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Players control a cell in a map representing a petri dish; the goal is to gain as much mass as possible by swallowing smaller cells without being swallowed by bigger ones 

Move your mouse to move your cell

In today’s world of high end gaming with amazing graphics, you have no shortage of choices even in the online browser gaming side. You can now play Flash and WebGL games that have better graphics than a top of the range console had just 5 years ago.

This gives you great options, but sometimes you just want something simple and addictive. That is a gap in the market that Agar has filled with some really cool and even exciting game play. You won’t believe how simple and difficult the game can be.

The game essentially involves you navigating a small ball on the game screen. You have to try and move your ball over other smaller balls, and these will make you grow. At the same time, you have to avoid the larger balls, as they can swallow you up. Sounds simple, but in reality, this is quite difficult and very addictive.

Keep reading this guide to fully prepare yourself for some great fun.

What is Agar About? is an online multi player game that requires some fast reaction skills and clever thinking. Essentially it involves controlling a small cell on a large flat surface. This game environment is full of other cells of different size and color. The only thing they all have in common is that they are all circular cells.

The aim is to move your cell around and gain an ever-larger mass. This is achieved by coming in contact with other smaller cells. The bigger you get the easier it will be to snap up some smaller cells and grow even bigger.

But you have to look out for all the larger cells around you. They will try and hunt you down and if they come in contact with you then it is game over. This can happen very quickly. And even once you become bigger, it is difficult to avoid the larger cells.

As you can see the game is quite simple. But the game designers have come up with some really cool ways to bring some diverse game play. You can check out the game features section below for more info. And also make sure that you check out the tips and tricks section to get a head start.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls are really simple. You use your mouse to move around the screen. This will change direction and increase and decrease the speed of movement. It really doesn’t take much at all to get used to the controls. The difficulty mainly is in the skill it takes to avoid contact with larger cells.

During game play, you can also use the space key to split your cell into multiple ones. This is only temporary and eventually the split cells will merge back together again. You will also be able to shed some mass by hitting the W key. You would only really use this in situations where you want to indicate to another player that you want to team up with them.

As already mentioned, timing is everything in this game. You have to learn how to create as much mass as possible and also how to evade larger cells. There are some tactics for this in the tips and tricks section below.

Special Game Features

While the game is really simple, there are some features that have been introduced since its first appearance. These features really help to keep you coming back for more and you can quickly spend an hour or more hooked on this game.

  • Party Mode

    If you have some other gaming friends then you can set up party mode and all connect to the same game scene. This is a really cool way to get some distractions from some of the popular console based games. Because this is such a simple game it becomes really fun to enter an environment where it’s everyone against everyone.

    With party mode, you can either create a game arena or join one that has been set up by someone else. It’s really simple to do and adds some cool fun. The more players you can invite the better it gets.

    Just let the party role and see how far you can get.

  • Collecting Coins

    With a fully registered account you can accumulate and save coins that you earn every time you play. The more mass you achieve in each attempt the more coins you earn at the end. There are also ways to get some free coins, by clicking on the Free Coins button on the game’s home screen.

    These include free coins for introducing other players and also just some random prizes. Collecting as many coins as possible will be a great help for you to get further in this game. When you see the size of some of your opponents you’ll understand how important the coins really are.

  • Shop

    Coins can be spent in the shop for different things. If you don’t have enough coins, then you won’t be able to upgrade anything. In that case, you either have to play to earn some, or you can buy some with your credit card. Either way, you need to save coins for the shop.

    Here are some ways that you can spend them.

    1. Starting Mass
      For a short period of time you can double or triple your starting mass. This basically means you get a bit of a head start at the beginning of each game you play. That can go a very long way to achieving larger cell sizes, as it will be so much easier to snap up the smaller ones along the way.
    2. XP Boost
      Experience points are awarded at the end of each play, and this XP value essentially translates into additional coins. For an hour at t a time you can boost your XP earnings by 2x or 3x. This is a great way to really boost your coins when you plan to play for more than just a few minutes.
    3. Skins
      There are some really cool skin designs available. You can unlock them all or just pick one you like. This allows you to personalize your own cell and really stand out from the rest. In the early stages of the game you will probably encounter some of these skins on other players. That’ll give you some inspiration on what you can do.
    4. Coins
      As already mentioned, you can pay to buy some additional coins to allow you upgrade more features faster. You can spend as little as $1.99 or as much as $99.99. But you don’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to. In that case, you’ll just want to focus on playing and saving the coins you earn.

Tips And Tricks

The best tip as always is to just go and get playing. Put in some game time and get used to the action on screen. You’ll quickly learn ways that will help you avoid being gobbled up too soon and then it really gets interesting. But for some initial help with getting further, here are some tips to help you get started.

Register An Account

The first thing you should do is register an account. You can use your Facebook account to do so, and that will save you having to enter an email address. You also won’t have to remember yet another password.

Once you have an account set up you’ll be able to take advantage of free coins, party mode and overall saved game play. You can then log in from any other device and pick up where you left off without losing your upgrades and personalized features.

Watch Your Mouse Pointer

First of all, it’s a lot easier to play with a mouse than a trackpad. You have a lot more precision and can change directions a lot quicker. Maybe you can make a trackpad work, but most people struggle a bit.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep your mouse pointer on the game screen. If you move off the game screen then you lose control, which can be quite annoying. Just make sure you play in full screen mode and it will reduce the chance of that happening.

Strategically Split

You can split your cell with the space key. That split will happen for a certain time period only. The action can be used for both defensive and offensive moves. If you are close to a much smaller cell that is about to get away, then you can split and chances are that one of the split cells will snap up the smaller one.

Also, when you are close to being consumed by a much larger cell then you can split and try to get away with one of your split cells. As a last-ditch effort, this can avoid a game over situation.

Take Advantage Of Viruses

Look out for green and prickly looking cells. These are viruses and you can take advantage of them. If your own cell is smaller than the virus, then you can hide underneath it and avoid larger cells. But if you are larger then you could end up being split into many different cells. A lot of time this multi split can go against you, as it will be easier for others to eat you up.

Who Designed The Game?

The game was designed by a student called Matheus Valadares from Brazil. It was initially just released to a small gaming community but quickly became immensely popular. So popular that it even made an appearance in the TV series House of Cards with Kevin Spacey.

Since its initial introduction, it has been expanded significantly with new features and is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. And the great thing is that you can use the same account on all devices and play whenever you feel like it.

Start Playing Right Now

The great thing is that because this game was designed using JavaScript it will work in pretty much any browser. And to help you get started we have made it available right here on this website. You won’t have to go looking for the latest version online. And you don’t have to worry about ending up on a dodgy server that might bring you a load of viruses along with the game.


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