have already broken the news that there will be some top games missing from this console it is important to remember that is not all doom and gloom. If you are to purchase this unit then there are a whopping 101 built-in Atari 7 Flashback games to enjoy.

You will still get to enjoy the delight of playing such games as Space Invaders, Breakout, Pong and Frogger. Do you remember the delights of Frogger? Well, it is pretty hard to forget. The adrenaline rush you would experience every time you managed to help that little frog across the busy road was like no other.

The most fun thing about all the games was that they were so simple. At the same time, they were incredibly addictive to play. You would constantly go back to try and score new high scores. And beating your siblings was a daily challenge.

By today’s standards there is obviously no comparison to what you get. But that is the beauty of it. There are no distracting videos and graphics. It’s just about the gaming.


If you decide to take the plunge and purchase an Atari Flashback 7 Deluxe Special Edition then you will enjoy endless hours of gaming fun. The unit will help to transport you back to the 1980s (well kind of just minus the bad hairstyle and bad dress sense) to when life seemed simple.

You will not have to contend with those massive black cartridges which were always hit or miss if they loaded the game or not. Now you just simply switch the console on and play.

Yes, okay we know the famous Pac-Man is not on this device, which will send a few geek gamers into meltdown mode, but there are 101 other games to choose from.

One bit of advice if you are married or have a partner then you may want to try to involve them in the fun gaming experience Flashback 7 has to offer.

If you decide not involve your significant other in your gaming activities don’t be surprised if you end up flying solo, just like the eighties, because this machine is seriously addictive.



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